Friday, January 22, 2016

Kissinger, The Original Dr. Evil

by Arthur Foxake

This is not an original Boggart Abroad piece and I do not totally agree that Kissinger is the sole architect of the New World Order. The recently deceased super - bureaucrat Maurice Strong must have been a contender, likewise David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothschild. Soros was a late arrival on the scene but there are a few other geriatric Bilderberg Group regulars who are on record as saying the only way forward for humanity (i.e. their personal advantage) was a global totalitarian government of elitists and so probably played a role in planning the destruction of civilisation.

Still, Kissinger is an evil old twat and still preaching global tyranny at a hundred and ninety something (only the good die young) so he's worth a look if we want to understand what's going on.

Who is Dr. Henry Kissinger? The Original Dr. Evil

For a huge variety of well justified reasons, Dr. Henry Kissinger is believed by millions to be one of the single most evil individuals still living, or to have ever lived.

The problem with considering Dr. Kissenger as “evil” is that inside of each of us there is a little Dr. Kissinger that lacked the nourishment to reach the heights of satanic fruition that Dr. Kissinger has reached.

In the light of the passage quoted below, Kissinger is no better than Hitler, it is a great lack of perspective that one must employee to envision Henry Kissinger as the more moral man than Adolf Hitler.

The Thoughts Of Chairman Kissinger (Image source)


The New World order Pope Wants You To Pray For One World Religion
The Marxist, globalist, Soros apparatchik currently posing as head of the Catholic faith wants to scrap the Catholic Church. He didn't say that in so many words but he has called on Catholics to pray for the creation of a world religion (because love and peace) which would embrace

Democracy Murdered In France

I'm hearing very disturbing news from the French regional elections, predicting that the Front National, comfortable winners in last week's first round of regional elections, hasve been routed in all regions. For that to happen, and to happen through a massive increase in turnout, suggests electoral fraud on a hughe scale. Or has France joined Britain in adopting the Islamic version of democracy, which is one man one vote, one Imam one thousand votes.

Who Runs America, The White House Or The Shadow Government?

Reports of President Barack Obama’s meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit over the weekend do not look right in the context of yet another blitz of provocative rhetoric from The Pentagon and the Department of Defence towards Moscow. In view of the USA's constant push towards all out war with Russia, one has to ask who is in control: Obama or the generals?

Trump catches attention of CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral

Donald Trump is portrayed as a clown by mainstream media and his combover is the silliest I have ever seen. Still, he's a billionaie so I don't suppose he gives a flying fuck what The Daily Stirrer thinks of him. Not that we think he is all bad, anyone who attacks Obama's global naziism trade deals, TTIP and TPP mush have some good points.

Prepare For The Worst Case Scenario
An article on the cashless society our political and corporate overlords are pushing for proposes that as far as privacy and individual liberty are concerned, what is being planned right now in the political capitals and financial centres of the world is the worst case scenario. An all digital financial system would mean the end of privacy, nothing you bought or traded would be your own business any more ...

How Mainstream Media And The Major Political Parties Are Making Sure Voters Do not Hear The Voices Of Politics' Most Powerful Critics

As the General Election campaign starts to heat up, we try to shift focus away from the squabbling between Conservative and Labour about who can make the most promises they have no intention of keeping and to the real issues concerning jobs, social breakdown , mass immigration, and loss of national sovereignty.

US Presidents Of The Past warned Against Secret, Shadow Government.
By now it should be obvious that peacemaker, joybringer and putative aquatic pedestrian Barack Hussein Obama was never really in charge of the US Government. Whatever Obama said would happen, all the American government's policies ensured the opposite would happen. The embedded article throws some light on how the US government really works

The American Political System Is "Not A Democracy Or Constitutional Republic" - Thiel
The state of democracy in the USA has become a hot topic of conversation in American business circles in recent years. While President Barack Hussein Obama, not so much a man as an ego on long skinny legs, has increasingly been inclined to rule by executive order in the manner of a despot or tyrant, even Obama's fiercest critics have to admit the American electoral system seems increasingly capable of delivering only political paralysis ...

