Thursday, April 09, 2015

Numbers Of Illegal Migrants Arrested In Germany Continues To Grow

Illegal migrants in Germany (source)

In spite of all the outraged screeching from the wannabe authoritarians of the Politically Correct left about how the anti - immigration group PEGIDA was completely out of step with German public opinion because Germans love immigrants, especially the illegal variety, German police have published figures that show Germany does in fact have a problem with illegal immigrants.

The number of illegal migrants arrested in Germany 2014 reached an all-time record, astonishingly up 75 percent on 2013.

Federal police revealed 27,000 people had been detained in the country, while another 30,000 had been stopped at the border trying to enter. Although no figures are yet available for 2015, the number of illegal migrants and asylum seekers known to have tried to enter the European Union as a whole this year so far suggests it could again be a record-breaker.

These figures are of course dwarfed by the numbers trying to enter Italy illegally by crossing from the north African boats in dangerously overloaded, unseaworthy boats.

Police chief Dieter Romann commented on Germany's growing problem: “The number coming through the southern border has quadrupled, while the number coming through the western border has doubled.

"Illegal immigration is, next to international Islamic terrorism, the greatest challenge the federal police faces at the moment… Our colleagues are working to the limits of their capabilities." Really! And the wailing, teeth gnashing, hand wringing, breast beating, clothes rending lefties claim these illegal migrants bring great benefit to the nations they are invading.

As home already to a large Muslim population, some of whom maintain ancient and traditional grudges against other minority groups and the German state itself, federal and state police have a major problem protecting the wider population from terrorist attacks and other violence. German news media reported last year on the existence of an unofficial 'Sharia' Police force in one German city, and on an enormous police operation to end days of rioting between Salafist Muslim gangs and Yazidi Kurds.

It is also well known that illegal immigrants are now operating organized crime gangs in many German cities (as well as elsewhere around Europe) and controlling the drug, prostitution and extortion businesses.

German police also called on to deal with problems at demonstrations by the counter-Islamification, anti-immigration protest group PEGIDA (sic). Although avowedly pacifist in their intent, the Dresden based movement is increasingly facing violent attempts to disrupt their legal and peaceful protests by left-wing rent-a-mob gangs and immigrant groups, intent on turning law abiding marches into violent riots.


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