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Billionaire Investor Hits Out at Disney Woke Activism After String of Box Office Flops


“People Go to Watch a Movie to Be Entertained, Not to Get a Message” - Nelson Peltz

Billionaire investor Peltz, whose stake in the Disney Corporation is worth an estimated $3.5 billion has declared war on Disney Corp. top management's woke agenda that has turned the company's output from hugely popular but intellectually retarded money spinners into expensive, boring, self - righteous flops. He has hit out at the entertainment giant over the use of all-black and all-female casts which they claim is done in the interests of diversity and inclusivity.

Peltz sided with accusations that the Hollywood behemoth has become too woke. He said: “People go to watch a movie or a show to be entertained. They don’t go to get a message,” and took issue with recent releases The Marvels and Black Panther, which portray female and black superheroes respectively.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the tycoon said: “Why do I have to have a Marvel that’s all women? Not that I have anything against women, but why do I have to do that? Why can’t I have Marvels that are both? Why do I need an all-black cast?” 

Disney’s recent push into racially divisive casting is a resultv of efforts by the US company to balance its output after decades of films starring mostly white and male characters and actors, but the policy has fuelled criticism that Disney is focusing on political activism at the expense of attracting audiences.

After years of delivering blockbusters, Disney’s film studios, which include Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm, have suffered a string of disappointing box office openings.

Peltz certainly has a point, it is obvious from internet comment threads that many people struggle to understand how all black or all female casts are diverse. If the idea is to equate casts with current demographic proportions it will be difficult to make films unless based on stories about today.

In the UK the Asian proportion far exceeds black while both were insignificant until recently. Now, judged by the racial makeup of UK television and film casts the UK must be at least 50% non European but any film or TV drama set in the UK more than 20 years ago cannot accurately reflect demographics without falling foul of the Politically Correct Thought Police.

We The Punters do not want films and TV shows that are a factual representation of life. And drama was never about factual reporting of events, we pays our money and we takes our choice which is to see good stories, convincingly acted so we can suspend disbelief, with a satisfactory outcome. Don't tell the woke brigade this, they often prove they do not possess sufficient imagination to distinguish fact from fiction.

Disney are not the only company in entertainment media to adopt this crazy self-defeating agenda. What is difficult to understand is why corporations do this to themselves given that they can see very clearly by looking at the bottom line the damage it is doing and could even refer to the fate of other corporations who have attempted to serve the woke agenda rather than the tastes of paying customers. As a result of their follies the phrase 'Get woke, go broke,' has entered the language. 
Perhaps the policy is more subtle that it is given credit for, and the real purpose is to provide a  distraction from the decline of the western powers and the shift of geopolitical influence from west to ease, along with the effects of deindustrialisation  and the financial instability that go with political mismanagement. If that is the case it is not happening, but the woke mindset cannot change direction. The reasoning goes that if a product promoting woke ideology flops it can only be because the message was not delivered strongly enough. Next time there must be less entertainment and more preaching
What will happen next as western societies become increasingly fragmented, tribal and violent as a result of all this misguided propaganda?
There is a scene in The Lady From Shanghai in which Orson Welles tells Rita Hayworth about the shark feeding frenzy. Intitaially sharks might be drawn to a kill by blood and then they bite at the carcass and release more blood and more sharks arrive and as the kill is devoured, driven crazy by all the blood in the water they start biting at each other. In the end they are so crazed and ravenous that they bite at their own stomachs until they bleed out. This is the sort of madness that we are facing.


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The Great Genocide: Dutch Govt Plans to Shut Down Up To 3,000 Farms To Comply With Euronazi Union Green Law
As we reported earlier in the year, in order to comply with new, economically suicidal European Union environmental laws the Dutch government’s plans to force the closure of thousands of dairy and livestock farms in order to comply with the latest and most insane to date batch of EU environment laws which aim to limit notrogen as well as Carbon Dioxide emissions. The European Union green agenda directive has been branded as the “Great Reset turned up to eleven”.

Double blow to Irish woke wonks as voters reject progressive changes to constitution
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar whose government has faced protests because it is claimed they govern in the interests of the Dublin Gay Mafia liberal elite and ignore the collective opinion of the Irish people, suffered two major blows to his ambition to turn deeply conservative Ireland into the wokest country in Europe last weekend.

Intelligent Virus? Anti-racism protests SAFE from Covid-19, but anti-lockdown protests are NOT, health ‘experts’ claim

Reprieve For Free Speech - UK Online Safety Bill Sent Back To Committee
It s gratifying for supporters of free speech that the UK Government's Online Safety Bill, which had been described as a charter for censors, has been ripped apart and will have to be redrafted entirely apart from the title.
When the House of Commons the Speaker, savages a Bill it must be bad, so from the moment Lindsey Hoyle told MPs that the bill was 'all over the shop' (a good old northern phrase from a northern politician,), and that at least half its clauses "would be getting the treatment," in particular that measure which aimed to force Social Media platforms to remove content which was "legal but harmful," ...

