Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Pompous, Arrogant Bigot Slags Off Homeopathy. What Do They Hope To Gain

The argument about homeopathy is raging again. An article in a leading newspapers says oponents of homeopathic medicine must never tire of explaining that it doesn't work. But when these science fanboys come up against an articulate defender of homeopathy, they rapidly descent to trying to shout down any opinion that differs from theirs.

Now I do not use homeopathic remedies and cannot foresee any circumstances in which I would but I do know people who swear homeopathy has worked for them. And I'm not about to start telling these people, including a very old friend, he is a gullible dupe.

What puzzles me about the anti homeopathy brigade is whay are they so evangelical in their efforts todissuade people from using it. We are adults, free to make up our own minds, I've made up mine - I'll stick with conventional medicine but will question my doctors about what side effects any drug is likely to have.

Others are free to differ