Thursday, April 07, 2022

German Ethics Council Criticises Reiteration Of Official Narrative By Media During the Covid Era


Last May Germany’s most popular newspaper, Bild, issued a public apology for its coverage of the Covid pandemic which was “like poison” and “made you feel like you were a mortal danger to society.”

In fact the pandemic coverage by Bild and other German news media had been very similar to that seen in the rest of the EU's member states as well as USA, UK, Canada and Australia, a constant barrage of scarmongering reports exaggerating the risk level of COVID-19 to reasonably healthy people under the age of 75 and demonising those who declined vaccination or questioned the very questionable efficacy of the vaccines. In other words German media had, like news media throughout the developed world stuck closely to the official narratives of governments and the World Health Organisation throughout the pandemic. 

Later in the year Neues Deutschland published a privately commissioned study on journalistic reporting during the Covid era titled ‘One-sided, uncritical, close to the government?’. The authors described at length and in strongly critical terms the “very clear result of the present study” that the reporting was “at the same time close to and uncritical of the government”.

The authors complained that media reporting was only critical of government in the sense that while praising governments for tough measures to protect the public, reporters and columnists often did not consider the measures (which mostly consisted of attacks on personal freedom and basic human rights,) were not tough enough. They even persisted in this line when the measures such as lockdowns and mask mandates proved totally ineffective.

On 4 April this year (2022,) the German Ethics Council has released a 161-page draft report ‘Vulnerability and Resilience in Crisis – Ethical, Criteria for decisions in a pandemic’ which sharply criticises “mass media’s” lack of critical reporting and failure to hold politicians to account.  

 “Obvious undesirable developments were hardly addressed with the necessary clarity by a journalism that saw itself as ‘constructive’ or ‘sensitive to the common good’ … Reporting by mass media that is too affirmative or one-sided pleadingly fails to stimulate the formation of opinions … Criticism is not only legitimate, it is necessary,” the draft report states.

The report is in German, however The Daily Expose provide an English translation by Google translate, Click to Download the .pdf document.


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