Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Artificial Intelligence: Will It Kill Human Society?

The media, the so called 'experts' and politicians hail every technological advance as if it will transport us from reality to a utopian paradise. but does Artificial Intelligence and related internet and computer technology pose threats to human society that far outweigh any possible advantages? Whatever, Google plan to put machines in our place on top of the food chain. But will it all be quite that simple. Scientists have a long track record for getting carried away on a wave of their own cleverness and not thinking things through properly

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Artificial Intelligence: Will It Kill Human Society?


Google a step closer to developing machines with human-like intelligence

Computers will have developed “common sense” within a decade and we could be counting them among our friends not long afterwards, one of the world’s leading AI scientists has predicted. Professor Geoff Hinton, who The Guardian reports was hired by Google two years ago to help develop intelligent operating systems, said that the company is on the brink of developing algorithms with the capacity for logic, natural conversation and even flirtation.

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