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Boggart Abroad: General Strike brings France To Standstill As Nati...

Boggart Abroad: General Strike brings France To Standstill As Nati...: France has been closer to social breakdown than the political establishment in the EU and their mainstream media sock puppets will ever ad...

General Strike brings France To Standstill As Nation Protests Macron Policies

France has been closer to social breakdown than the political establishment in the EU and their mainstream media sock puppets will ever admit since the the gilets jaunes demonstrations at their height nearly torched Paris and other cities. It would be a mistake to think, as television news bulletins and large circulation newspapers have suggested that support fot the protest movement has dwindled or the national mood is any less angry. Last month we reported on protests promted by new, over – zealous restrictions on agriculture imposed by the EU, as thousands of French farmers drove their tractors into Paris and other cities and blocked the main highways.

Today, in response to calls by unions and activist groups for a nationwide strike, public workers across the country stayed home on Thursday, immobilizing public transit across the country as the first general strike in more than 20 years began.

The main reason for the walkout was President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms (not unlike how a planned – then scrapped – gas tax hike sparked the giles jaunes).

On the fist day of the strike, which is planned to last through the weekend, parts of Paris resembled ghost towns during the morning rush hours. Roads were empty, and train stations were deserted, according to the Times.

The biggest industrial action of Macron’s tenure is, so far, outweighting by a huge margin the Yellow Vests protests  in scale: 50% of French teachers are reported to be off work, nine out of ten trains have been cancelled today and eleven of the fourteen lines in the Paris Metro are closed. A total of 245 separate demonstrations have been announced across France as students,  police officers and firefighters, healthcare workers and others joining the action. Striking ground staff at Air France forced numerous flight cancellations, leaving thousands of travelers stranded. Air France cancelled 30% of its domestic flights and 10% of international short- and medium-haul flights on Thursday, RT reports.

Millions of workers are staying home.
In Paris, some commuters and shoppers resorted to bikes, skateboards or walking in the bitter cold as buses and underground trains failed to run. Some joked that the strike had made Paris into a much more ‘eco-friendly’ city. This  way of looking at the situation must have appealed to thousands of Extinction Rebellion activists and other environmentalist groups who took the opportunity to link their the climate action agenda to the protests.

The strike is expected to continue until Monday as the unions and Macron butt heads over the controversial pension reform proposals. Paris police are deploying 6,000 riot police to do battle with demonstrators who have decided to take their yellow vests out of the closet and back into action.

Many of the French capital’s most popular tourist spots were forced to shut their doors because of the strikes. The Eiffel Tower and the Orsay museum did not open on Thursday, while the large parts of The Louvre, the Pompidou Center and other museums were mostly closed with only the most popular exhibits accessible.

Outside the busy Gare du Nord railway station taxis lined up with their green lights on, struggling to find customers in the deserted streets.

Of more immediate concern for Macron and his beleagured government is the fact that dozens of gilet jaunes protesters are blocking the nations major fuel terminals in the south and near the city of Orleans, leaving more than 200 petrol stations without fuel on Thursday, while another 400 report they will run out on Friday. If that action persists the country could be at a standstill by the end of next week. These blockades show the protesters have a coherent strategy which could bring the country to its knees and force Macron out of office or at least into a humiliating climb down. No matter how many times political leaders wax lyrical about the wonders of clean, green, sustainable energy, society still needs oil,  in spite what the Swedish Baby Troll Greta Thunberg and her supporters wish for.


Oxford Covid Vaccine Fails But Big Pharma Will Sell It Anyway
Many highly - placed members of the lockdown forever cult, Bill Gates among them, have been spreading the idea that lockdown must continue until a vaccine for COVID - 19 is available because only a vaccine can save us. More level headed types (i.e. those of us routinely dismissed as conspiracy theorists, have warned that as the virus affects the upper respiratory tract and nasal passages, where there can be no antibody response it is unlikely there will ever be an effective vaccine ...

Paris Workers Day Riots (Picture: Zero Hedge)

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Clean Green Power Sucks - China Goes All Out For Coal

lying leftie paskudnyaksclean, green, save the planet machine and the worshippers of Greta Thunberg are always eager to tell us that China is the world's biggest investor in sustainable energy and has more wind turnbines installed than any other nation on earth. It is the worst kind of lie because it is true, but only tells half the story. And someytimes being told half the story creates completely the wrong impression in the mind of the audience.

In this case the weirdie bearies and tree shaggers are giving the impression that by trashing our economies in the west, trying to meet unrealistic targets for eliminating carbon emissions we are being good global citizens, while by pointing out the stupidity of such ambitions shows we are evil capitalist sociopaths intent on destroying the planet.

So what is the full story?

While it is true that China has installed huge numbers of wind turbines, this is nothing to do with cleaning up the environment. China is installing wind turbines because then need electricity, end of story. At the same time China is planning to massively increase its coal-fired energy production. This makes a nonsense of claims by gullible Western politicians and dishonest environmental activists that China is as keen as anyone to do its bit to ‘combat climate change.’ by reducing CO2 emissions.
A report from Bloomberg reveals that China now has enough coal-fired generating plants in the various stages of planning and construction to match the entire capacity of the European Union, and that's on top the ones they already have up and running. So much for doing their but to clean up the environment and show support for the movement against highly polluting fossil fuel.’
Bloomberg tells us:

"The nation has almost 148 gigawatts of coal-fired capacity under active construction or likely to be resumed after being suspended, Global Energy Monitor, a non-profit group that tracks coal stations, said in the press release Thursday based on plant-by-plant data. That’s almost equivalent to 150 gigawatts of existing coal fleet capacity in the EU and more than the combined 105 gigawatts under construction in the rest of the world, it said."

China's plans contrat with those of many other countries, including France's goal of being a zero carbon economy by 2040 and the U.K.’s pledge to close all coal plants by 2025, (both of which cannot be achieved without irreversible damage to the economies of those countries. Beijing remains committed to coal as its biggest and cheapest source of electrical power, and also to sidelining the developed economies and achieving global economic hegemony. In effect The People's Republic has thrown down a major challenge to global emissions reduction targets. Its additions in the 18 months to June dwarf declines elsewhere in the world, according to the report. Meanwhile western leaders are intent on taking orders from the Sewedish baby troll and destroying civilisation, all are so firmly committed to helping China's world domination bid carbon free economies with the exception of Donald Trump who doesn't seem to be committed to anything except making The Democrats look stupid.

None of this is news to climate realists, I have been warning for ten years that China was rapidly expanding coal fuelled energy generation while western leaders were talking about returning to medieval technologies like windmills. One of the main arguments put by climate change sceptics against concerted government action by the West to decarbonise its economies is that it takes no account of emerging economies like Nigeria's, Pakistan's Indonesia's, India’s and, especially, China’s. Any attempts to cut carbon dioxide production in Western economies are more than offset by the growth in China’s CO2 output alone. And China's is matched by the others mentioned.

This latest development was predicted in a report published last year by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.


