Tuesday, February 22, 2022

News Round Up - 22 February 2022


New Zealand protesters take aim at Jacinda Ardern: 'She has to go'

Freedom Convoy demonstrations against Covid vaccine mandates have grown into a wider expression of frustration with the country's rules

A man is arrested as police and protesters clash in Wellington
A man is arrested as police and protesters clash in Wellington Credit: George Heard /New Zealand Herald

For more than two weeks, the scene outside New Zealand’s beehive-shaped Parliament grounds has been almost festival-like. Packs of children play hopscotch in between hundreds of tents while groups of people chant Hare Krishna or offer hugs. 

What began as a spontaneous, hodge-podge attempt to ape the trucker protests seen in Canada has turned into something more organised as the crowd has swelled to around 1,500 people. Herb gardens have been planted, makeshift showers set up, and hot meals a day are served up for free three times a day by volunteers. There’s even a daycare tent.

The purpose of the protest has also grown, from discontent with the country’s controversial vaccine mandate into broader frustration with prime minister Jacinda Ardern’s government for bringing in some of the world’s strictest Covid measures. 

“I know Covid is real and I’m not anti-vax,” said self-appointed “protest peacekeeper” Linzy Noble. “But this new vaccine hasn’t been tested properly and that’s why my family isn’t ok with it. Lots of people here feel the same way. Does that make us bad people? Do we deserve to lose our careers and be treated like s--t?”

The 57-year-old painting contractor said he and his seven children were all out of work due to the vaccine mandate and that he was more worried about rising suicide rates, small businesses failing, and the long-term impacts of restrictions on kids than he was by catching Covid ...

Europe's energy crisis deepened Tuesday as Germany halted the process of certifying the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline. Putin's right hand man, Dmitry Medvedev responded to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's comments about the certification of the controversial Russia-to-Germany natural gas pipeline that 'can't happen right now' by tweeting:

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has issued an order to halt the process of certifying the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Well. Welcome to the brave new world where Europeans are very soon going to pay €2.000 for 1.000 cubic meters of natural gas!

Based on Medvedev's tweet, translating MWh to cubic meters, it appears gas prices for Europe could be headed back to crisis levels not seen since late 2021. 

Europe is heavily reliant on Russia for its gas needs, and to block the Nord Stream 2's certification will only create havoc in European energy markets. 

Europe's ultra-low gas storage levels for this time of year will keep the market very tight even beyond the winter season.

At a moment the United States and Europe are busy mulling over what sanctions to impose on Moscow for Putin's independence recognition for Ukraine's separatist republics - on the one hand wanting Russia to feel the pain as a warning against moving further into Ukraine (beyond what the Kremlin is dubbing "peacekeeping" troops in Donetsk and Luhansk, which entered the republics overnight), and on the other wanting to avoid severe enough economic measures that would almost guarantee immediate escalation - Germany on Tuesday has announced it has halted the certification process for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.


Prominent UK Lockdown Advocate Admits He Got It Wrong

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A prominent lockdown advocate who advised the UK government admits in a new book he got it wrong and that there was never any proper consideration of the devastation caused by lockdowns.

Well, we told you so.

Professor Mark Woolhouse is a member of SPI-M, the modelling group on SAGE, the group that advises the British government on lockdown measures.

SAGE has become notorious for consistently predicting doomsday COVID scenarios that never even come close to passing, such as last year’s warning that Omicron could cause 6,000 deaths a day in the UK without harsher restrictions.

Just as SAGE got it spectacularly wrong earlier in the summer, without substantially harsher restrictions being imposed, Omicron caused nowhere near that level of fatalities.

In a new book called The Year the World Went Mad, Woolhouse expresses regret at SAGE’s involvement in pushing lockdown measures that caused huge devastation yet only served to delay the spread of the virus.

“We knew from February [2020], never mind March, that the lockdown would not solve the problem. It would simply delay it,” said Woolhouse, adding that no one in government appeared to recognize the failing of that strategy.

