Friday, April 21, 2023

U S Centre for Disease Control Director Admits Vaccines Do Not Prevent COVID Transmission

U S Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky conceded during a Congressional hearing that COVID mRNA vaccinations do not prevent the transmission of the current virus subvariants.  However, using typical government / corporate spin, Walensky also suggested that the vaccines did prevent transmission of the original variants despite there being no data to support this notion.

Her explanation?  It was "evolution of science" and the virus that changed the conditions, rather than the CDC being wrong (or lying?) about the science and the conditions. 

In this video , Pfizer executive Janine Small, challenged by a member of the European Parliament openly admits that the Pfizer COVID vaccines were never tested for blocking transmission.  This was in spite of Pfizer consistently claiming the vaccine prevented the spread of the virus and alleviated symptoms.  Media damage control argued that even though the mRNA products were not tested for transmission prevention by Pfizer, they are still considered useful for disrupting spread.  Data so far suggests that this was a lie:

In 2021 Public Health England and the UK National Health Service (NHS) shows that the vaccinated and unvaccinated had almost identical rates of infectiousness. In other words, a vaccinated person was almost as likely to give you COVID as an unvaccinated person.

In the case of the original outbreak from 2020 to 2021, infections and fatality rates actually plummeted well before the vaccines were widely introduced.  Natural immunity was the most likely factor in the slowdown of the spread.  Transmission was stopped by the human immune system, not the vaccines, the Conspiracy Theorists were right again.

During the same congressional hearing, Walensky also asserted that the CDC will continue to recommend masks in schools in communities where COVID-19 levels are high, again in spite of The Science revealing through multiple studies peer reviewed studies, zero positive results for masks in stopping the transmission of COVID.  Medical authorities continue to ignore these studies in favor of pro-masking policies demanded by fascistic elements in government.

There is a logic behind the otherwise bizarre behavior of governments and medical authorities - They have to persist in dismissing the actual scientific research because their original policies were not based in science, they were based in ideology and a malicious intent to strip citizens of the liberal democracies of the human rights and civil liberties gained by hundreds of years' campaigning against authoritarian elites.  The purpose of government pandemic mandates was control, not public safety.  Officials saw an opportunity to exploit the appearance of a previously unknown virus to generate fear by hyping stories of its infectiousness and deadliness to generate fear an coerce people into accepting the abolition of individual rights while promoting a sense that governments and medical professions were safeguarding us from an existential threat.  And, the strategy almost worked, too.

If it had not been for the incredibly low official Infection to Fatality Rate (IFR) of the virus (only 0.23%, less than seasonal flu,) if the tragic side effects of the vaccines had not become apparent so quickly, and if the tests used to diagnose 'cases' had not been exposed as 'not fit for purpose,' (80% false positives,) and if afroud a third of people in the wealthiest and most advanced nations had not determinedly held out against vaccines we knew were useless and suspected would be dangerous in many cases, and if thousands of private citizens had not been brave enough to take to the streets in porotest and thus block efforts by the USA, UK and EU to impose vaccine mandates and make us all carry vaccine passports (with the threat of being denied jobs, travel rights and basic services if we did not comply,) much of the western world would look very different today, in fact it would look very much like Communist China, where things like freedom and human rights are alien concepts.





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The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right Again: UK Gov. report admits 19.2 million people in England have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine,
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