Extinction Rebellion Wants To Destroy Civilization, Not Just Fossil Fuels
Readers may find it hard to believe but while our attention has been focused on the coronavirus pandemic, other things have been happening. Recently the eco - crusties of EkSTIMKtion Rebellion have elbowed their way back into out consciousness and now, with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, form an unholy trinity of Marxist seditionist groups intent not only on destroying capitalism but destroying civilisation ...

US Democratic Party Orders Google To Spread Globalist Propaganda
The U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Climate Crisis has demanded, in a letter to Google CEO Sudar Pichai that the Internet Search giant demonetize climate skeptics, and provide 'education' to millions of people who have been exposed to “dangerous misinformation”. Key actions demanded of Google by The Democrats are:

US Democratic Party Orders Google To Spread Globalist Propaganda
The U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Climate Crisis has demanded, in a letter to Google CEO Sudar Pichai that the Internet Search giant demonetize climate skeptics, and provide 'education' to millions of people who have been exposed to “dangerous misinformation”. Key actions demanded of Google by The Democrats are:

Eco Nuts Are Back, Threatening To Shut Down Heathrow
Planes at Heathrow grounded by a previous (unconnected) drone incident (Picture: )
Yesterday's story featured a bunch of eco - hypocrites, rock band The 1975, whose latest album features eco - wunderkind Greta Thunberg reading a plea for us all to adopy zero emissions lifestyles to save the planet and who will shortly be jetting off on a world tour to promote their message (and album sales of course.)
Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Interfered In Irish Abortion Vote
After three years of Facebook campaigning for the impeachment and firing of Trump because of alleged cooperation with the government of Russia in the 2016 US election, the Social Media giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has at last admitted what many of us suspected all along, that it is Facebook, rather that hostile governments which interferes in the political processes of democratic nations.

While Eco Loons Worship Fairies, Reality Exposes Real Cause Of Amazonian Fires
While Pippi Longstocking lokalike and eco - activist wunderkind Greta Thurnberg is schlepping her climate change schtick round New York, preaching her net zero carbon emissions gospel after crossing the Atlantic in a 'zero emissions' superyacht made of carbon fibre, a material which in its manufacture produces shitloads more carbon emissions than my or your car or even my brother's V8 Range Rover will in their entire useful lives,) back home the Extinction Rebellion wankers have been getting their knickers in a twist about some fires (allegedly wildfires until it was reported they are started deliberately and are not destroying the rainforest, but areas of former forest now cleared for cultivation.
Macron Threatens G20 On Climate Then Backs Off
France's boy president and current climate scaremonger in chief and leading European federalist Emmanuel Macron arrived in Japan for the G-20 summit full of sound and fury, which like the stuff of Macbeth's soliloquy in Shakespeare's play turned out to signify nothing.France's boy president and current climate scaremonger in chief and leading European federalist Emmanuel Macron arrived in Japan for the G-20 summit full of sound and fury, which like the stuff of Macbeth's soliloquy in Shakespeare's play turned out to signify nothing.
War and Politics Behind Mass Displacement in Africa, Not Climate Change – UCL

A report from a new study conducted by University College London’s may cause a stir in the climate scaremongering industry. The report challenges the academic establishment's standard narrative of mass displacement in Africa being principally responsible for the creation of refugees in Africa and casts doubt on a number of other assumptions about global problems.
Hurricane Harvey Climate Catastrophe Man Made?As we reported last week the Hurricane Harvey disaster which has hit the U.S. states of Texas and Louisiana has shown characteristics never before observed in any hurricane or tropical storm since records began. Meteorological depressions (because that is what hurricanes, typhoons and other intense storms are,) move and once over land quickly weaken as air pressures become normalised. Harvey has stayed in the same area, dumping massive amounts of rain on the heavily populated coastal strip and causing $$$billionsworth of damage through flooding and high winds.
Trump Announces US To Quit The Paris Climate Accord

Fulfilling another campaign pledge, US President Donald Trump yesterday announced the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate pact and that he will work to renegotiate the international agreement in a way that treats American workers better. “So we are getting out, but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can …
German Scientist Confims Climate Change Ia A Politically Motivated Scam

Even as the inbred idiot Prince Charles was babbling to a hand picked audience about the skid marks in his underpants being caused by Climate Change, a somewhat more scientifically literate person, Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert, a retired geologist and data computation expert, has confirmed what those of us dubbed 'climate deniers' have been telling you for years ...
German Scientist Confims Climate Change Ia A Politically Motivated Scam

Even as the inbred idiot Prince Charles was babbling to a hand picked audience about the skid marks in his underpants being caused by Climate Change, a somewhat more scientifically literate person, Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert, a retired geologist and data computation expert, has confirmed what those of us dubbed ‘climate deniers’ have been telling …
Obama’s Climate Change Hypocrisy – The Arrogance Of The New Patricians

It is customary for US Presidents, when they leave office either having served two terms, been defeated in an election, or of their own volition, to fade quietly into the background. This is largely good manners, for an ex President to appear to be trying to intervene on political issues and influence events or public …
Big Business Joins Climate Change Scaremongers

The Paris summit on climate change approasches, which means the tree hugging fascist tendency are turning up the volume to eleven again. Trouble is they cannot produce a shed of evidence to back up their wild claims of imminent catastrophe because global warming only exists in their mathematical models, in the real world it is not happening/
Confusion Reigns As Paris Climate Conference Draws Near

The carbon dioxide driven climate change scam is back on the agenda as yet another monstrously expensive and fossil fulel gobbling jolly for politicians, scientists, freeloaders and general wankers gather to eat, drink, talk a lot and do nothing about a problem that exists in mathematical models but not in the real world.
Volkswagen Emissions Scandal - Is It The Tip Of The Iceberg?

The real problem here is that, driven by the hysterical warnings of self interested pseudo-scientists, politicians have set unachievable targets for reducing emissions while demanding that national economies keep growing.
Climate Denial Finally Pays Off

This blog has always been sceptical of the scientific case for climate change. And we admit that NO we are not climate scientists, NO we have not published research papers in ‘peer reviewed’ science journals. Of the three main contributors (all retired or semi retired) one is an engineer who still lectures in engineering and …
Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax VIDEO
Nobel laureate Ivar Giaever's speech at the Nobel Laureates meeting 1st July 2015. Ivar points out the mistakes which Obama makes in his speeches about global warming, and shares other not-well known facts about the state of the climate.

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New OPCW Leak Further Vindicates Skeptics Of Establishment Syria Narrative

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,

On the sixth of July last year, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) released its interim report on its findings regarding an alleged poison gas attack in Douma, Syria in April 2018. The incident, which resulted in dozens of civilian casualties, was blamed on the Syrian government by the US, UK and France, who launched retaliatory airstrikes on multiple targets in that nation.

