Friday, July 07, 2017

Left Wing Hate Mob Protesting At G20 Turn Hamburg Into An Inferno.

by Egbert Nobakon

7 July, 2017

Militant anarchists staged a second day of violent protests in Hamburg as the G20 summit in the city held its first sessions. According to local reports, at least 45 people have been detained and 159 police officers have been wounded in clashes. For the second day, police had to resort to water cannon to disperse protesters from various neo - fascist groups (OK, we know they call themselves anti - fascist but the pathetic little university dumbed down idiots do not understand was fascism is,) while buildings and dozens of cars were set on fire in the suburb of Altona.

Reuters reported: "for the 1,000 hard-left militants who wreaked havoc on the streets of Hamburg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel could not have chosen a better location to hold the G20 summit." That's because the dense, urban environment allows them to disperse and hide easily, and the city is full symbols of the wealth they detest - from the gleaming 800 million euro ($913 million) Elbphilharmonie concert hall to the shipyards that build luxury yachts.

US news netwok CNN, the world's biggest Fake News generator reported Merkel had chosen Hamburg deliberatelt to humiliate Donald Trump. This is typical of CNN's Fake News, Hamburg was selected as the venue for the summit a year ago, long before Trump was elected US President.

As the July 7-8 summit started on Friday, Black Bloc anarcho - fascists and other anti-capitalist protesters sat in groups on main intersections, blocking streets leading to the summit venue as well as a road used by trucks at Hamburg Port. The previous night they hurled petrol bombs, torched cars and set rubbish on fire.

Police were forced to deploy water cannons, tear gas, and riot control tactics, but could not prevent the destruction as they found themselves underprepared and short-staffed.

Many fires burned and 130 police officers were injured after "international left-wing extremists" rampaged through Hamburg’s streets in opposition to the summit and presumably democracy itself.

After Thursday night’s so-called "Welcome To Hell" demonstration numerous fires were still burning in the streets on Friday morning and thick black smoke hanging over large parts of the city. This shows the stupidity of the leftist thugs of course, such mindless violence does not affect the world leaders attending the summit, it only hurts the ordinary citizens of Hamburg, the poor in particular.

It wasn't just cars: The Local's Emma Anderson reported that she was walking through the places hit by rioting. She has seen a bank with its windows smashed in, boarded up shops, and more burned out cars.

Video: Hundreds of left wing rent-a-mob thugs confront police as they rampaige through Hamburg in an orgy of destruction:

Hamburg police were forced to call in reinforcements from other parts of Germany, as Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the violence wrought by demonstrators as "unacceptable". Merkel said she could understand peaceful protests, but demonstrations that "put people’s lives in danger, put the protesters' own lives in danger... are unacceptable". Hundreds of hard-left activists forced US President Donald Trump's wife to cancel her programme for the day.
Ahead of a planned concert this evening for G20 leaders and their spouses at the port city's new landmark Elbphilharmonie concert hall, protesters were concentrating their efforts at blocking access to the site.

These emotionally crippled left wing activists do not care who gets hurt by their irresponsible behaviour. Their motives are entirely selfish, they seek to impose their oppressive, undemocratic solutions on the world in order that they may advance the globalist, authoritarian agenda and to their brainwashed minds the end always justifies the means.


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