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"The Global Elite Don't Care About Temperature, All They Care About Is Control"


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Thursday, Jan 27, 2022 - 14:00

This week, my kind friend George Gammon from Rebel Capitalist took the time to answer a couple of exclusive Fringe Finance questions for me. This interview is exclusive to Fringe Finance subscribers.

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George is one of my favorite economic commentators and has been a friend of mine, and my podcast, for years. I often describe his podcast as similar to mine, just more well thought out, more educational and more useful with less childish humor.

I thought it would be a good time to tap into George’s head, given that the last time I spoke to George was well before the current market volatility.

George prepared two, twenty minute-long exclusive videos for my listeners and subscribers where he set out to try and answer the following questions I had asked of him:

  1. What's new with Rebel Capitalist. How are you guys changing your outlook for investing heading into this volatility this year?

  2. What sectors do you like? Staying outside the U.S. or anything domestically?

  3. Will Jerome Powell hold his nerve this year and taper as expected? If yes or no, what will the outcome be for equity markets?

  4. What's your bull case and your bear case for gold - and explain what brings prices to these points.

  5. Have you experienced YouTube or social media censorship since being on the front lines of the Covid truth movement? It looks like Rebel Capitalist is still up and running. Any close calls?

  6. What commentators and fund managers do you read/listen to when the market throws a shit fit like this, and why?

  7. What's your take on how the nation will navigate Covid this coming year? What effect will it have on markets?

  8. Since last we talked, have you noticed a pivot in the MSM narrative? What forced the change, if so?

  9. Is there any chance this crash becomes "the big one" for the dollar? What would a DXY collapse look like to you and what collateral damage would that cause?

George responds in the first video by talking about:

  • His take on why lower inflation may not stop the bleeding for markets

  • Why prices aren’t going back down to where they were in 2019

  • Why midterm elections bode poorly for the Democrats and why the Biden administration may try to distract the voter with war

  • Why gold miners and hotels in New York City are his favorite types of investments

  • Why the Covid pandemic is coming to an end

  • Why he doesn’t think vaccine passports and mandates will be permanent

  • Where the U.S. economy is heading compared to places like the U.A.E. or Dubai

  • That he thinks climate change will be the next crisis that the global elite take advantage of

  • Why price controls are coming

Here’s Part 1 of George Gammon’s take...(WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW WITH GEORGE HERE).

One Of The Weaker NATO Members Goes Off Message To Prevent War With Russia


 Mainstream media has been singing in unison on the Ukraine crisis, just as it has been over the vastly exaggerated risks posed by the manufactured pandemic crisis. Russia bad, war good has ben the mantra throughout the last couple of weeks as the ruling elites tried to turn up the the fear-and-panic generator to eleven, maybe in an attempt to divert attention from the collapse of the COVID killer pandemic / vaccine messiah narrative. 

The whole Ukraine scare was as false as the pandemic, sympathies to those who lost loved ones or suffered serious illness due to COVID, but looking at the overall picture, as one must when commenting on a pandemic, the COVID virus did not exact as heavy a death toll as one would expect in a true pandemic of a serious illness.

The whole scare about an imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russia due to what the narrative described as "Putin massing troops along the Ukraine / Russia border. In reality the case is that Russia has had around 100,000 troops stationed close to the border since the US / NATO sponsored colour revolution of 2014 overthrew a democratically elected, pro Russian government and imposed an unelected, authoritarian, pro - western regime. 

Although NATO members are usually solid on policy regarding relations with Russia, the alliance has divided over how to respond to the Ukraine crisis. Ukraine. America, the U.K., Poland, and the Baltic states have sent weapons and what The Pentagon calls 'lethal aid' to Ukraine. But Germany refused to allow any German-made weapons to enter the conflict zone.

To make matters worse US President 'Dementia Joe' Biden put 8,500 troops on "high alert" – and warned he might deploy 50,000 to Eastern Europe. American political and military leadrs clearly expected would NATO to stand behind this ramping up of pressure. But it seems the threat of troop deployments on the border of the conflict zone and of severe economic sanctions are about to fracture the alliance?

President Milanović of Croatia

Graphiv via Zero Hedge

Earlier this week Germany's Navy chief Vice-admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach  resigned after arguing at a livestreamed event that Putin “deserves respect” and Kyiv will never win back annexed Crimea – comments that Ukraine’s ambassador in Berlin said “massively” called into question Germany’s trustworthiness.

Schönbach, who has led Germany’s naval force and represented it externally since March 2020, made his comments at a talk organised by a thinktank in Delhi on Friday.

Taking questions after a presentation, Schönbach tried to downplay the liklihood of  military conflict with Russia over Ukraine. “Is Russia really interested in having a tiny strip of Ukrainian soil, to integrate into their country?” he said. “Or is Putin is putting on pressure because he knows he can do it, he splits the European Union.”

What Putin really wanted, Schönbach argued, was respect. “He wants respect, and giving him respect is low cost. It is easy to give him the respect he demands, and probably deserves.”

The comments are particularly significant when German solidarity with NATO is under increased unprecedented strain. As we reporteed twice in the past few days, a US led invasion of Ukraine, supported by NATO would be catastropic for the EU, or the severe economic sanctions threatened by the loonytoons Biden administration  would hit America's allies in Europe harder than they would Russia,  Europe’s largest economy is increasingly isolated in its refusal to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons, a position the government reiterated on Wednesday last week.

The navy chief also said the annexed territories of Crimea were “gone” and would “never come back” to Kyiv, arguing in favour of closer economic ties with Russia to contain China’s rise. “Having this big country, even if it is not a democracy, as a bilateral partner … probably keeps Russia away from China.”