The interim report claimed that “various chlorinated organic chemicals were found” in different locations on the scene, but strangely said nothing about the levels at which those chemicals were found. The Moon of Alabama blog highlighted this suspicious exclusion on the day the report came out, noting that levels are absolutely essential in determining chemical weapons use when you’re talking about compounds which are found virtually everywhere at some level in any industrialized region.
“The preliminary OPCW report says nothing about the concentrations in which these substances were found,” MoA observed.
“Without knowing the concentrations, which may be extremely low, one can not come to further conclusion.”
“The ‘various chlorinated organic chemicals’ are unsurprising,” MoA wrote.
“Chlorine is widely used for water purification and cleaning and ‘chlorinated organic chemicals’ will be found in any household.”
new addition to the body of leaks which have been hemorrhaging from the OPCW shows that such skepticism was indeed entirely warranted. A leaked email sent shortly before the interim report was published reveals that the chlorinated organic chemicals which OPCW investigators found on the scene were as low as one or two parts-per-billion, meaning, just as Moon of Alabama speculated last year, that they were found at trace quantities you’d expect to find in any industrialized area.

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It's a triumph of the radical Left that only the Dalai Lama is now allowed to speak "the truth"

The Dalai Lama is a revered figure who is universally admired for his lifelong, peaceful opposition to the oppression and subjugation of his country and people by the brutal socialist regime in the People's Republic of China. Ironically the political factions in the west who revere him most vocallly are supporters of socialism and authoritarianism, the two things he is most strongly opposed to.

This humble Buddhist monk, who symbolises the struggle for peace and independence, so it is strange that he is supported by the very voices who cried out for the west to invade Syria and depose the popular ruler Bashir al Assad. Now Assad is not a liberal by western standards and by no stretch of the imagination is it democratic, but Assad, a member of the minority Alawite Muslim sect has protected minorities such as Jews, Syriac Christians, Yazidi and Druze (the latter pair being ancient sects whose religious faith is Islamic, with elements of Hinduism and Zoroastrianism thrown in,) from the brutal fundamentalism of fundamentalist Sunni Muslims, the type who believe that the only thing worse than someone who is not a Muslim is someone who is the wrong kind of Muslim.

The west's liberals and progressives, all to willing to believe the anti Assad propaganda used to justify what has been called Obama's war, claim to believe in peace and harmony, but want it to be achieved on their terms. They want western style Cultural Marxism imposed in Syria as they have tried to impose it, with catastrophic consequences in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Syria is in fact a perfect example of who one-size-fits-all western solutions do not suit the very different collective mindset of middle eastern, African and South - East Asian communities. But back to the Dalai Lama, whose country, Tibet, is one of the strangest and most idiosyncratic in the world. Why is it that his efforts to rid Tibet of the oppressive socialism of Communist China so inspired the very people who spend their entire lives fighting against capitalism and campaigning for socialism/ communism / Marxism in the west.

His life has been devoted primarily to the struggle to win independence from China for his country, Tibet, and allow it to return to being a mysterious, spiritual community separated from the rest of the world by a cultural divide unbridgable to most western minds, and secondly to preserve Tibetan culture and identity against the efforts of the communists to swallow Tibet into the Chinese empire.

Away from his struggles for Tibetan heritage however, some think him a kind of spiritual placebo whose main purpose aside from pissing off China's communist leaders, is to offer platitudinous comments on the problems of the world.

"The Dalai Lama loves pease," a placard held by one of his western supporters at a recent event read (presuming they meany 'peace' and not the type of prrridge made from peas, don't we all, some of us would even go as far as bombing small nations to destruction in order to avert the threat of their leaders not doing what the peace loving western governments think they should.) So, peacenik, Sergeant Bilko lookalike, nationalist and all round good g..................... WHAAAAT? Nationalist?

But nationalism is evil. The EU are overturning election results in member states to stop emergent nationalist parties getting a hand on the levers of power. In the USA, Democrat extremists are still trying to get the nationalist Trump removed from power and replaced by the globalist warmonger Hillary CIniton (even though there is no way in U.S. law this could happen,) because nationalism is EVIL.

Yet I doubt that anyone has ever claimed that the world’s most famous Buddhist is a fascist, xenophobe or (that most common and inexact label of our time) “alt-right”. Perhaps it is time to rethink this assumption? For during a speech this week, the Dalai Lama said something that, if it had come from anyone else’s lips, would have had them labelled a full-on fascist. Whip up those robes, they would claim, and you will find jackboots.

Because the Dalai Lama, speaking honestly about problems caused by uncontrolled immigration in an EU member state that likes to think of itself as one of the world's most 'woke' nations, has to the surprise of most radical lefties but few people who actually know asnything about him and his life's work, has revealed himself as a nationalist.

His comments came while he was visiting Malmo, Sweden, one of the Swedish cities most badly hit by the epidemic of inter - community violence among migrant grous as the vie for control of the drugs, sex, contraband booze and illicit gambling businesses. In 2015 alone Sweeden added an extra 2 per cent to its population through migration. Over the ten year from 2008 to 2018 it is estimated that Sweden's total population increased by approximately 10% in total while the number of ethnic European Swedes actually fell. So the question of how many people Europe can absorb before it is culturally and economically disrupted and when an acceptable limit of illiterate, unskilled third world migrants might be reached is particularly relevant there.

The Dalai Lama gave his audience this humanitarian but pragmatic advice “Receive them, help them, educate them. But ultimately they should develop their own countries.” The Nobel prize-winning Buddhist leader then continued to pile on the agony for self - righteous lefties who had believed he would support all their crackpot theories about a single, global nation: “Europe belongs to the Europeans, he told them.”.

Over recent decades, proponents of that political philosophy that has been known as Cultural Marxism, The New World OrderThe Frankfurt School and Globalism have pushed an extraordinarily sociopathic and destructive plan for the future of civilised nations under a global, athroritarian, technocratic government. Emanating from university campuses outwards it has invaded the political establisment, mainstream media, the legal system, education and the arts: it proposes that wealth should be transferred from the prosperous nations to poor ones while poor people from third world societies should be transferred to wealth, developed nations.

Free movement is one of this philosophy's sacred cows; another is that the identity of a speaker or writer matters more than the content of their words, thus because minorities are oppressed, we must attach more importance to the words of a black, gay, Muslim, disabled, transgender or female person - and never mind the fact that females are not quite a minority, slightly outnumbering males in the human species, they "identify as an oppressed minority

One of the policies inflicted on EU member stated by the centralised buresaucracy of Brussels is 'open doors' immigration and in justification of this many EU leaders have made statements to the effect that Europe "belongs" to migrants

Unsurprisingly as someone who has been called a racist, xenophobe and bigot for arguing the case that while migration is both good and desireable it must be controled so that a balance is achieved, I totally agree with the Dalai Lama, though perhaps would not have spelled out the obvious solution to Sweden's social problems quite so bluntly to an audience of brainwashed Swedes. It is best that Europe does not become the home for everyone in the world who manages to arrive at the EU's borders. Societies that are fundamentally altered without the consent of their peoples will be hard-pushed to remain orderly or harmonious, which is exactly what is happening in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Ntherlands and Spain right now.

