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Thousands of Dutch farms will be forced out of business to meet new EU 'Nitrogen pollution targets

by Egbert Nohbakkon, 3 December 2022

Image: Thousands of Dutch farms face forced closure to comply with new EU environmental rules

The globalist technocrats who control The European Union (EU) have enacted new environmental protection laws which will force member states, including The Netherlands, one of the worlds most important exporters of foodstuffs in spite of its small size geographically. To meet the new targets for reducing emissions, which address nitrogen emissions from human activity rather than Carbon Dioxide, the Netherlands government proposes to  shut down a large portion of its farming industry in order to comply with emissions targets predicated upon the the predicted catastrophe known as “climate change.”

Nitrogen emissions have not previously been addressed by the climate activist lobby but with more and more scientists questioning the actual extent to which Carbon Dioxide is reported to affect global mean temperature it seems a 'Plan B' is needed.

Some 3,000 farms lying in areas designated as “environmentally sensitive” in The Netherlands are now scheduled for seizure and closure, according to mainstream media reports a huge increase on the 600 farms that we reported were expected to close back in October due to the 'need' to reduce nitrogen “pollution.”

Following a summer of farmer protests that saw slow moving tractors blockade Dutch trunk roads and cause gridlock in cities as a show of opposition to the EU’s “green” agenda, the Dutch government is still moving forward with plans to cut nitrogen emissions in the country by at least 50 percent by the year 2030. One can only envisage the level of civil unrest growing, the Dutch are fed up with the EU and with their minority government which remains in office only because the anti democracy EU refuses to accept certain Eurosceptic political parties as partners in a ruling coalition. This situation is currently repeated in Germany, Belgium, Spain and Greece and prevailed in Italy and Sweden until recent elections installed populist coalitions in power.

Natherland's Nitrogen Minister (yes, they have appointed a Nitrogen minister,) Christianne van der Wal recently announced that the Dutch government will conduct a “compulsory purchase” of the country’s nitrogen-emitting farms. Farmers who own the land will reportedly be offered deals “well over” what their properties are actually worth. This loonytoons policy seems to be courting economic collapse as it can only reduce the trade of the country's most important exporting industry, cause a huge increase in unemployment and force The Netherlands to become  a net importer of food rather than enjoying the huge trade surplus it has now.

Van der Wal added in a statement that “there is no better offer coming” than the ones her government plans to offer. In other words, farmers can either accept the deal and get something, or reject it and possibly receive very little or nothing while losing their livelihoods. This is an almost perfect deinition of how fascist governments operates.

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Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for life but according to academics is now being produced in greater quantities than ever before. While marginally more nitrogen  (it makes up around 75% of the air we breathe,) in the atmosphere has allowed global food production to keep pace with growing human demands, it can (but has not been proved to,) also impair water and air quality, reduce plant species diversity and exacerbate global warming. All these  concerns have arisen on evidence from mathematical modelling of speculative changes in the atmosphere's chemical makeup. Questions about whether the biosphere is able to soak up this extra nitrogen and what that means for the future are not being answered on the basis of real world observation. However, recent research involving academics in the Oxford Martin School’s Biodiversity Institute has shown that despite an increase in nitrogen production through industrialization, nitrogen availability in many ecosystems has remained steady over the last 500 years.

A team of researchers have studied how the atmospheric nitrogen level changes when atmospheric carbon dioxide increases. To do this they modelled palaeoecological records of nitrogen availability from the end of the last glacial period – when carbon dioxide increased rapidly – to recent times, when carbon dioxide levels have risen through the burning of fossil fuels according to climate science orthodoxy. The team collected and analysed data from the sediment records of 86 lakes across six continents representing varied ecosystems. With this data, they were able to compare past and present nitrogen cycling in various regions.


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recent research  by Samantha Hallam et al published in the journal Climate Dynamics looks at the seasonal variations over decades in Northern Hemisphere jet stream latitude and speed over land for the period 1871–2011. The authors report that they found no evidence of weakening of the sort climate alarmists have been warning about for the past three decades.

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Arrogance, Intolerance, Snobbishness and Corrupt, Self Interested Practices. It's modern science. The world sems to be waking up the the fact that while in the past scientists tended to be rather detached, slightly obsessive people not driven by material goals, the modern science academy has been very largely corrupted by political patronage and corporate money. The academic field of climate science it especially notable for this.

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