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GermanSocialist Idiot Minister: Criticism Of Migrant Rapes Are As Bad As Rapists Themselves

Racism against sexism proclaims a banner. Should migrants be allowed to play the race card to get away with sex crimes (Image source)

Public hostility to Muslim migrants who raped and sexually assautled German women and attacked German nationals on New Year's Eve increased sharply after a socialist regional politician in the North Rhine - Westphalia federal state appeared to blame Germans for the orgies of violence that took place in Cologne and other German cities as people celebrated the New Year.

Ralf Jaeger, a member of the left wing Social Democratic Party of Germany and interior minister for the German state, within which Cologne is situated, has said people of a right wing persuasion discussing the mass sexual assaults on New Years Eve online are equally "awful" as the attackers and rapists.

"What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” Jaeger, a member of the left wing Social Democratic Party of Germany, told reporters this morning.

"This is poisoning the climate of our society”, he added, after branding all right wing politics as racism and equating anti-immigration rhetoric with sexual assault.

Breitbart London, a "right wing platform" according to Jaeger claims to have broken the story to the English speaking world after German television and print news organisations had collaborted with Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel's authoritarian government in trying to suppress news of the attacks , sparking a global tide of outrage in the process. Several alternative media sites have equally valid claims, but who cares, the important point is Merkel's efforts to prevent the truth about her beloved immigrants emerging were frustrated.

Over 90 women were attacked in Cologne on New Years Eve, with multiple victims describing the 500 to a 1000 perpetrators as “Arab and North African”. Many of the men did not speak German or English, and German authorities have been forced to admit they were recently arrived illegal immigrants.

After an internal police report revealed the level of chaos that existed in Cologne on New Year’s Eve as hundreds of non - German men robbed people and sexually assaulted dozens of women while police struggled to respond. The report, written by a senior police official and obtained by Der Spiegel states, “Women, accompanied or not, literally ran a ‘gauntlet’ through masses of men that words cannot describe.”

Officers were overtaxed and struggled to respond to what the report calls “chaos.” “Security forces were unable to get all of the incidents, assaults, crimes, etc. under control. There were simply too many happening at the same time,” the report states.

When people in the crowd called for help, officers found they could not work their way through to reach them because of groups of men blocking their way. When officers ordered members of the mob to disperse, they were ignored.

The report also leaves little doubt about who was involved in the chaotic scene, describing the perpetrators as male migrants. Some offenders in the crowd even tore up their residence permits in front of police. One of these individuals reportedly grinned at an officer and said, “You can’t touch me. I’ll just go back tomorrow and get a new one.”

Another man reportedly told police, “I’m a Syrian! You have to treat me kindly! Mrs. Merkel invited me.” Germany’s Justice Minister indicated on Thursday that asylum seekers found guilty of sexual assault could be deported.

In thw latest development on this story, Russia Today reports the police chief of Cologne has lost his job following criticism of his handling of violence in the city on New Year's Eve.

Police chief Wolfgang Albers, 60, was informed by state interior minister Ralf Jaeger that he would be given early retirement on Friday. He confirmed the news in a press statement. In fairness to Albers, he and other senior police officers in germany have complained that they are powerless to act against immigrant lawlessness because the federal Government has issued instructions that nothing must be done which might inflame racial tensions. naturally this has prompted the immigrants to shout, "Racial harassment whenever the police try to enforce German laws.

Albers' statement read "As Cologne police chief I have always regarded my work as a service for the Cologne police and people of Cologne. And [that role] also means to take responsibility in difficult times.

"I accept the facts that in current discussions, officers and myself have come under fire. But police officers who were on duty near the Cologne railway station on New Year’s Eve do not deserve this criticism," he added.

It comes after a report leaked on Thursday contradicted the police chief’s statements that authorities had little or no information about the background of the attackers.

"Among the identity checks that were carried out, the majority of people were only able to produce evidence of registration as an asylum seeker from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees [BAMF]," read a police report from January 2, according to Die Welt.

Albers has been accused of attempting to hide the asylum seekers' involvement in the mass sexual assaults. Again this is unfair, the instruction to hush up the outrages came, as we reported yesterday, from Angela Merkel's office.

READ MORE: "We weren’t prepared for this’: Cologne police chief speaks out after NYE mass sexual assaults"


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Lefties Trying To Troll Trump Show They Are Semi Literate Morons

Donald Trump, photographed (or photoshopped?) outside Notre Dame, Paris or Germany.
(actually lefties, it is Paris - Image Source)

Donald. Trump who is currently, much to the chagrin of the US left, the leading contender for the Republican Party Presidential nomination in the election later this year,  is always happy to publicise
himselfhis views on current events around the world. To this end The Donald sometimes takes to Twitter to make his views known in 140 characters.

This may seem a rather restrictive medium for commenting on complex matters such as Europe's immigrant crisis, but perhaps Trump has taken on board the words of Shakespeare's Hamlet, "I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself the king on infinite space."

He certainly covered a lot of political ground when he tweeted:

 “Man shot inside Paris police station. Just announced that terror threat is at highest level. Germany is a total mess-big crime. GET SMART!”  ( @realDonaldTrump )

This sillyosities of the left jumped on this. "Trump thinks Paris is in Germany" the sheeple bleated in unison. Now I will probably be told I am a rabid Trump supporter by lefties (who all know my mind better than I do myself apparently) for saying so, but any literate person reading that tweet will be aware Donald Trump has written nothing that  suggests he thinks Paris is in Germany. There are punctuation marks, full stops or 'periods' as Americans call them (and no, I don't think this is a result of the effects of feminism on american English) which separate three statements about the crisis.

What Mr. Trump is saying in his tweet, is "Europe is a basket case". I agree with him on that, though I do not share his political beliefs. Europe is a basket case because Hausfrau Volksfuhrer. Merkel and Monsieur Le Petit Crapaud. Hollande have done the things that Mr. Trump would not countenance were he president:
1. Allow uncontrolled, mass migration, with little to no checks on who is entering their countries;
2. Hand over  to an sovereign powers to regulate movement of people to unelected bureaucratic organisation called the European Union;
3. Place more emphasis on ‘liberal’ ideology than on maintaing the rule of law;
4. Pretend that all Muslim immigrants are peaceful refugees who just want to integrate or asylum seekers fleeing from political persecution;
5. Deflect the blame for the contempt for local laws and social values and disinclination to integrate on ‘right wing’ elements of society.
It’s not just Germany and France that are in trouble. In the United Kingdom we have a similar situation.,   Sweden has become a lawless dystopia with immigrant gangs controlling inner city areas of Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg, and rapes (by migrants on Swedish women) reaching epidemic levels. In The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Austria and Hungary civil unrest is growing as immigrants set up 'Sharia Law' zones and declare them no - go zones for police and emergency services. In Norway, news reports say the police have lost control of the streets in the capital city, Oslo, and are warning Europeans to stay out of the city.

I would guess that while Donald Trump, who has a private jet in which he travels widely, has a good idea where all the places I mention are. I wonder how many of the left wing morons attacking him do.

But Mr. Trump, like me, finds it hard to fit all the deeply disturbing, left-wing, fuck-wittery that has effectively ruined Europe for at least a generation, into one tweet. Fair play to the lad, at least he tries, I gave up on the idiots paradise that is twitter after a week.


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