 The only other view of this situation to make any kind of sense is that Moscow is digging its heels in to discourage the west's pursuing its long term  strategy of surrounding Russia with NATO members and thus isolating the USA's only serious military rival east of the Himalayas.Should Ukraine be drawn into NATO it could easily be followed by Georgia and Kazakhstan which would leave Russia's southern border exposed to all sorts of threats. Anyone apart from Joe Biden who thinks Vladimir Putin will sit back and let this happen is a bigger fool than Joe Biden.


With Germany already having cold feet about joining America's rush to war and Croatia's President Zoran Milanovićn having said:"Croatia will not send any troops in case of an escalation,on the contrary, it will recall all troops [from NATO], to the last Croatian soldier!" it begins to look as if for once a significant number of NATO members have no appetite for the role of legitimising American expansionism

This is notable, because it isn't coming from a Eurosc.eptic right winger Milanović is a member of Croatia's center-left Social Democrat party, which is strongly pro-European. But many political leadrrs in the EU's smaller member states, while sympathetic to The European Union want no part of conflict with Russia.

Mr. Milanović went further, and made two points that are almost universally banned from discussion in the West.

1. He pointed out that the ongoing Ukraine conflict over the breakaway region of Donbas is happening on Russia's door step

2. He said that NATO "must reach a deal that will take account of the security interests of Russia."

These points go completely against the Western orthodoxy on the Ukraine conflict. It is forbidden to recognize that Russia may have legitimate security interests. It is anathema to propose reaching a diplomatic solution instead of fighting a proxy war. And  it is also impossible to suggest that Russia had a strong case for annexing Crimea in 2014 to prevent the neo - Nazi thugs the coup put in power in Kiev from understaking an ethnic cleansing campaign of ethnic Russians.

The reason Russsia had maintained a massive military presence along Ukraine's eastern border is to ensure the safety of people in the ethnically Russian Donbas region. Moscow is content to let the Donbas rebels slug it out with the Kiev government, but will not tolerate organised military action against non combatants.

Afterr his outburst Milanović, unsurprisingly, is now a target of the 'woke' neo - liberal globalist party. His own Foreign Minister is trying to have him canceled. "The president does not speak for Croatia, but for himself," FM Grlić-Radman said. "We are and will remain a loyal member of NATO."

There is a political divide in Croatia that mirrors the one developing in NATO, because Grlić-Radman is from a center-right party within Croatia. But there is a deeper divide: one about whether to mindlessly follow the Western consensus (aka The Washington Diktat,) or to be "Croatia First!" Milanović is in line with the resurgent nationalism that has been gaining grouns in Europe since 2015.

The question now becomes: How many other patriots are there in NATO? Will other heads of state speak out and declare that their countries have no appetite for war with Russia? Will soft nationalist parties such as The Sweden Democrats, Alternatif fur Deutschland, Podemloos in Spain or Italy's Lega continue to gain ground, or will the machinations of the globalist blob to keep these popular parties out of government lead to the rise of truly right wing nationalism?




Russia catalog

Failure Of US Democracy? Congress filled with ‘totalitarians’ who oppose ‘free market of ideas'?

In an interview with Russia Today, Daniel McAdams, executive director, Ron Paul Institute, set up by the maverick former congressman to further his libertarian ideas said there are members of Congress who don’t want anyone on TV saying America’s foreign policy is a disaster and it costs a fortune, RT. Investigative journalist Dave Lindorff reports.
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the fiscal year 2018, which passed the US Senate earlier this week, carries some added provisions that have little in common with the military, as well as some provisions that appear to have little to do with defence spending.

Is USA Preparing For War Against Russia In The Baltic Region?
The US government has been making preparations for a possible war against Russia in Europe’s Baltic States, German business newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) reports (link goes to page in original German). The report claims that all the NATO war games organized in the region by Washington have been intended to prepare various military response scenarios.

As the COVID narrative crumbles under the weight of evidence that the vaccines do not work, masks are useless and lockdowns kill more than they save a new scaremongering narrative - or a revamped old one - is emerging as the threat of war with russia is the latest fear and panic vehicle to scare the people into compliance with tyranny. Continue reading >>>

Currency Wars - Now The Euro Challenges The Mighty Dollar
Our http://www, wars feature has taken a back seat these past two years as the COVID pandemic (or propaganda pandemic as some people might say,) has pushed all other stories aside. In our opinion however, the pandemic has served as a convenient smokescreen behind which all sorts of elitist skulduggery has been going on, hidden from the view of the general population. ... Continue reading >>>

Playing Poker With Obama: Putin’s Calculated Risk In Syria
I've said before that the reason Vladimir Putin outmanoeuvres the US State Department in every diplomatic skirmish is that while American's play poker, which is all about bluff, Putin plays chess which is all about strategy. Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to risk the possibility of military clashes with the United States and its European Allies, Saudi Arabia, other major Muslim nations and Israel by intervening in Syria ...

WMD in Mayfair
Recalling yesterday's Machiavelli Blog which commented on events surrounding the unfortunate death of the alleged former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko, it seems the murder investigation has now found evidence of many caches (well OK, traces) of radio active toxins in various fashionable establishments in London's West End frequented by former Russian intelligence agents.

U.S. To Station Nuclear Weapons in Germany Against Russia
Germany’s ZDF public television network reported on September 22nd, "New U.S. Atomic Weapons to Be Stationed in Germany," that the U.S. will station 20 new nuclear bombs in Germany, each being four times the destructive power of the one that was used on Hiroshima . Hans Kristensen, the Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, says, "With the new bombs the boundaries blur between tactical and strategic nuclear weapons.”