U.S. versus Russia War: Top Russian Politics Scolar Stephen Cohen Tells The Truth

We have been blogging for four years about the US drive for war, provocation of Russia in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and elsewhere made it obvious. But I'm just a news junkie with a strong sense of curiosity and have wondered why the US seems set on this course. Good to see experts like Stephen Cohen, a prominent expert on, Russia are coming onside.

World Economic Forum: The controllers Plan Our Future

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Anti Poverty activists expose Bill Gates' Fake Philanthropy

We have been critics of Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates for many years, first for his company's 'not-fit-for-purpose' computer operating systems and sleazy, unethical business practices and more recently for his deceptive, self interested philanthropic efforts. Let's face it the man is a schnorrer and a fascist collaborator to boot.

Having said that, obviously we are happy to promote anything that exposes Gates for the fake and hypocrite that he is.

from RT.
Save Us Bill Gates: Satirical video game slams billionaire’s philanthropy

Satirical video game makes it impossible for Bill Gates to give his money away, just like his charity in real life.

Anti-poverty campaigners have launched an online video game satirizing Bill Gate’s global philanthropy and featuring a pixelated version of the billionaire flying across stereotypical African landscape.

‘Save us Bill Gates’ was released on Friday by UK campaign group Global Justice Now in a bid to highlight the business magnate’s role in international development.

The game’s creators opted for 1980s-style animation, and have made it impossible for Gates’ character to lose money. Players must try to throw away all his money within 30 seconds by clicking their mouse. But no matter how hard players click, the billionaire’s wealth increases as the game goes on due to his investments in fossil fuels and tax avoidance - making it impossible for him to donate his fortune.

Global Justice Now’s campaigns and policy chief, Polly Jones, said the game shows how Gates’ free market approach to development holds the potential to make poverty and inequality even worse.

Read more

It is worth noting that Mark Zuckerberg's recently announced 'charity foundation' is even more blatantly fraudulent and self interested that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.


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"Our Europe Is Dying": Young Germans Video Blasts Merkel's "Multicultural Utopia": Censored By Facebook.

A still from the German video embedded below in which young Germans complain about the destruction of their nation in the name of multiculturalism. This make a lie of those propaganda claims that only the older generations oppose mass immigration.

Earlier this week, broadcast news bulletins and newspaper reports all over Europe (and in the USA and around the world) featured riots that took place in Heesch, a small town in The Netherlands where where 1,000 Dutch protesters took to the streets to demonstrate their extreme displeasure at the town’s decision to settle some 500 refugees. While mainstream media reporting was cursory, it would have been unlikely just a few months ago that the story would have been reported at all.

In the aftermath of the riot, a big deal was made of the fact that far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders (who is set to go on trial in March for 'hate speech' after he promised to rid the Netherlands of “Moroccans”) released statement from his Freedom Party, which like other anti immigration, anti - EU parties in northern Europe is surging in opinion polls. In the clip, Wilders says male Mid-East refugees are “Islamic testosterone bombs” and European women face a sexual jihad.

Influence by reports of many outrages and organised sex crimes committed by male Muslim migrants and leaked reports showing that European governments have ordered police to ignore the crimes of migrants to avoid creating racial tensions that have emerged in the wake of the Paris shootings EU citizens have come to associate refugees with violent and sex related crime. There have even been reports that have resulted in arrests, of the gang rape of infants by immigrant males. People throughout Europe are so frightened of the swaggering, aggressive immigrants who strut through the streets of EU cities, sure they are above the law, that pepper spray and gun sales are soaring as Europeans arm themselves against what they increasingly view as a hostile foreign invasion and an usurpation of Christian values.

All of this has served to boost the popularity of far-right groups like PEGIDA in Germany and the “Soldiers of Odin” in Finland, where vigilante justice has arrived in the form of roving patrols of young men donning black bomber jackets with Viking helmets stitched on the back. The left and the traditional political parties collaborated to suppress democratic organisations such as UKIP in Britain and FN in France, by using propaganda and electoral fraud. As this blog and many others predicted, this assault on democracy and free speech has resulted in the emergence of some really nasty neo - Fascist and neo - Nazi groups. Like The Roman I seem to see the Rivers Rhine, Elbe, Seine, Thames and Somme flowing with much blood.

