Sunday, November 20, 2016

Is 'Fake News' The New 'Conspiracy Theory'?

For decades now, since soon after the assassination of JFK in fact, 'Conspiracy Theory' had been the standard official response to those who question the official version of events and whose evidence based speculations about what might really have happened get too close to the truth.

In fact the knee jerk shouts of 'conspiracy theory' or 'conspiracy theorist' when anybody questioned things such as climate change scaremongering, the illogicality of the official 9/11 narrative, globalization, the beneficial effects of mass immigration, the neccessity of switching to GM food crops, US backing of Islamic extremist terrorism in the middle east, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump as US President, the Nazification of the European Union and so on had become so ludicrous that using the term 'conspiracy theory' or its derivatives had become completely discredited. A huge part in this move to questioning the government propaganda / mass media has been played by the so called alt - media, the internet news and op ed sites that report the stuff the powers that be don't want you to see and shadow government controlled mainstream media will therefore not report.

News that challenges the official propaganda has now been dubbed 'fake news' even though it is often closer to the actuality than the drek pumped out by the liars and spin artists of mass circulation newspapers and broadcast news channels.

The cocksucker president, Barack Hussein Obama has weighed in on the fake news issue, accusing the ever loyal, CIA affiliated internet giants like Google, Facebook and other social media sites and news feed operators of not doing enough to
censor web content and remove anything the US government does not likeeliminate 'fake news'. Obama said during a press conference in Germany last week:

“If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not, if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems.”

Since the surprise victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election, Facebook has battled accusations that it has failed to stem the flow of misinformation on its network and that its business model leads to users becoming divided into polarized political blocs involed in pointless shouting matches. Unfortunately in stating that the Trump campaign was helped by 'fake news' (anything that reflected on 'Crooked Hillary' Clinton's campaign or positively on Trump's, according to President Obama) while not acknowledging that mainstream media reported 'fake news' about the Kardashians, Jay Z and Beyonce and the evil demon that is modern Russia to deflect attention from the multiple political and financial scandals surrounding Clinton, he proved himself to be just another partisan shouter with no interest in fair and balanced reporting of events.

The 'fake news' meme is now all over search-engine news and establishment voices such as Obama's are not winning the debate. After eight years of lying to the world, hiding his personal history from the American people and showing his contempt for the constitution and the law in governing by
Imperial decreeexecutive order

There seems to be an increasingly shill note of desperation in all this screeching about 'fake news' It's no wonder of course when Alt - media can point to the influx to western nations of 'refugees and asylum seekers' fleeing the conflict in Syria, when it can be demonstrated that the overwhelming majority are economic migrants and most are not from Syria or anywhere close to the middle east conflict zones. Or similarly when the news reports climate scientists claims that the current year will be the hottest year on record for the fifth year in succession, when emprirical data as opposed to the output from mathematical models used by the climate change lobby, has not increased for twenty years. There are many more indentifiable instances of mainstream media reporting propaganda as factual news.

Conspiracy Theory is far less prone to analysis than 'fake news'. It succeeded for so long and was so successful because it is difficult to pin down a 'conspiracy' that is couched in terms of questioning the official version of something. "Were British state security agents involved in the death of Princess Diana?" followed by an analysis of anomalies in the official story is not a conspiracy theory; "British state security agents were involved in the death of Princells Diana," is of course. In the first case a dismissal ,"no they were not" cannot be either confirmed or denied, in the second case it is incumbent on the accuser to provide incontrovertible evidence to back the claim.

'Fake news', unfortunately, lends itself to fact-checking. And by fact checking we do not mean Googleing, the preferred research methodology of online fact check sites like Snopes and Politifact, both of which have displayed undeniable left wing bias, but real research. One may not wish for a variety of reasons to delve into 'conspiracy theory,' but if someone is told he or she is espousing fake news, the resultant irritation may move that person to further research.

If “conspiracy theory” really has lost impact – and apparently it has – as a way of debunking criticism of the Deep State, this is certainly a setback for modern propaganda. But with Italy holding an important referendum which the establishment looks like losing early in December and with General Elections coming up in 2017 for Germany and France and polls in both nations suggesting major successes for anti establishment, anti - globalisation parties things are looking bleak for the New World Order and their 'fake news' operations in mass media.

The Powers That Be could try to ban the Internet outright if people continue to trust Alt - Media and news services like Russia Today and PressTV of Iran more that government friendly broadcasters and publishers in the free world, but it’s probably too late for that – and it wouldn’t work anyway. Putin and The Chinese would outflank them again.


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