Friday, March 11, 2016

Fascism Comes To USA: Attorney General Says: We’ve ‘Discussed’ Prosecuting Climate Change Deniers

So what happened to free speech in Obamaland?

The US Department of Justice has been considering whether people should be prosecuted for the offense of climate change denial.

“This matter has been discussed. We have received information about it and have referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which we could take action on,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch, responding to a question from green activist Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)
at a Senate Judiciary Hearing.

Nothing surprising here of course, not only has the abolition of free speech been on Barack Hussein Obama's wishlist since 2008, but the same thing has been put on the agenda in Germany, France and Britain, where there have also been mutterings about criminalising criticism of mass immigration, the Monsantoization of Agriculture and opposing the European Union.

The ‘Colossal Unmentionable’ of the Climate Fraud

An incisive analysis from The Wall Street Journal that shows who and what will benefit from the great climate change scam (clue, it will not be the climateor the environment and it will certainly not be people like you and me.)

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Undemocratic Democrats – Nearly 10% Of Democratic Party Superdelegates Are Corporate Lobbyists

Speaking as an impartial onlooker (who does not have a vote in US elections) the Presidential primaries are interesting because of the success of two non establishment candidates. But while I have been amused by the antics of the Republicans as they search for a way to stop Donal Trump, on the other side of the coin I have learned there is not alot about the Democratic Party that is actually democratic. No matter how voting in the primaries and caucuses goes, the candidate will almost certainly be chosen by the party elders. And that means it will not be Bernie Sanders.

Last year, The New York Times published an article examining the American attitude toward the question of money in politics. This is what it found:

Americans of both parties fundamentally reject the regime of untrammeled money in elections made possible by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and other court decisions and now favor a sweeping overhaul of how political campaigns are financed, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll.

The findings reveal deep support among Republicans and Democrats alike for new measures to restrict the influence of wealthy givers, including limiting the amount of money that can be spent by “super PACs” and forcing more public disclosure on organizations now permitted to intervene in elections without disclosing the names of their donors.

As the Liberty Blitzkreig graphic below shows very clearly, public opinion is quite unequivocal in believing money plays too big a role in the democratic process.

You might guess that the party most dominated by big money interests whould be the nasty, neocon Republicans but you would be wrong. The fairness and equality loving, minority supporting, “liberal” Democratic Party with its system of superdelegates is far more amenable to being bought by corporate money. The super delegate system intentionally undemocratic, designed to stop a maverick like Bernie Sanders becoming the candidate, but even worse;  9% of superdelegates are actually lobbyists.
You just can’t make this stuff up.
From ABC News:
Hillary Clinton holds a substantial edge among a particular and little-noticed kind of delegate to the Democratic National Convention: Superdelegates.

On July 25, these superdelegates will cast votes at the Democratic National Convention for whomever they want, regardless of primary and caucus outcomes. Democrats like to describe superdelegates as mostly elected officials and prominent party members, including President Obama and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

But this group, which consists of 21 governors, 40 senators and 193 representatives, only makes up about a third of the superdelegates. Many of the remaining 463 convention delegates are establishment insiders who get their status after years of donations and service to the party. Dozens of the 437 delegates in the DNC member category are registered federal and state lobbyists, according to an ABC News analysis.

In fact, when you remove elected officials from the superdelegate pool, at least one in seven of the rest are former or current lobbyists registered on the federal and state level, according to lobbying disclosure records.

That’s at least 67 lobbyists who will attend the convention as superdelegates. A majority of them have already committed to supporting Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

 It is insane, but it looks like we are witnessing the breakdown of both the Republican and the Democrat Parties.

The Republicans are in complete disarray with Donald Trump having obliterated a fied of nonentities so completely there has even been talk of putting the 2012 loser Mitt (Captain Underpants) Romney up as the official candidate, a move that would result in electoral catastrophe. Meanwhile the Democrat party is teetering on the edge with the super-delegate con.

If Bernie doesn't win the nomination on account of super delegates forcing Clinton upon America's self-described 'liberals', it will shatter the Democrat party without hope of recovery. There cannot be a single rationally minded "liberal" that can agree that the concept of "super delegates" is in any way compatible with "democracy". That would not be forgotten, or forgiven, by their grassroots voters, without whose support the Democrat party cannot hope to win anything. Many were suspicious of the way Obama was foisted on the party, but with the widely disliked Mrs. Clinton as the only serious opponent they overlooked Obama's obvious shortcomings, his lack of experience,  alleged drug abuse, dubious backstory and many more question marks that would have finished any other candidate. Now, eight years later, with a disastrous stint as Secretary of State behind her Hillary is there again, and this time the party hierarchy is pushing her as the anointed one, who was meant to sail to the presidency on the black and hispanic vote. 

But now that Trump is nearly assured some sort of bid, Hillary is the establishment's last chance to retain complete control for the next election cycle. And as the actual voting in the primaries so far has shown, the people are rejecting the political establishment on a massive scale. It will be interesting to watch the campaign play out, especially if Hillary does go head to head with Trump for The White House. And whichever wins it will be even more interesting to see how things play out between this November and 2020.


The FBI Just Indicted Hillary Clinton over Libyan War Crimes - sadly this article was an April Fool
Unfortunately its only an April fool joke but this article provides are rare chance to see all that despicable, arrogant, spoiled bitch Hillary Clintons recent ethical violations catalogued so people can see she really thinks she is above the law. The USA is on the road to tyranny, thankfully we have Vladimir Putin to defend freedom.

Trump, Sanders: The Anti-Globalists

While most candidates for the US Presidency are political hacks guaranteed to follow the party line, the success of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump reflects how angry American voters are with the ruling elite, and how dangerous a situation the USA is in.

The Final Curtain For Hillary's Presidential Dream
The Obama Administration helped ignite the civil war in Syria as “the best way to help Israel,” a newly-released Hillary Clinton email published by Wikileaks has confirmed. Silly Hilly, then Secretary Of State wrote: "The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad."

Patriotic Parties Rights Violated in European Parliament
The democratic rights of patriotic parties in the EU parliament are constantly violated, Belgian MEP Frank Creyelman said on Friday. "It is very difficult for patriotic parties to work in the EU parliament as their democratic rights are violated constantly," Creyelman from the Vlaams Belang party said.

Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Not Hillary Fans
Watch or read mainstream news or get your info from celebrity gossip websites and you could be forgiven for believing that all media / showbiz celebs in the USA are devoted fans of the rent - boy president, Barack Hussein Obama and his anointed successor Hillary Clinton. It is not so ...

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