It’s against this rather disturbing backdrop that we bring you a video from the "Identitarian Movement" in Germany. As you’ll see, some German youths are prepared to stage an open revolt against policies and politicians they believe are “sacrificing German values and traditions." We feel it is important to spead this as widely as possible because it has been censored by Facebook, the social Media network founded by the Jewboy Quisling Mark Zuckerberg.

For the record, Vidkun Quisling was a senior Norwegian military officer who by collaborating with the Nazis became nominal head of the puppet government of Norway during the Nazi occupation and was complicit in the torture and murder of Norwegian patriots and the oppression of the people.

Now here's that video (with English sub - titles):


German Streets Descend Into Lawlessness -part 1

During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office. This is equivalent to 780 crimes committed by migrants every day. The data includes only those crimes in which a suspect has been caught. Thousands of migrants who entered the country as "asylum seekers" or "refugees" have gone missing. Many are thought to be engaging in robbery and criminal violence.

No Easy Answers For Immigration
The most sensible immigration policy is one that matches demand for labour with supply. While ensuring compassion and capacity for genuine refugees, we should take care that new arrivals looking for 'a better life' do not land in such numbers they become a burden on those that host them.

So Long, Schengen: Six EU States to Resurrect National Borders in Mid-May

The governments of six European state have announced they will reinstate border controls as the immigration crisis starts to gather momentum once more with the onset of warmer weather. The authorities of Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden are in favor of extending the temporary border controls within the European Union, which are due to expire in May, in the framework of the Schengen Borders Code rules, German media reported Saturday.

Former Head Of UK Equalities Commission Admits He Was Wrong To Believe Muslims Would Blend Into Britain
Trevor Phillips: the sign behind him reads "Working for equality and integration", a cause to which he devoted a large part of his career but which he has now been forced to abandon because of Muslim racism and intransigence

Black Belgians Refute ‘Poverty, Discrimination’ As Causes Of Arab Terror - It's A Cultural Thing
“You know, we hear a lot about how the Arabs are a fragile community that suffers, but we, ‘les blackies,’ are discriminated against, too, and we hurt nobody”, Nico Atoba, an African Christian living in Brussels told the National Post for a feature the Canadian newspaper was assembling.

Starting Pistol Fired In Race To Succeed Merkel
While the odds of Merkel being deposed by a putsch in her own party may seem slim, they have been improved vastly by her party’s monumental failure in German state elections on Sunday, with her migration policy as the rationale for huge numbers of voters abandoning the CDU for the anti - integration, anti - immigration AfD party.

Merkel Should Braced For Disaster As Polls Conflict On Election Prospects
Regional elections in Germany are more unpredictable than ever before, and they could have a big impact on the fate of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her party, the Christian Democratic Union, Deutsche Welle reported, according to opinion polls ahead of Sunday's regional elections in the country.

German Politician Predicts White Germans Will Be A Minority. Faces Calls to Quit.
Erika Steinbach, human rights spokesperson for Angela Merkel's CDU party, has been criticized after she posted a picture that appears to predict that in 14 years' time, white people will be in a minority in Germany. Steinbach faces criticism after she tweeted a picture with the caption 'Germany 2030' that depicts a crowd of dark-skinned people curiously asking a single white child where she is from.

EU HoldsBack New Regulation For Fear Of Strengthening Brexit Case
The unelected leaders of the EU in Brussels are smothering discussion of new pan – European laws that would impact the United Kingdom and all other member states, increasing the amount of money they have to contribute to the EU budget and transferring yet more sovereignty to Brussels ...

Europe steals member states' sovereignty
Europe on fast track to fascism
Europe is becomung unglued
Europe, democracy versus bureaucratic dictatorship

Ignorance Is Strength: European Parliament Ready To clamp Down On Free Speech
EU Refuses to Block Eurozone Integration to Reach Agreement With UK
Cameron's EU Deal As Worthless As Neville Chamberlain's 'Peace In Our Time.'?
Merkel Isolated As Europe Splits Over Refugee Crisis

Europe's Immigration Crisis (October / November / December 1015)
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