“The early global response to the pandemic was woefully inadequate,” says Woolhouse, adding that the WHO praising China for its draconian ‘zero COVID’ approach set the scene for similar disasters across the world.   . ..  Continue reading >>>

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Russia recognizes breakaway republics of Ukraine as U.S. tries to exploit the region for global war


Russia recognizes breakaway republics of Ukraine as U.S. tries to exploit the region for global war

(Natural News) As is being widely reported across the media today, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed on to Russia’s recognition of the individual states of two breakaway regions wishing to leave Ukraine: Donetsk and Luhansk.

These regions, with literally centuries of history existing as part of Russia, have reportedly signed a mutual defense treaty with Russia and are asking Russia for assistance in defending themselves against Ukraine, which doesn’t want the regions to separate from Ukraine.

The Donetsk and Luhansk regions are known to be rich in mineral resources as well as agricultural production. Ukraine wants to maintain its hold over the region in order to possess those mineral and agricultural resources, while Russia wants those regions to return to “Mother Russia” (as they once were) as part of a strategy to place more geographical buffers between Russia’s border and NATO forces which continue to expand eastward, toward Russia.

As I explain in today’s Situation Update podcast (below), it is impossible to understand the situation with Ukraine unless you study the history of World War II. The map below shows some of the Nazi regime’s eastward expansion toward Russia, where military front lines were heavily concentrated in present-day Ukraine. Continue reading >>>
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How World Economic Forum Infiltrates Governments To Put Its Members As Leaders

from Great Game India February 22

Maajid Nawaz, a British activist and radio broadcaster, seemed to startle Joe Rogan, a mega-star podcaster, as he outlined how Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) is penetrating world governments to put its own members as leaders to establish a global “checkpoint society” in a Saturday discussion.

How World Economic Forum Infiltrates Governments To Put Its Members As Leaders

Nawaz, the founding head of Quilliam, a think tank dedicated to combating Islamist extremism, told Rogan in a three-hour interview broadcast Saturday that the WEF has planted its members in national leadership positions around the world to pursue the organization’s vast authoritarian goal.

Nawaz said the WEF has worked on “embedding people in government who are subscribed to” the Great Reset agenda, attempting to explain that government leaders around the world have started pulling COVID-19 mandates and constraints while keeping in place an apparatus of digital tracking and identification that shapes the embryonic phases of a digital social credit rating.

“That’s what they say,” Nawaz added, pointing out that the World Economic Forum’s webpage explains the so-called Great Reset, whose proponents have notoriously claimed that by 2030, humans will “own nothing and be happy.”

Schwab explicitly claimed that the COVID-19 reaction must be used to “revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions” in a 2020 book named “Covid-19: The Great Reset.”  .,.. Continue reading >>>


The same people in American politics who spent more than four years pretending to believe Donald Trump was an “asset” of Russian President Vladimir Putin have been spending the past few days trying to convince the country that the world is better off with Joe Biden in the White House.

Social media has been awash in anti-Trump tweets. A CNN political analyst Monday night touted Biden’s “leadership.” Hours earlier, a Washington Post columnist speculated on how Putin is missing Trump in the White House.

Fortunately, conservative commentators such as the invaluable Ben Shapiro are around to set the record straight — with the cold reality of facts that liberals try to avoid.

While there was no shortage of material attacking Trump in the Twitterverse, Shapiro was initially responding to a post by overrated historian Francis Fukuyama (the “The End of History” guy), who ludicrously claimed that Trump would “side with Russia” as it invades a neighbor.

The Daily Wire’s founding editor-in-chief pointed out that Russia under Putin has invaded Ukraine twice in recent years – and neither invasion took place while Trump was in the White House.

In fact, Biden was in the executive branch both times — as vice president under President Barack Obama, and now, God help us, as commander in chief himself.

“The ‘Biden is sucking at this, but Trump!’ stuff is laughable when it comes to Russia invading a country both before and after Trump,” Shapiro said on Tuesday. “This isn’t a hypothetical. It’s just reality.” ...  Continue reading >>>