Simpering, limp wristed Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar whose government has faced protests because it is claimed they govern in the interests of the Dublin Gay Mafia liberal elite and ignore the collective opinion of the Irish people, suffered two major blows to his ambition to turn deeply conservative Ireland into the wokest country in Europe last weekend. Varadkar admitted on Saturday that voters had delivered “two wallops” to the government, which, led by Leo himself, had pushed for a "Yes" vote on a pair of March 8 referendums. B***h, please! Banning ‘sexist’ language won’t make sexism disappear, any more than banning racial slurs killed racism

UK School that ‘canceled’ JK Rowling as a role model over transgender views replaces her with ex - Olympic athlete who has even stronger views
Managers and senior teachers at the exclusive Boswell's School in Chelmsford, UK faced a wave of criticism after withdrawing from Harry Potter author JK Rowling the honour of having one of the school's houses named after her and have now shot themselves in the foot again by naming as Rowling's replacement a former Olympic athlete, Kelly Holmes, who won two gold medals and who has recently voiced some strong opinions on the policy of allowing formely male transgender athletes to compete in women's events, ever though the athletes involved still have their male wedding tackle. Continue reading >>>

I will get hate mail now': Lord Robert Winston backs professor in trans row saying 'you can't change sex'
After making controversial comments on transgender issues during his appearance on BBC television's Question Time last night, biologist and science broadcasdter Lord Robert Winston said today he fears he will be the subject of hate attacks from trans activists and the 'woke' brigade. Winston, not for the fgirst time, publicly backed a fellow academic scientist who triggered the trans - hate mob last wek by saying people "can't change sex".

Have You Committed Your Three Thought Crimes Today?
You're a criminal. So am I. We all are, according to some legal experts there are now so many crimes, a lot of them loosely defined, it is impossible to get through the day without committing at least three crimes. In fac it is often the case that by obeying one law you are breaking another.

Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph, 20 September 2021:

The cultural elite says our new culture secretary is uncultured, yet I’d wager she’s the first best-selling author to hold the job, and the only one I know of to have eaten an ostrich anus on TV, which sounds positively French. The appointment of Nadine Dorries – an outspoken former nurse, businesswoman and star of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here – is not a two fingers up to the culture industry but the direction of travel. That’s what so terrifies the gatekeepers.

White Privilege Now Inculdes The Privilege Of Being Fired For being White
Its should be obvious by now that the politically correct left, insaniac sociopaths that they are, have only one emotion at their disposal; hate. Bizarrely the hatered of these predominantly white, middle class people, while of themselves, is mostly racist in nature but directed at members of their own race.

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SStarmers Dystiopia - Labour's Woke Nightmare Plans To Destroy Britain


How Labour plans to import US-style culture wars

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Wannabe Prime Minister Keir Starmer ‘takes the knee’, preparing to suck black cock - June 2020

When Keir Starmer won the Labour Party leadership contest in 2020, we were told the ‘adults were back in the room’. Despite having campaigned for radical left-winger Jeremy Corbyn to become prime minister, Keir Starmer presented himself as a moderate, competent technocrat without the radical politics of his predecessor.

And many in the media class were all too happy to go along with this story. They wanted to believe the populist revolts of the 2010s, symbolised by Nigel Farage, Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit, and Boris Johnson, were finally coming to an end. It suited them, psychologically, to pretend the Brexit realignment was over and that a new generation of leaders, symbolised by Starmer and Rishi Sunak, heralded a return to the pre-Brexit status-quo and to people who looked and sounded a bit like them.

But take a serious look at Keir Starmer’s plans for Britain, take a serious look at what a future Labour government will likely do once it wins power this year, which it almost certainly will, and it soon becomes clear there’s nothing moderate about Starmer’s plans at all. On the contrary, the rapidly approaching Labour government is about to put the radically progressive cultural revolution that’s already been sweeping through Britain for many years on steroids. Starmer’s Labour, in short, is about to use its immense political, electoral, and cultural power to import a very crude, a very divisive, and a very unBritish racial politics from America and hardwire it into the very fabric of our country and its institutions.

Increasingly, in ways I’m about to explain, the British people and their institutions are about to be exposed to the same highly contested, deeply dubious, and very flawed theories and dogmatic ideologies which have been tearing America apart —from the mainstreaming of the very divisive Critical Race Theory (CRT), which contends all Western nations are ‘institutionally racist’ and that any disparity in outcomes among groups must be because of that racism, to a doubling down on the new elite’s obsession with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda.

The end result, for reasons I’ll explain, is a plan that will make Britain a far more divided country. A country where our children will increasingly be told that the only interesting and significant thing about them is not the content of their character but their fixed racial, sexual, or gender identity. A country where different identity groups will increasingly be pitted against one another in zero-sum battles for recognition, power, resources, and even government contracts. And a country where much of our politics and national life will be even more strongly shaped around this crude racial politics. So, here’s what you can expect from a Labour government. Here’s why I’m worried about what’s about to happen. And here’s why I think it’s about time we all started to wake-up and realise what is happening around us. ... Continue reading >>>