And it is totally unfair to the nations of the developing world the developing world that their most talented and driven people be encouraged by far - left charities funded by Marxist billonaires to come to Europe and eke out a living as office cleaners, sandwich stuffer or Uber drivers on the fringess of our legal economy.

Of course opinion polls show that most European voters agree with the Dalai Lama and this impression is backed by recent electon results in Spain, Germany, Italy and Sweden itself. Yet few people can hope to occupy the kind of platform mainstream media grant such a major figure as The Dalai Lama. So the recognition grows that what is tolerated from one mouth will not be tolerated from another. And the question of who is allowed to speak basic truths in our societies ferments away.

Over recent decades, the radical Left has pushed an extraordinarily divisive and destructive idea, from university campuses outwards: that the identity of a speaker matters more than the content of their words. That “who says a thing” matters more than “what is being said”. It is a claim which, among other things, inverts the central moral insight of Martin Luther King – that people should be judged by the content of their character, not their immutable characteristics. One wonders how long it will be before the radical left, in pursuit of their absolute power agenda, corrupt the Balai Lama's message

Sweden dystopian omnibusFormer Scania CEO Warns Sweden Heading For Civil War As Migrants Set Up State-Within-A-State

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The Davosocracy Gang Gather As Globalism Goes Into Retreat Worldwide

SWEDISH POLICE arrest, harass, intimidate Swedish professor for publicly exposing the horrific crimes of Muslim migrants

Former Scania CEO Warns Sweden Heading For Civil War As Migrants Set Up State-Within-A-State

Facebook Steps Up Censorship in Britain, Bans Populist News Site

<!-- *****************************
The Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama has the robe, religion, pigmentation, haircut and history to immunise himself from the worst accusations Credit: Ben Stansall/AFP
Today the most important thing 
has become not the truth of an argument but the characteristics of the speaker. The Dalai Lama has the robe, religion, pigmentation, haircut and history to immunise himself from the worst accusations. But your average European is not so lucky. We are forced to lie, remain silent or be insulted if we wish to speak basic truths. And not just on this matter, but on any number of matters 
pushed by the moral-flatulence of 
the radical Left.

If you are a straight white male today then your chance of being listened to on any matter is vanishingly small. If you are gay then a window may be open for a nanosecond longer. If you are a woman you may get a pass on some issues. If you are from an ethnic minority you will be allowed a few more.

But even then you have to toe amazingly specific (and fast-moving) lines in order not to become anathematised by people who only pretend to care. Just ask those Labour women who raised objections to ex-men on all-women shortlists. For the truth is that while identity is the determining issue in the interim, it is merely the battering ram for a whole political project coming in behind once the gates are down.

Ignorant of this fact, even conservatives currently seem willing to rearrange our society not along the colour-blind, gender-blind lines that some of us still wish for, but along the lines of people who are gender and race-obsessed.

The consequences are all around us. Everywhere across the public and private sector, appointments based on merit are being weighed up – and increasingly losing – against appointments made on identity. Even our Government is far from immune from the temptation. After all, why was Karen Bradley appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland? This is a person so ignorant – and so confident in her ignorance – that she was happy to reveal in a recent interview that she knew nothing whatsoever about Northern Ireland before starting her present role. Was she put in her place for her great intellectual curiosity? Because the Prime Minister thought this an especially good moment to put a novice into that role? Or because as each day goes by everything becomes ever-more about the speaker not the speech?

This is why the rise of Jacob Rees-Mogg is pleasant even for those of us often in disagreement with him. In the world that the radical Left has set up, there should be no one so ignored. Not only pale and male, but rich and double-breasted. Yet he also happens to display two attributes which have been vanishing from public life of late: intelligence and courtesy.
The same far-Left who have spent recent years trying to present all non-Dalai Lamas as xenophobes are now trying to unload their whole armoury on Rees-Mogg. They seek to present his views on abortion as misogyny, his adherence to the Catholic faith as membership of an obscure, dangerous cult, and his devotion to fiscal responsibility as a barely disguised desire to kill the poor. Which is why people who presumably think of themselves as good human beings are happy to stand outside the Rees-Mogg house bullying the Rees-Mogg children.

A few years ago the actor and director Rupert Everett presented a television programme on prostitution. During its course, he interviewed a number of practitioners. At one stage he made some point and one former prostitute snapped: “I find that offensive.” In a moment of televisual bliss, Everett replied, “Oh yes, tell me why?” And she told him. And they argued the point.

On almost every issue, great and small, in our society today – from immigration to gender, race to Northern Ireland – everyone is happy to claim offence. And plenty of people are willing to accept the idea that basic truths cannot be defended by most people based on immutable characteristics.
Too few people are willing to say: “Tell me why.” Or even try to argue anything out. But perhaps we should give it a go – once again regarding facts, evidence and serious contestation as matters of import. After all, the world’s biggest bore cannot be the only person permitted to tell the truth.

MORE >>>

Even The Exiled Dalai Lama Agrees: "Europe Belongs To Europeans"

Authored by Robert Bridge via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Is the Buddhist spiritual leader a white supremacist, an inveterate racist or even a closet Nazi? Only a very misinformed person would suggest such a thing. So how do we explain his recent remark that the millions of refugees who have been allowed to enter Europe should ultimately return to their homelands to “rebuild their own country"? Is that really such a vile and hateful suggestion?

Speaking at an event to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Individual Human Aid (IM), an international charity group that helped Buddhists resettle in Sweden following the 1959 Tibetan uprising, the 83-year-old Dalai Lama spoke without any fear of upsetting his PC-obsessed audience.
“Recently large numbers of refugees, many from the Middle East, have fled to Europe in fear for their lives,” he told a group of journalists.
“They have been given shelter and support, but the long-term solution should include providing training and education, particularly for their children, so they can return to rebuild their own countries when peace has been restored.
"Receive them, help them, educate them... but ultimately they should develop their own country," advised the 83-year-old Tibetan, who understands firsthand what it means to be an (legitimate) asylum seeker.
"I think Europe belongs to the Europeans," he continued, adding that refugees should understand that "they ultimately should rebuild their own country".
Predictably, the comment struck fell like a lightning bolt not only in the globalist camp, obsessed as it is with bringing Europe to its knees, but throughout Sweden, which just witnessed the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party take third place in the general election with 18 percent of the vote, an increase of nearly 5 points since the 2014 election. Third place may not sound great, until it is realized that it was the first time that Sweden’s ruling Social Democratic Party failed to win an absolute majority since its founding 129 years ago.

The comments by the Dalai Lama came across as a bracing slap in the face, a courageous wake-up call, and not least of all because the event took place in Sweden’s third-largest city of Malmo, where soaring crime rates among foreign-born nationals have made some neighborhoods no-go zones, where not even police and firefighters dare tread.

The reason the Dalai Lama is permitted to utter such unspeakable things goes beyond his spiritual authority; he himself is a refugee living in exile who dreams of returning someday to his native homeland of Tibet. It is that hope of return that informs his attitude to the ongoing migrant crisis, which is now dividing Europe along many cultural, social and political lines.

