Thursday, October 12, 2023

It's Kicking Off In Palestine - But What's The Real Story Behind The Headlines

Now the initial shock of the attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel has died down it is time to look a little more deeply into the background to this story. Why, for example did Israel, a state obsessed with security and military intelligence to the point of paranoia, ignore warnings from Egypt that some major action by Hamas was imminent, and how did Israeli state security services not know of this hostile activity themselves. Or did they?

Did the Israeli regime perhaps decide to let the attack go ahead in order to create a case that would enable them to implement a plan they have nurtured for decades?

We hear fro our contacts across the pond that US government has been and is involved in talks with Israel and Egypt to establish "safe passage" corridors for civilians in Gaza to flee ongoing Israeli airstrikes. The the White House said on Wednesday that a major ground offensive by Israeli Defence Force troops in the besieged enclave is being prepared.

"We're actively discussing this with our Israeli and our Egyptian counterparts, we support safe passions for civilians. Civilians are not to blame for what Hamas has done. They didn't do anything wrong," National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters during the daily White House press conferrence.

"We are actively working on this with Egyptian and our Israeli counterparts. Civilians are protected under the laws of armed conflict, and they should be given every opportunity to avoid the fighting," he added.

As is often the case what he did not say was more significant than what he said. And what he did not say was anything about when, if ever, the inhabitants of the Gaza strip would be allowed to return to their homes. For decades, Western media outlets, academics, military experts and world leaders have described the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as intractable, complicated and deadlocked and the focus of the problem has always been Gaza.

Awareness of the history of this area strongly suggests that the sequence of events over the past few days, from the lapses of Israel's security system to the apparently half hearted US response point to a long term plan to depopulate the Gaza strip so that Israel can annexe it and resettle the land with people of Jewish ethnicity. At the moment Gaza is under siege. Completely blockaded and cut off from the world its people have no electricity or drinking water and it will not be long before they are hit by shortages of food and medicines. And all the time the Israeli bomb, missiles and artillery shells rain down.

Thus the evacuation plan is ethnic cleansing, a war crime presented as humanitarian refeif mission. Once the people have left they would have no right of return to their homes. People who have lived in an open air prison for decades, their whole lives in some cases, would simply be transferred to another open air prison, this time presented as a refugee camp.

Egypt is the only country they could realistically be moved to, but is already bankrupt. Egypt cannot provide for its own hundred million people, depending on supplies for Ukrainian and Russian grain via United Nations aid programs. An extra two million from Gaza, all poor, many barely literate and some of them Islamic fundamentalists and attached to terrorist groups, could easily unbalance the Egyptian state especially if disruption of the supply chain from Ukraine and Russia continues .

However if an ethnic cleansing by depopulation plan were to be put into action it would guarantee that the Islamic fundamentalist paramilitary groups including Hezbollah, al Qaeda, and ISIS would add their forces to Hamas and backed by Islamic theocracies from the Atlantic coast of Africa to Afghanistan, would step in. They would attack Israel to prevent such a move.

The U.S. thinks it can deter resistance action by threatening to move in with its own forces. That's why the USS Gerald Ford, its newest carrier, was moved into the Eastern Mediterranean. Rumors have it that a second carrier will come in too. But US invincibility has suffered too many setbacks to be a credible threat. Obama started a war in Syria back in 2011, with the avowed aim of removing the dictator Assad but in 2023 with US military personnel still involved in Syria, Assad is still in power. From 2014, when a corrupt, pro - Russia, but democratically elected government in Kiev was replaced by a US engineered coup, the puppet government installed in Ukraine systematically provoked Russia. Yet when Russia did eventually respond, the USA, led by demented geriatric Joe Biden was impotent when Vladimir Putin ignored American threats as he had ignored Obama's eight years earlier. The list of foreign policy disasters goes on, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen ...

Clearly the Islamic world's pushback against American threats and Israeli bullying will not deterred by by US sabre rattling because various US presidents have shown they lack the testicular fortitude to draw their sabre and use it. The last time the U.S. tried to intervene in Lebanon it ended up with 241 dead Marines and had to retreat in shame. Hezbollah at that time was only a handful of men. Today Hezbollah has tens of thousands of very well trained men. Then there is also Iran with China and Russia as its allies. And if things went that far, which way would Pakistan jump. Pakistan is a nuclear power in its own right.

Should Israel try to bring in the full might of NATO to the Eastern Mediterranean to threaten not only Lebanon but Russian bases in Syria, the gloves, which have remained on throughout the Ukrainian conflict, would certainly come off. With Patrushin and Shoygu holding the reins of state and a clear and present NATO threat on Syria's doorstep while the western alliance is still talking in terms of fast tracking membership for Ukraine, expect a strong and unexpected Russian intervention in the multifront Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah war.


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