Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More Political Ineptitude Stirs Sectarian Tensions In UK

"Government minister"lards the lean earth" (almost Shakespeare)

Boggart Blog has reported recently on the abhorrence of Muslims to all things pig related. Amid the surfeit of scaremongering about Islamic extremist terrorism and attempts to secure immunity from attack by appeasement we have seen Oxford University Press ban all pig related words from its publications because pigs are an abomination to Allah and references to them will offend Muslims, while several restaurant chains have stopped serving any dish containing ham or bacon.

This barrel of lard isCommunities minister in the UK government (Image Source)

And yet, with typical ham (oops, pardon) fisted incompetence the government, in sending a letter to all British Mosques asking for their help in rooting out extremists in the UK's Muslim communities, appear to have made matters worse.

How so, you might well ask.

Well the letter, sent to establishments in which the mere mention of bacon butties, sausage and chips or spam, spam, spam, egg, beans and spam is liable to trigger apopleptic fits, was drafted and signed by that well known barrel of lard, Eric Pickles of whom Shakespeare might have written: "He sweats to death and lards the lean earth as he walks along."

Eric Pickles pictured outside his office recently. (Image source)
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