Friday, August 23, 2013

What's The Use Of Windows That cannot Be Closed

Personal computer should mean just that right? A computer that is personal, not a node on a public network where all your activity can be monitored by people in grey suits. Or by US, European and British government covert surveillance agencies

To: john.user@home

Hi John, LOL, Big Brother here. We have been watching your online activity for a while and have an offer for you. You collect every bit of dirt you can on the people in your street or we will make sure your wife gets to know about Roxy in Wolverhapton. Yes John, cooperate or your wife, your children and all your reltions, friends and colleagues will know about your penchant for chicks with dicks. Now remember John, don't do anything rash, Big Brother is watching via the internet.

Technology pundits and Microsoft watchers have been surprised by the slow sales of the latest Windows version, Win 8. But when they find what nasty little tricks Microsoft have been collaborating with the US Government on, maybe they will be asking why any sane person would buy a Windows 8 system. Is it any wonder people are browsing on their mobile devices (although Android is almost as bad as Windows ans Apple iOS.

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Open Windows, Open Life


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