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We Warned You: New United Nations Report Calls For Global Government, Totalt Surveillance, Abolition Of Rights and Liberties, End Of Democracy

 16 May 2021

This blog and its sibling publications in the Greenteeth stable have been warning since we started  publishing online way back in 2005 that there was growing determination among the worlds ruling elite, in politics, business and finance and the media, with support from the academic communities although those parasites cannot really be described as pert of the elites, for the suspension of democracy and national sovereignty, abolition of individual freedom and the establishment of an authoritarian, technocratic government.

We have also been telling readers since February 2020 that the COVID-19 pandemic, a hoax pandemic of a usually trivial illness, (it only poses a serious risk to the old and frail or people with pre - existing serious health problems. And surely we have hear of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and his "Great Reset" which, he predicts that by 2050 ordinary punters like you and I will own nothing and effectively be slaves of the global government, which will provide for all our needs and tell us where and at what we will work, how much we will earn, who we will love and how we will spend our non - working time. And woe betide anybody who does not show sufficient enthusiasm for the life the bureaucratic dictatorship has ordained for them. Anybody who has read Aldous Huxley's novel "Brave New World" will be familiar with the scenario.

A report from The World Health Organisation (WHO) and published this week by its parent organisation, the United Nations, claims the covid19 “pandemic” would have been prevented had the UN – and specifically the World Health Organizaion – been given more global authority. This is bollocks of course, primarily because nations like Communist China, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia are never going to surrender national sovereignty to western billionaires and bureaucrats.

Titled Covid19: Make it the Last Pandemic the report contains the conclusions of of the Independent Panel on Pandemic Preparedness and Response, which focuses on how the world can look to prevent “pandemics” in the future. This idiotic notion might well have come straight from the sick mind of sociopath, wannabe genocidist and general arsehole Bill Gates, who having made a fortune by proclaiming himself a software genius and then selling the world the shittiest software ever brought to market, who has been talking about preparing for the next pandemic since he declared himself the world's greatest vaccine expert only to see his planned mass human extinction event of 2014, the Ebola pandemic, turned out to be a localised outbreak in West Africa that frittered out before a vaccince could be developed.

What the Gates worshippers in government, supra - national bureaucracies and mainstream media have not worked out as they extole Gates for his efforts to persuade the general public that we must make financial and personal sacrifices in order to "prepare for the next pandemic," is that unless the next pandemic is planned in advance by the global government advocates as many respected researchers clain the COVID pandemic was planned in advance, we cannnot possibly know what will cause that pandemic and therefore cannot possibly have vaccines, specialised hospital facilities or supplies in place ahead of it.

So the case is that the Independent Panel on Pandemic Preparedness and Response,  chaired by ex-New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, and numbering among its members ex-President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and other political figures including former UK Foreign Secretary noted globalist David Miliband, established last May by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. is merely echoing Bill Gates wish list for further mas vaccination projects. Not surprising really as the WHO receives extremely generous funding from  Gates  (personal fortune estimated at $100 billion, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is roumouee to have a similar fortune at its disposal for "philanthropic" projects. Amazingly the more of these philanthropic projects Gates and the foundation involve themselves in the wealthier both become. And just a report commissioned by the WHO, calling on governments of the worl's wealthiest nations to give more money and power to the WHO can be called “independent” is something that will probably mystify future historians.

Read the entire contents on the reports own website.

ellen johnson sirleaf (left) and ellen clark (right) two lead authors of new who report.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (left) and Ellen Clark (right) two lead authors of new WHO report.

Don't go away with the idea that the eighty-six page report, which consists mainly of propagnda, obfucation and bureaucratic gobbledegook, is light, entertaining bedtime reading, I an experienced in reading government, legal and management documents and it maid my brain hurt. However the main discussion points are:
  1. Establish leadership at the highest levels to prepare for and respond to global health threats and ensure just, accountable and multisectoral action

  2. Focus and strengthen the independence, authority and financing of the WHO

  3. Invest in preparedness now to create fully functional capacities at the national, regional and global level

  4. Establish a new international system for surveillance, validation and alert

  5. Establish a pre-negotiated platform for tools and supplies
  6. Procure additional international financing for the global public good of pandemic preparedness and response

  7. Nations to establish highest level national coordination for pandemic preparedness and response

All of which can be generally summed up as “give the WHO (and their cronies) more money, and more power without any accountability whatsoever”.

One section that is particularly concerning contains this paragraph:

“WHO to establish a new global system for surveillance, based on full transparency by all parties, using state-of-the-art digital tools to connect information centres around the world and including animal and environmental health surveillance, with appropriate protections of people’s rights…”

… Which means these pen pushers, desk jockeys and back - room deal makers are planning on legalising global surveillance programs on a massive scale, with – of course – “appropriate protections of people’s rights.” OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK well we will have to either take that on trus or bin our smart phones and get burners, being sure to top up our credit with pre paid cards bought with cash, unless te part of another United Nations agenda, to ban the use of cash, is pushed through.

And then there is this:

“Future declarations of a PHEIC by the WHO Director-General should be based on the precautionary principle where warranted…”

Which calls for the Director-General of the WHO to be empoweredto declare a global “pandemic”, not because there definitely is a new disease killing people, but because Bill Gates thinks his business interests might be best served by another year and a half of lockdowns, social distancing and banning grandparents from hugging their grandchildren.

Furthermore, but in the light of experience ,unsurprisingly the report goes out of its way to praise the countries which engaged in the most authoritarian “anti-Covid” measures.

Specifically, China is praised both for their “fast identification” of the virus, and their incredibly stringent lockdown measures. Another country held up as a good example is New Zealand, which was likewise very strict. No mention is made of course of China's massive cover up which may well have allowed the virus to escape into the world rather than being contained in the country were it originated, or was created.

Conversely, the countries with allegedly “poor results” in dealing with Covid – though never named – are universally criticised for “denial of scientific evidence”, “eroding trust in healthcare measures” and having leaders who “appeared sceptical or dismissive” of the pandemic. This is in spite of the fact that the effect of the virus in those countries have been no worse than in the countries where the harshest measures were imposed, and as a bonus the deniers of "scientific evidence" did not inflict such terrible damage on their national economies at the panic stricken wimps who were led by the nose to economic ruin.

It goes on and on in that fashion. Every step of the way praising centralisation, globalisation, totalitarianism and the deification of science at the expense of sovereignty, individualism, liberty and common sense.

The report itself may be presented in the vague, circumlocutory language beloved of bureaucrats but the authors make no bones about the fact that what they are really talking about is a global dictatorship. Helen Clark was recently quoted in the Guardian as saying:

“[The pandemic was] compounded by a lack of global leadership and coordination of geopolitical tensions and nationalism weakening the multilateral system, which should act to keep the world safe. [The WHO] was hindered and not helped by the international health regulations and procedures,

One cannot but be gobsmacked by the arrogance of these people, part of an organisation which got everything wronmg from the beginning, from not immediately banning travel to and from China to ordering people to wear masks that for most of us are neither use nor ornament and for an unfortunate few actually posed a serious health risk.

It’s fairly obvious what the message is here: "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

Throughout the overblown coronavirus “pandemic” narrative  with al its threats of rotting bodies piling up in the streets because there are too few fit people to deal with them, and the videos of under - employed nurses in empty hospitals practicing dance routines for their Tik Tok videos, we’ve seen national governments all over the world use the phoney crisis to “temporarily” expand their powers.

Now the wannabe global government, The United Nazis is getting in on the act, hoping to transform itself from a talking shop for failed Third World dictators to a global dictatorship.


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