Monday, April 27, 2015

Massive Protests In Europe Against TTIP - Mainstream Media Blackout

Corporate bosses give their reasons for supporting TTIP, TISA and TPP

If you read us here, at Boggart Blog or The Daily Stirrer, or is you are among the growing number of people who turn to alternative media to find out what's really going on in the world, you are most likely aware of the 'free' trade deals, TTIP, TISA, and TPP being negotiated in secret, behind closed doors.

You will also know there has been considerable opposition and even that some protests against the cooking up by bureaucrats and corporate lawyers of deals which transfer major areas of national sovereignty to big business. But, due to a European and American mainstream media blackout the extent of opposition and sheer scale of protests, and the arrests of TTIP opponents in Europe is as secret as the terms of these treated which even the democratically elected members of national government are not party to.

The architects of this attack on freedom as the USA's Obama Andministration and the neo Nazi leaders of the European Union's bureaucratic dictatorship.

Hundreds of thousands of activist have recently joined protests in Europe to oppose what could be the world’s biggest corporate take-over of democratic rights and national sovereignty ever seen. Resistance to TTIP has been most fierce in Germany, with tens of thousands joining demonstrations across the country last weekend. In Belgium, host to the EU headquarters, policing of the demonstrations was particularly heavy handed and many demonstrators were arrested

A recent YouGov poll showed that 43% of Germans believe TTIP would be bad for the country, compared to 26% who see it as positive with 31% unaware of TTIP. Demonstrations in other European cities also drew protesters, including 2,000 in Brussels, 1,000 in Madrid and Helsinki, more in Warsaw and Prague.

In Berlin, an estimated 1,500 demonstrators formed a human chain stretching from the Potsdamer Platz, past the US embassy and through the Brandenburg Gate to offices of the European Commission. In Munich, lobby group Attac estimated numbers of protestors at 15,000. Marches in Leipzig, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and other European cities were also well supported on what Attac hailed as a “global day of action” against corporate facism.

Around Europe, 40 events against the trade agreement took place in Italy, over 60 in Spain, and over 70 in France – Though UK activists are preoccupied with General Election campaigns, London staged an event organised by British campaign groups War on Want, Global Justice Now, Keep Our NHS Public, Brick Lane Debates and Students Against TTIP. In all, across the globe 700 demonstrations covering 5 continents raised the people's voice against Free Trade Agreements such as TTIP. And yet not ONE word about the protests or the reason for them was reported in mainstream media

This is now a battle of the people verses the corporations, citizens verses elitist governments, freedom versus tyranny, humanity versus money and the media blackout is just another sign that your rights are being withdrawn. So what are you waiting for, get active.

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