Saturday, March 04, 2023

Blow To EV Lobby: Germany and Italy Block EU Big To Halt Manufacture Of Conventional Cars

Two of the European Union's most powerful member states have united to throw one of the Union's keynote green policies under a juggernaut. Germany and Italy joined forces to thwart a European Union ban on the manufacture and sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035 and have demanded exemptions to protect their domestic car industries which earn €billions in export revenue and provide hundreds of thousands of jobs. A revolt by the two countries forced EU leaders to delay a key vote on new regulations which would outlaw the building of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars in twelve years time.

The draconian measures which amount to a prohibition of car ownership for people on low to median incomes were drafted last year and would prevent the sale of new cars unless they are "zero emissions". Electric cars, aside from all the attendant technical problems, are prohibitively expensive to buy new for most people and replacement batteries after five or so years use will cost almost as much as buying a new car.

Though the policy has not yet been ratified by member states, Germany and Italy, along with allies, is seeking an exemption for cars running on so-called e-fuels, such as kerosene made from waste, biodiesel and synthetic petrol, which are being developed by some manufacturers.

The action has forced EU officials to delay a vote that was sheduled for Tuesday (7 Marc 2023) because the laws cannot pass without Berlin's backing and have led to a split within Chancellor Olaf Scholz's coalition government, with his FDP partners agitating for the EU's plans to be loosened while Germany's loonytoon Greens are demanding even more stringent anti - car measures.

FDP Bundestag member Volker Wissing, transport minister in the coalition Government, said: "It is contradictory when the EU Commission calls for stronger climate protection targets on the one hand, but on the other hand makes it more difficult to achieve these targets through overambitious regulation."

Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, is  expected to meet Chancellor Scholz over the weekend in a bid to to resolve the row as diplomats commute between countries hoping to avert a damaging split in EU unity over net zero lunacies that are putting fotunes in the already overstuffed pockets of financiers, corporate investors and peddlers of dodgy 'science.'

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister, cheered the delay and added: “The voice of millions of Italians has been heard."

The last-minute hold-up is highly unusual, with the upcoming vote previously seen as a formality, but could be a harbinger of more serious trouble for the electric car industry because in the second half of 2022 sales plummeted as costs rose due to lifting of subsidies, soaring energy costs, lack of support infrastructure and shortages of components.



Are You Really Against Fossil Fuels? Read This Before You Answer
It is easy for anyone to say that they are against fossil fuels. Opposition to coal, oil and natural gas is fashionable and will prompt heads to nod and even hands to applaud in most places. 

But are people aware of the extent to which their lives are dependent on fossil fuels? Do they know that more than 90 percent of things used in their everyday lives are derived from fossil fuels?

VW Audi Suspends Electric Vehicle Production Due To Battery Shortage
Today in “news that affects all electric vehicle manufacturers”, Audi has announced that it has suspended production of its e-Tron electric SUV effective February 20 and won’t resume untilfurther notice. The suspension has been a resolve of “resolving production issues”, which are mainly attributed to bottlenecks in battery supply, according to Business Insider.

Tesla Stock Hit After German Regulator Warns Self-Driving Cars Are Unsafe

While the Tesla company and its Ubernerd founder Elon Musk have for several years been the darlings of the stock markets and the media, things may be changing. Like most technology startups, Tesla talk a good launch but fail to deliver real results. Since the cars launched to widespread admirationed at the elegant design, and open mouthed shock at the huge price tags and ...

House battery to store energy will 'change entire infrastructure of the world' - or maybe not
Another costly new product hailed as a breakthough in technology, this time a clutching-at-straws exercise from the failing electric car company Tesla, completely fails to live up to the hype under scrutiny. Hailed as a super battery, a mjor advance in battery technology that will change the world to store power for a household, it turns out to be nothing more than a streamined car battery. It will run the average home for about 2 hours.

Google Self Driving Car Can't Drive Itself
A lot of nerdy types have been getting very excited about the self - driving cars being developed by Google. Being nerdy they are not making such a fuss about the decent looking rides being developed by the likes of Mrecedes Benz, General Motors and Toyota. No, it's the Google wankermobile that turns them on.

All The Reasons You'll Ever Need For Not Buying An Electric Car As Tesla Electric Car Turns Into Firebomb after Collision.
The electric car thing will not go away will it, ever since the science tits who work for Big Tech started proposing that electric cars are the future it has been proved many times in many ways that they are not. Cost, extremely limited range and safety are mong the reasons. And here as a Tesla goes up in smoke, is another ...

Google Car Driverless Because No Sane Person Would Be Seen Dead In One
A few years ago Google boss Eric Schmidt said the company's aim was to get as close to creepy as they could without crossing the line. Well they had crossed the line long before he said that. The latest Google wirdness is the much hyped driverless car. It looks as if it was designed by a five year old. On the other hand it might be the ideal car for paedophiles who want to go cruising for jailbait.

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