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Britain's Self Destructive Race To Net Zero Is Driven By Corruption In High Places


Late last year it was revealed that almost half the ruling Conservative Party MPs in the U.K. Parliament belong to a Caucus promoting extreme Net Zero ideas that is funded by a small group of green billionaires led, quelle surprise, by the ECF and CAF, along with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers and Oak Foundation. The Caucus is part of the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) which is run by Ben Goldsmith. For his part, Goldsmith is one of five trustees of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation.

Anxious not to be left out, Labour Party politicians in the U.K. are flocking to support a new green campaigning group called Labour Climate and Environment Forum (LCEF). At its launch last year, senior Labour politicians present included Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves and former leade and Net Zero champion Ed Miliband along with his brother David who was environment minister at the time but now works for billionaire Marxist George Soros. If ever there were two words that should never be connected to the same person those are they. 

LCEF claims its team comes from all parts of the labour movement, but if we follow the money that appears to be a slight misrepresentation. LCEF is funded by the European Climate Fund (ECF) and Clean Air Fund (CAF), both supported by Extinction Rebellion (XR) paymaster Sir Christopher Hohn and also by the world's second - favourite billionaire psychopath George Soros. The world's Number 1 favourite billionaire psychpath, Bill Gates, also has links to LCEF.

LCEF is run by Paul McNamee who has worked for the Green Alliance and recently for London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and appears to have a number of links with the Green Alliance, which says it is an “independent think tank and charity focused on ambitious leadership for the environment”. In 2019, it was able to signal its considerable virtue by dropping funding arrangements with Shell and BP. No great surprise, perhaps, that new funders in the form of the ECF, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace were able to take up the financial slack. 

The LCEF funding is of some interest, since this relatively small operation seems to pick a number of grantees at the more colourful end of the Net Zero spectrum. The funding for a new XR offshoot, run by former XR activists Gail Bradbrook and Stuart Basden, works to “make good on the potential of Extinction Rebellion”. Cash to Stop Ecocide International helps develop green ‘lawfare’, while the World Environmental Crimes Unit builds a database on individuals “holding back action on climate in the U.K.” Peers for the Planet, a group of 150 members of the U.K. House of Lords, is helped in its mission to put climate change at the top of the political agenda.

The sheer scale of the money that is available to fund all these groups from a relatively small number of very rich people is beginning to attract wide attention. But where does that money come from?

Unfortunately few people know the story behind the UK’s climate laws and the corruption between senior politicians and George Soros who was the motivating force for the legislation pushed through by Ed (Bacon Sandwich man) Miliband which is propelling us towards a total energy energy disaster.

Soon to be Prime Minister Tony Blair met George Soros for private talks at the New York Plaza Hotel on April 10 1996 and later sold to Soros and his consortium extremely valuable British state assets in cut price sweetheart deals in 2000 and 2003, then delegated to sidekick David Miliband the drafting of laws and policies Soros desired, which resulted in the notorious Climate Change Act 2008 which included a legally binding commitment to net zero.

As Environment Minister in the Labour government 2006-2007 David Miliband was the architect of the Climate Change Act 2008 which Soros wanted and David Miliband was subsequently awarded the highly lucrative CEO position in a New York charity supported with “hefty donations” by Soros. Tony Blair received many years of consultancy work from Soros worth at least $25 million. David Cameron who supported the Climate Change Act and whose Conservative Party mainly voted for it, subsequently received a directorship of a Soros financed organization.

The first chairman of the Climate Change Committee, Lord Adair Turner, was in an "alliance" with Soros according to the Daily Telegraph (article linked) and was later appointed chairman of Soros’ Institute for New Economic Thinking and subsequently chairman of the Energy Transitions Commission!

Then we move on the the Climate Change Committee which should be more honestly rebranded as the bungs, graft and payola committee. Steven Fries is a current member of the Committee and a senior fellow of Soros’ Institute for New Economic Thinking. Piers Forster, current chair of the Climate Change Committee, is an ”agenda setter” at the World Economic Forum with George Soros. The CEO of the Climate Change Committee, Christopher Stark, benefits from a gravy train pay grade of $225,000 a year and previously worked for Soros’ close friend and accomplice Gordon Brown who was publicly congratulated by Soros at the G20 in 2009 for saving the world financial system with the words ”this was Gordon Brown’s finest hour”. Stark has been appointed CEO of Gordon Brown’s Carbon Trust from April 30 2024. Other members of the Climate Change Committee also have Soros connections. What an incesteous little world this 'saving the planet' industry is.

George Soros, through his foundation Open Society, part financed the Conservative think tank Bright Blue which recommended Legal Net Zero 2019 to Theresa May who enthusiastically implemented the measure.

Soon afterwards, Theresa May started a very long series of one hour free to attend $125,000 speeches booked through the same Washington speakers agency favored by Soros’ agent and proxy Tony Blair.

Shortly after Lord Stern published his report ‘Economics of Climate Change’ in 2006 he travelled around with George Soros giving talks about Oil Wars and Climate Change and demanding $100billion, rising to $500billion, from Western governments to solve problems they’d just invented. Who was to control what happened to that money? None other than George Soros through the IPCC.

Taking everything together, it’s very easy to see what has been going on here which is certain key individuals such as Tony Blair and David Miliband being on billion dollar green investor George Soros’ payroll.

No wonder John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May avoided writing about George Soros in their memoirs despite being very closely connected to him. Obviously because they didn’t want to be outed as beneficiaries of a 90 year old billionaire psychopath who has declared for the past forty years that his aim in life is to destroy the liberal democracies of the west and set up a  technocratic world government.

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