I am tempted to believe the Dalai Lama was invited to Sweden specifically to utter the things so many Swedes find it impossible to articulate; a sort of sadomasochistic exercise in humility and humiliation before the wise, plainspoken spiritual leader. After all, it is no secret that the Tibetan Buddhist leader has made such controversial remarks before.

Back in 2016, for example, in an interview in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, he remarked, with regards to migrants, “there are too many now". Then, in a swipe at Angela Merkel’s open-door migrant policy, which has seen millions of migrants flood the European Union since 2015, he said, with the perpetual, all-knowing smile on his face, “Germany cannot become an Arab country…Germany is Germany.”

Now just imagine the feigned fury had Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s former Chief Strategist, for example, uttered something similar. Actually, there is no need to imagine because it just happened this week as Bannon defended Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister, and Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, for attempting to protect the “sovereignty of their country”.

The Dalai Lama added that "from a moral point of view too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily".

However, for anybody who has studied the history of the mass movement of peoples, repatriation rarely if ever happens. Once a group of people have entered the borders of a sovereign state and set down roots - especially in the case of the European Union with its preponderance of bureaucratic red tape - it is excessively difficult to ‘send them back’ to where they originated. It is no exaggeration to say that the Swedish people may become in some not-so-distant future the minority, forced to accept whatever charity their conquerors will bestow upon them.

The one individual who seems to have the best grasp of the situation is Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, who just suffered a defeat in the European Parliament as MEPs voted to launch sanctions against his country. Viktor Orban’s unspeakable crime: daring to take physical measures to prevent an invasion of illegal aliens from entering Hungary – like constructing a barbed-wire fence that runs the length of the border with Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

Orban is the leading voice among the so-called Visegrad countries, made up of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These nations played no role in conquering Middle Eastern sovereign states, which instigated the mass exodus of people in the first place. Why must Budapest sacrifice its social order and security, much like Germany, France and the UK have already done, which is evident by the terrorist attacks that have rocked these places on a number of occasions?

Furthermore, the only “moral responsibility” that true, unscrupulous leaders like Viktor Orban have in mind is the safeguarding of their nation and people. The feeling of moral responsibility should have come much earlier in the form of speaking out against illegitimate Middle Eastern wars that are responsible for producing these refugees in the first place. Where is the voice of the Netherlands, for example, the home of NATO, to make sure these barbaric acts of aggression did not happen in the first place? It is on the question of military aggression, conducted by NATO states, where the question of “moral responsibility” must first be heard, not after the fact by countries suddenly expected to absorb the flood.

Europe is experiencing a grave moral deficit from its major powers because they refused to speak out against America’s imperial ambitions in the first place. Now, unless more people begin to heed the wise words of individuals like the Dalai Lama and, yes, Steve Bannon, the entire European project will collapse and Western civilization as we know it will have changed to the point of irrelevancy.

Election 2019: Stupid Labour Leaders And Supporters Just Don't Get It

Today, as we, Labour haers all, wallow in schadenfreude after the crushing defeat that elitist party suffered in the election, we'll have to rely on outside help in the form of a brilliant article from Shirelle Jacobs in the Telegraph and an equally brillian comment from Katherine Viners - Payczech (that sounds like a made up name, but whoever she is, congratualtions to the lady for her insight and pespicacity.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

SWEDISH POLICE arrest, harass, intimidate Swedish professor for publicly exposing the horrific crimes of Muslim migrants and criticizing radical left wing Muslim sympathizer on Twitter

SWEDISH POLICE arrest, harass, intimidate Swedish professor for publicly exposing the horrific crimes of Muslim migrants and criticizing radical left wing Muslim sympathizer on Twitter

Professor Bilyana Martinovsky has sensationally claimed she was arressted and intimidated by Sweden's police force for straying from the far - left governments narrative on the wonderfully wonderful wonderfullness of Muslim migrants to the country. Readers of this page will know of the wonderfully enriching cultural experience of being brutally gang raped that gangs of migrant m,ales have bestowed on many Swedish women and of the "no go zones" for Europeans set up by migrat organized crime gangs in many Swedish cities and towns.

That the Swedish government are aiding and abetting such criminality is appalling enough, but when the state police start harrassing people for trying to tell the truth about what is going on in that "woke" country, we had a duty to get the news out.

Prof. Martinovsky claims: “I was brutally arrested in Sweden, had DNA taken from my mouth, was searched and surrounded by armed police, and after 3 hours, was finally told that I was suspected of hurting Kajsa Klein’s feelings Jagarhar. se on Twitter. I was interrogated without a lawyer, not released until 1:00 AM, and left outside in the cold in the street with no phone.”

See and hear her description of the experience in this YouTube video:


The BBC is panicking at the public’s rejection of its arrogant Left-liberal worldview

This is nearly over – this weird disconnect between what most of us understand as reality and the world as seen through the eyes of an all pervasive Authority that was apparently appointed (although we never knew by whom) to establish the limits of public discourse. The crisis of confidence at the BBC – and make no mistake, it is a full blown, all alarm bells ringing, catastrophic crisis ...

Immigration omnibus

Islam catalogue

Vandalism versus Bacon

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Volvo To Move HQ From Sweden? It’s Not Because Of Brexit

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson sent shockwaves through his country and the EU today when he said the Swedish car company  company may have to consider moving its headquarters elsewhere. Volvo, he said, struggles to attract foreign specialists due to the lack of public security caused by the government’s failure to address the country’s soaring crime rate which is linked to mass immigration and the government’s refusal to deal with so called ‘no – go areas’ for police and energency services in Swedish towns and cities.

In Gothenburg, where the Volvo headquarters is located there have been gun battles in the streets between criminal gangs from rival immigrant communities vyinf for control of the lugrative drugs, sex and contraband trades. Human trafficking has also been a problem in Sweden that has not been dealt with because politically correct politicians, knowing the perpetrators were non – European, were reluctant to act for fear of ‘raising inter-racial tensions.
Speaking to the daily Svenska Dagbladet, Samuelsson lamented the fact that the auto manufacturer has been gradually losing its appeal to foreign tech experts and engineers, as well as top managers. The problem, according to him, partly lies in the fact that the specialists are reluctant to move to Sweden’s second largest city because of the high rate of violent crime.

“We are building cars, we cannot solve this problem,” Samuelsson told SvD. “Yet, one can still point out that this problem does exist.” Among the other issues he mentioned were the lack of affordable housing and schools. Part of th far – left government’s crazy immigration policy has been to give priority to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers when allocating social housing, which has predictably resulted in a housing shortage.

The Volvo CEO mentioned that the company might seriously consider moving its headquarters out of Sweden if the situation does not change. He hastened to say that Volvo is not currently planning such a move, but he would not completely rule it out in the future.

Samuelsson’s words provoked an angry reaction from Gothenburg police chief Erik Nord, who dismissed them as “unfair.”

The general situation in the city is not that bad, he said, explaining that something that is seen as “normal” elsewhere somehow gets “undeservedly great attention” in Sweden.

