Saturday, October 22, 2016

'Conspiracy Theories' on Syria revealed as true two years after writer was killed

American reporter Serena Shim staked her professional reputation and ultimately her life on her efforts to prove the United States and its NATO  allies, rather than opposing extremist terror groups in the middle east, were actually helping Al Nusra front (Obama's beloved 'moderate rebels,) and the Islamic State. Shim was killed two years ago on October 19, 2014, during the battle for the Syrian city of Kobani, close to the Turkish border which was at the the centre of western media attention. She was 29 when she died and was engaged in trying to raise awareness that Kobani was one of the points at which US and Saudi Arabian arms and essential supplies were crossing from Turkey into Syria en route to ISIS strongholds.

Recently, while the attention of the American and European public has been diverted by the Clinton - Trump kerfuffle, Kim Kardashian's latest attention seeking stunts, the Brexit vote and the ongoing collapse of the European Union, as we have reported in many of our posts, the war in Syria has escalated tensions between the US / NATO alliance and the Russia / Chin / Iran bloc to levels that could easily see regional warfare escalate into global conflict between nuclear superpowers. Pundits in Washington, Brussels (NATO & European Union headquarters), London and Paris have warned of this possibility, yet the Obama administration and their NATO puppets have continued to make their priority in Syria the removal of the Assad regime rather than the defeat of ISIS and eradication of Islamic extremism. This is in spite of Russia's President Putin warning that any attack on Assad would draw a military response from Russia.

US Army General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated that a “no-fly zone” in Syria, which Hillary Clinton has called for in her presidential campaign, would lead to war with Russia,  Dunford issued his warning during a September 22 Senate committee hearing but Hillary Clinton has continued pushing the war line and demonising Russia as the warmonger, even as she admitted the risks similar risks of increasing military involvement in Syria. “You’re going to kill a lot of Syrians,” she said during a speech to corporate bankers at a Goldman Sachs event.

It should be remembered that all Russia's actions in Syria have been entirely legitimate, the Russians having been asked by Assad to assist in opposing ISIS. Bombing raids and military support from the USA for anti - Assad forces has constituted acts of war; US airstrikes and supply of weapons to terrorists are crimes against humanity. It is all clearly defined in the United Nations charter but that document like the US Constitution is something President Barack Hussein Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believe they can rewrite according to their whim.

Serena Shim was an American citizen of Lebanese descent who was born near Detroit and worked for Iranian broadcaster Press TV as a foreign correspondent covering wars, legitimate protests and fake uprisings in mainly middle easter countries. She reported on events in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon since 2011, from the beginning of protests and the unrest triggered by a speech Obama gave in Cairo in 2009 in which he pledged the support of the USA to terrorists and rebel groups trying to overthrow legitimate (though sometimes undemocratic and authoritarian) regimes. These protests were misrepresented by western media as the reasons for the fake civil war in Syria which is truly a US invasion by proxy.
Days before her death, Serena Shim reported on live television (you would not have seen it on CNN or the BBC of course) that Turkish intelligence services were planning to arrest her on suspicion of being a spy. (A video of Shim talking bout this harrassment is embedded in this Daily Mail report) The day after her death, US  State Department officials said it would be December 2017 before a Freedom of Information Act request could be completed for information on what actions were taken by them to assist her as a US citizen. In other words the Obama administration threw her to the hyenas.
We have l;earned recently from Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails leaked by Wikileaks that the US State Dept and White House knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Islamic State. Clinton admitted asa much  in an email conversation from August 2014  that US allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar were sending money and weapons to ISIL. August 2014 was the height of terror during Islamic State’s rise, leading to the growing international media outrage which forced President Obama to publicly announce the beginning of airstrikes against ISIL in Syria on September 23, 2014.
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