However it is Police Chief Nord who is being unfair, like all government employees he is trying to pretend that the problems Samulesson highlighted do not exist. That they receive more media attention in Sweden than similar problems elsewhere is probably because until Sweden embarked upon its ‘open doors’ immigration policy, happily admitting criminals, fugitives, political agitators, terrorists and member of gangs involved in human trafficking, drug and gun running and modern slavery, it was probable one of the most orderly, law – abiding and safe nations in which to live.

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Residents Of Paris Suburb With Migrant Tent City Feel Abandoned As Crime Surges
“I’m, Nationalist Not Racist, Voter Says As Sweden Faces A Historic Election Upset
US Liberal Journalists Learn About Sweden’s Immigrant Violence First Hand

The Daily Stirrer – July 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Minority Report on Douma attack exposes ‘compromised reporting & analysis’ by OPCW – MIT professor

The OPCW failed to include evidence on the Douma “chemical attack” that contradicts the West’s favored narrative in its final report, so the resulting document is inherently compromised, an MIT professor said.

The chemical weapons watchdog released its conclusions on last year’s high-profile incident in early March. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) claimed that chlorine-filled gas cylinders were dropped from the sky on the Damascus suburb. It did not directly pin the blame on the Syrian government, however.

Last month, there was a leak of an internal technical assessment which had been produced by a member of the OPCW fact-finding mission that studied two locations where the cylinders were found.

The document stated that the evidence the inspectors found didn’t square with the idea that the cylinders fell from the sky, and that the logical explanation was that they had been planted there. This opinion was ignored in the watchdog’s final document, and this makes it “a product of compromised reporting of the inspection and analysis process by upper level OPCW management,” Theodore Postol, a leading expert in missile technology, told the Grayzone Project.

The scalding criticism came in response to the way the head of the OPCW addressed the embarrassing leak. Director General Fernando Arias said the opinion had no place in the final report because it “pointed at possible attribution” in the incident, which was contrary to the mandate given to the mission.

He said the data was instead studied by three external experts, who “all reached the same conclusions that can be found in the FFM final report.”

Postol disagreed and accused Arias of mischaracterizing what was said in the leaked paper. The document “provided unambiguous contradictory data… that explicitly showed that the attacks were instead staged,” but didn’t go as far as pinning it on anyone. The criticism stopped short of suggesting Douma and other alleged chemical weapons incidents were false flag events but the implication was clear.

The Douma incident sparked global outrage, partially thanks to footage of children being doused with water in a makeshift hospital, which was circulated by the media worldwide. The scene was later revealed to have been staged and not related to the alleged chemical attack.


Taliban Jihadis Seizing Girls as “Spoils of War” in Afghanistan (video)
As U.S. troops leave Afghanistan, Taliban jihadis are going door-to-door in the cities and towns they conquer, taking women and girls as "spoils of war." Experts say that Kabul could fall to the Taliban in the next month. David Wood discusses the issue.

Official Report On Douma Gas Attack Discredits Warmongers’s Propaganda.

Turkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt OffensiveTurkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt Offensive
Conflict in Syria’s Idlib Province has escalated during the past week, with Turkish forces attacking the Syrian army and claiming to have killed over 50 soldiers. Russia, the main Syrian ally in the conflict, took the pressure off Assad and sent a clear message to Turkey’s President Erdogan by sending in warplanes to halt to Turkish assault ...

Eminent American Scientist Says Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Was STAGED
Germany Rejects Yazidi Asylum Seekers Fleeing Persecution By Islamic Extremists
Trump Threatens Putin, Assad Over Alleged Syrian "Chemical Attack"; Russia Warns Of "Grave" Response If US Launches Strike

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Oxford Academics Turn On Gay BLT Propagandists For Pushing Unscientific Claims

lgbt rights protest
Gay, Lesbian and Trans rights protestor holds a placard making a typically idiotic statement - human rights apply to all humans, trans-rights are the infantile demands of self pitying losers.

'More than 30 Oxford academics have blasted Stonewall for pushing 'tendentious and antiscientific claims' in the trans awareness training it gives to universities according to a report in The Sunday Times (a more sensationalized version of the same story appears in The Daily Mail if you are blocked by The Times paywall).

The professors and lecturers have taken issue with Oxford University's compulsory training programme on Gay, Lesbian and Transgender issues, that includes dogmatic statements about permissible attitudes "towards Gay, Lesbian and especially Transgender rights, including such unmitigated wank as "gender is how people interpret and view themselves." The Oxford academics expressed their opposition to such unscientific nonsense beong forced on teaching staff, research fellows and students in a letter passed to The Sunday Times.

They call for universities to sever links with Stonewall and other LGBT charities until and unless those organisations dump their fascistic attempts to restrict freedom of though and commit to 'fully supporting academic freedom of thought'.

Academics are also being bullied by student groups to withdraw invitations to "transphobic speakers," i.e. anyone who do not accept "that trans people are the gender they say they are" or maintain that gender is determined by our biological sex rather that "feelings".

They fear the new rules university managers have accepted after being bullied by Gay BLT lobying could see staff lose their jobs, and that they contravene the right of free speech.

Modern history professor Selina Todd is quoted by the Sunday Times as saying: "[This] is really pushing an agenda which is dogmatic and completely overruling freedom of speech... I am very scared that academics will start to lose their jobs.

"I feel uncomfortable. I've told my employer that I feel vulnerable and I've had students say they feel intimidated by what's going on at this campus."

Oxford and Cambridge last year spent £55,000 between them on LGBT training so staff are better equipped to help students who may be struggling. According to a NUS LGBTQ+ report from 2014, just 20 per cent of trans students feel completely safe on campus, which begs questions just how many of these mental cases are there at Oxford. One in three trans students said they had experienced bullying or harassment - while 51 per cent have seriously considered dropping out of their course. The Daily Stirrer does not see that as any loss to either the university or society in general were that to happen.

And what are these trans students studying for anyway, degrees in self pity?



Illiberal Undemocrats Now Hate Catholics As Well As White People, Britain & Heterosexuals

Transgender bullying is scaring respectable old organisations into silence

For years Katie Alcock had helped The Guide movemeny run Brownie and Girl Guide groups in her hometown, Lancaster. Then suddenly she was fired. The reason given in a statement by Girlguiding was that Dr. Alcock, had violated its policies on equality and diversity. Her offence was to suggest that science is correct and fashionable virtue signalling wrong, that people born male must be welcomed by a female-only organisation and, for instance, share tents or bathrooms with adolescent girls.

Oberlin University Fined $33 Million For Supporting Students Accusations Of Racism Against Bakery

On Thursday, Oberlin College was hit with $33 million in damages when to Ohio jurors found the school participated in protests defaming a local bakery as racist. Oberlin’s vice president, Donica Thomas Varner claimed the jurors ignored “clear evidence” that Oberlin was not at fault and insisting the school was being “held liable for the independent actions of their students.”

Student Suspended from University for Calling Halal Slaughter ‘Inhumane’

In an outrageous assasult on our right to free speech a British student has claimed he has been suspended from university for voicing the opinion that halal slaughter, prescribed by Shariah Law, is “inhumane” and also saying illegal immigrants should not be allowed to use the National Health Service (NHS) for free. The student says he has been told he cannot return unless he signs a conduct agreement and undertakes diversity training.

Dare We Defy The Illiberal Code Of The Liberal Left?
The crescendo of intolerant screeching from the liberal-left about ‘hate speech’, micro aggressions, white privilege (ironic as most of the screechers are privileged and white,) and even the most reasonable criticism of their sacred cows is one of the more bizarre aspects of the culture war currently being fought on university campuses, internet opinion and comment sites and in mainstream media.

Canadian University Holds ‘White Privilege’ Conference

May 15, 2018

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will never quench theur self - righteousness ...

Oxford University wants to turn English into a sterilized Orwellian language

Oxford University, one of the oldest universities in the world and, one might think, the 'home' of the English language is now, it seems, engaged in a New World Order campaign to destroy the English Language. It appears the finest young minds in society are so deeply offended by words that remind them men and women are biologically they, backed by their fuckwitted Marxist lecturers and professors, are demanding gender specific pronouns be abolished.

The University Formerly Known As Cardiff Polytechnic Published List Of Forbidden Words
Cardiff Metropolitan University formerly known as Cardiff Polytechnic may not be a seat of learning on a par with Oxford, Cambridge, Heidelberg, The Sorbonne or Princeton but when it comes to politically correct idiocy it is at the right up there with Harvard, Uppsala, University of California or The London school of Economics

Neo – Fascist Left Driving University Students To Despair

May 13, 2018

via David Broome, May 12, 2018 ARE LEFTIST PROFESSORS AND UNIVERSITIES DRIVING STUDENTS TO SUICIDE? Are the oppressive totalitarian politics of the left driving students to suicide in Britain’s Universities? It seems plausible when we consider that most of academia is overrun by Marxist professors organising gangs of SJW’s who subject white straight male …

Oxford University Introduces Mandatory ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Classes
November 20, 2017

One of the oldest and most respected colleges, Magdalen, at Oxford, Britain’s oldest university has become the first to introduce the currenly fashinable idiocy from Ameroca’s west coast, compulsory racial awareness classes to ensure ethnic minorities are not offended by anything, ever. Magdalen College students have voted to require all first-years to attend sessions which …

Students Feel Pressured To Reflect Uinversities Anti-Brexit Bias In Essays

University students have claimed they are being pressured by political activist lecturers into writing essays which pander to the "anti-Brexit bias"in the higher education system, and fear they will be marked down if their work does not comply with the left wing agenda. Students have alleged that free debate on Brexit, and opinions opposed to those of the "Remain" camp is being shut down by lecturers supporting the movement to thwart the democratic will ...

Eight Subjects That Ought To Be Part Of The Manadtory Curriculum For Basic Education?

Should subjects like meditation and gardening be part of the school currriculum? Or as one high school in Massachusetts, USA, seems to believe, classes in analyzing conspiracy theories (if taught properly this could help students distinguish between a true conspiracy theory, a fantasy and what is legitimate questioning of official propaganda. The embedded article from Collective Evolution presents some interesting ideas.

Students censored – An Academic Community In A Crisis Of Collectivism.

Intellectual freedom in our universities is under threat from ... intellectuals. So overbearing have the left wing screechers of bourgeois politically correct leftism now become that even the universities have surrendered to the intellectual control freakery of cultural Marxism. But if universities are now dedicated to turning out dull minded conformists, what hope is there for western society?

Saturday, May 25, 2019

EU's Top Eurofederalist admits EU wants an empire

Leader of the left-progressive group in the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt (a.k.a. Verhofshit
) has said that in order to compete with the rest of the world, the European Union must become an “empire.”

Verhofshit, the Phlegm who would be Emperor of Europe
Guy Verhofstadt, the Phlegm who would be Emperor (Picture via Breitbart,)

The leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe (ALDE) told CNN that plans to reform the EU and devolve power from Brussels back to the nation-state proposed by the populist paries that have spring up in member states, and led by Matteo Salvin's Lega (League) in Italy, Marine le Pen and her Rassemblement National in France and Hungary's Victor Orban, leader of the Fidesz party would mean that the bloc “will die inside.”

“The world is developing into one not of nation states, but of empires. China is an empire. India is an empire. The US is an empire. We need to create a European Union that is capable of defending our interests,” Mr Verhofstadt said told an interviewer from the far - left American news company who spoke to the Eurocrat his luxurious Brussels office.

Mr Verhofstadt, who is also the European Parliament’s Brexit Coordinator, is an avid supporter of greater federalisation of the European Union. The populist movements, including Alernative for Germany (AfD) and The Sweden Democrats, both of which are making big waves in their domestic electoral systems are also among the parties expected to make big gaines in elections to the toothless European Parliament being held this week. UKIP, the party which led the 'Brexit' referendum campaign in the UK are not expected to figure significantly after fragmenting following theior success. A completle new group, The Brexit Party look like topping the polls in the UK where elections have to be held after the Conservative government completely botched the leaving process and failed to take the country out of the UK on 29 March.

Though the populist parties have routinely been labelled neo - fascist, xenophobic and racist by Eurocrats left wing politicians and mainstream media, they are none of those, in fact in casmanyes their policies, except on uncontrolled immigration and surrender of national sovereigny to an unelected committee of bureaucrats in Belgium, are more socialist than shose of mainstream socialist parties.

During a Euronews Raw Politics discussion last week, the former Belgian prime minister compared a proposed United States of Europe to the United States of America, saying: “The United States of Europe is a way to organise a common action on the European level by recognising, by guaranteeing the autonomy of the member states.”

He was talking though his arse of course, none of those are Empires but he is not alone, other Eurocrats have also voiced support for a United States of Europe, including former president of the European Parliament and German socialist politician Martin Schulz who called for its formation by 2025. There have even ben discussions about extending the European Union beyond Europe's geographical borders. Such grandiose schemes are more reminiscent of the Nazi and Fascist dictatorships and Communist politbureaus of the twentieth century than a, supposedly democratic, free trade organisation.


Euro-bureaucratic Democracy

Eurogeddonm: The EU Deby Burden

Europe: EU Power Grab Looks Like Imperialism

Europe Stals Sovereignty

Europe democracy?

EU Dictatorship: German MEP says process of choosing Juncker successor a hoax as European elections near
The process of selecting the person who will succeed Jean-Cluade Juncker as European Commission President is a deeply flawed “hoax” dreamed up by “Eurofanatics” who want to create a United States of Europe, a German MEP said today. Hans-Olaf Henkel made his remarks as the prospective candidates – known as Spitzenkandidaten, in Germany, jockeyed for position.

Europe’s Nationalists Unite Behind Salvini Ahead Of EU Elections

With the EU elections due in May this year expected to deliver another body blow to the dream of a Federal European superstate, Europe's more conservative nationalist parties have today announced an alliance that is aiming to become the strongest group in the European Parliament, with a view to forcing to radical reform on the EU bureaucracy in Brussels, which dictates policy on security, migration, family and the environment, according to Euro News.

Minister In Spain’s Socialist Government Claims Country Needs ‘Millions and Millions’ of Migrants

Harold MacMillan’s EU warning revealed

Harold MacMillan, British Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963 gave us a chilling warning about the EEC – (European Economic Community) – before Britain joined the bloc, claiming that Germany had planned on using the trading bloc, as an instrument to assert its supremacy across the continent once more. On Wednesday, 3 April, 2019 The House of Commons voted in favour of legislation which forces the Government to request another extension for 'Brexit', giving our current Prime Minister Theresa May more time to show us the comtempt the ruling elite have for the principles of democracy.

Leaked Document Reveals Unacceptable Demands Made By EU Ahead Of Final Talks Before Brexit Deadline
A Secret document has revealed concession the EU is demanding before beginning fresh talks on Brexit ahead of the 12 april dealine. According to a memo seen by the Sunday Times, Brussels is demanding the UK must continue to pay its share of the EU budget, must implement new measures on citizens’ rights, and sign a legally binding agreement to arrangements to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and The Republic.

Merkel: EU Members Must Cede control Of Their Border To Brussels

German Chanellor Angela Merkel sparked outrage today and pushed the EU cloers to its final disintegration when she stated that EU Member states would be forced to surrender on of their most important sovereign powers, control of their borders, to Brussels in order that the unelected bureaucrats of the European commission could 'manage' immigration (i.e. open the border crossings and let any criminally inclined bunch of fanatics enter Europe.

Spanish Socialist Budget Fails As Budget Rejected; New Elections Expected

We predicted last year when the socialist leader Pedto Sancjez usurped the Spanish government after the collapse of the minority government led by Mariano Rajoy collapsed, could not last. In a widely expected but destabilizing development, Spanish conservatives and pro-independence Catalonians voted to back a slate of amendments to a government budget on Wednesday by a wide margin of 191 votes out of 350,

EU Stitch Up To Promote Euronazi Selmayr’s Is Typical Of The EU's Contempt For Democracy

The former Prime Minister of little Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker to ensure his chief of staff was installed as the new Secretary-General of the European Commission, in what one senior Eurocrat has called “an impeccably prepared and audacious power-grab” at the top of the European Union.

EU "Sounds Alarm" Over New US Sanctions On Russia; Germany Threatens Retaliation

Late on Friday (21/07/17), Congressional negotiators agreed to advance a cross - party bill that would punish Russia for its (alleged) interference in the 2016 election according to the Wall Street Journal. And while it seems improbable that President Trump would sign the bill if it reaches his desk, the loudest complaint about the bill to date has emerged not from the Oval Office, but from US allies in NATO and the European Union ...

Fears Over Threat To Sovereignty Could Wreck EU European Army Plan

No they're not Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers, they are German soldiers assigned to an international peacekeeping force, showing how like Imperial Stormtroopers a pan European army might look (Image source)

Germany Threatens Sanctions Against Poland Over 'Lack of Western Values' (for Western read German)

Last year, Poland's conservative nationalist Law and Justice party (PiS), led by former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, captured both the presidency and parliament at elections in May and November. Since taking office, the party's lawmakers have used their parliamentary majority to initiate a series of controversial legal reforms, causing concerns both at home and abroad, specifically in Brussels and in Berlin.

Farage Shredded By Welsh Ministry Of Truth Newsman?
An obscure far – left website reported that while campaigning for the European Parliament elections in Wales, Nigel Farage was confronted by a BBC Wales reporter, Arwyn Jones, who asked him a question about Brexit, which you’d expect would be easy to answer: Farage didn’t answer, how could anyone answer such a stupid question posed by an idiotic reporter working for an ogranisation tasked by The Fourth Reich’s ruling bureaucracy in Brussels and their puppets in Westminster with presenting pro – EU propaganda as news ...

Farage Says New Brexit Party Will Spark "A Political Revolution" And Terrify The Tories

Nigel Farage, who led the successful Brexit campaign, warned backsliding elitist politicians on Tuesday that his brexit Party would spark a political "revolution" - a cliched line but appropriate given the mood of the country - and strike fear into the hearts of ineffectual Tories who have so far failed to deliver on the promise of the Brexit referendum if the UK is forced to contest EU Parliament elections as part of Prime Minister Theresa May's, the Sun newspaper reports ... MORE>>>

There are sheeple who want to remain in the EU at any price, and then there are people who understand the EU

I am not sure people really are up for reading EU related documents or a whole load more people would be less excited about the EU. If people read the chequers plan and the political declaration they would know the only people who leave the EU are the financial sector. Everyone else stays in without a vote or veto for two years whilst we negotiate the long term deal...

Johnson’s article lines up his reasons why Britain must exit on June 23rd. It’s time to be brave

OK, I know a lot of you think Boris is most accurately described by a word many people find offensive, but he’s put together a very good argument here on why we must leave the EU. Published in part here under ‘fair use’ terms and conditions, in the public interest ...

Cameron’s EU Package: Not A Deal But A Few Turns In The Spin Machine
As we and almost everybody else predicted, David Cameron's deal to improve Britain's relationship with the EU is worthless. It changes nmothing, and can be vetoed once we have voted to stay in.

Cameron Plays Deal Or No Deal In Europe

David Cameron, who was apparently up all night trying to make other European leaders understand why his country needs a better deal in order to poersuade the prople it is a good idea stay in the EU. Unless Cameron gets what will enable him to sell the idea of surrendering national sovereignty to a Federal European Superstate ruled by a committee of unelected bureaucrats in to the British public he will not campaign for the UK to remain in the bloc

EU Refuses to Block Eurozone Integration to Reach Agreement With UK

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said at the E?U summit on British membership terms that the European Union wants to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom, but it is not prepared to compromise the banking union (financial integration) or the further integration of monetary union (UK being forced to abandon the pound join the Euro?) to achieve this goal.

Cameron's EU Deal Worthless. It Can Be Vetoed In European Parliament?
Opinion polls show Britain is evenly divided on the question of whether to leave or remain in the EU, though it has been suggested up to 10 million other voters, many of them women, have yet to make a decision. How they cast their vote will shape the future of the world’s fifth largest economy and the EU itself. But what is really at stake is more important than economics ...

Obama's intervention in UK politics triggers angry backlash
Angry Britons have launched a petition calling for U.S. President Barack Obama to be prevented from speaking in the UK parliament on Britain's forthcoming referendum on European Union (EU) membership.

Ireland Election in Third Day, IRA Successors Sinn Fein Win Biggest Share of Vote

Ireland´s political parties were scrambling to adjust to a new reality Monday after an earth-shaking election that saw the left-wing nationalist party Sinn Fein win the biggest share of votes.

Sinn Fein, the party historically linked to the Irish Republican Army and its violent struggle for a united Ireland, received 24.5% of the first-preference votes in Saturday´s election... Continue reading


Globalism is a religion – and its followers are blinded by ideology