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Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology Explains ‘How to Save the World, in Three Easy Steps’

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Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology.

Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines. Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist. Bret talks to Robert and Steve about the pandemic, treatment, and the COVID vaccines.

robert w. malone, m.d., m.s.

Robert W. Malone, M.D., M.S. / Image source

Dr. Robert W Malone, MD has also raised concerns about the genetic vaccines and hinted that ivermectin is probably “safe and effective” against COVID-19:

“What happens to confidence in public health and USG if ivermectin turns out to be safe and effective for COVID, and the genetic vaccines turn out to have signficant safety issues? This looks like a very plausible scenario from where I sit.”

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Covid Vaccine Project? Invation of The Body Snatchers meets The Milgram Experiments


Boris Johnson is on a collision course with his elected representatives of his own party today today, as the Prime Minister prepares to abandon common sense and the people of the nation he leads as well as every promise he made to end lockdown on June 21st, and announce a four week delat delay to the pan to lift pandemic restrictions. 

The much-heralded ‘freedom day’ scheduled for June 21 is now due to be pushed back until July 19, with health minister Edward Argar telling the BBC this would allow authorities time to “close the gap” in the number of adults who have had their second jab. And as if that were not bad enough news for the nation some of the science wankers who have advised the government so badly throughout the pandemic are already talking about a further delay until September, thus killing a second holiday season.

Conservative MPs, led by former party leader Iain Duncan Smith are reportedly furious about this last-minute extension of the lockdown, with some threatening to rebel amid fears it is the thin end of the wedge. This is more bad news for Boris because with the Labour opposition under the inept Kier Starmer having gone awol, the Conservative rebels are the nearest thing the country has to an opposition party.

However what is gratifying about this growing opposition to Boris' loyalty to his corporate, globalist paymasters is that these rank and file members of parliament are actually listening to the views of their constituents. And while mainstream media tries to present a picture oif a nation living in fear, its people desperately longing for government action to save us all from the killer virus, what those MPs are hearing in their constituencies is very different. People are fed up, angry and unwilling to accept any more infringements of their human rights. 

Stephen Hammond one of the Conservative rebels said it was "extraordinary that we have more restrictions in place now than when we did not have the vaccine". He called for a weekly assessment of delays based on hospitalisation rates and "a pledge to reconsider all travel restrictions" on June 28, with those who have been double vaccinated or a clear test being allowed to travel. 

Caroline Nokes said clarity on the number of people double jabbed was "what has been lacking all along - what's the equation?"

Small businesses around the UK have also reacted angrily to this lastes extension of lockdown after they had spent money gearing up to reopen on june 21st. A common reaction is that Boris Johnson is "barking mad" to delay the final stage in his roadmap by a month, and warned that the hospitality industry will "disintegrate" as a result. 

Karen Watkins, founder of Somerset-based Rowan Consulting: "There's a chance some businesses will throw in the towel if the easing of restrictions is further delayed. After a rollercoaster year, I wouldn’t blame them."

 Taking a step back to see the bigger picture, it is an amazing coincidence this new Delta Variant of COVID, which is resposible for the extension to lockdown emerged just as public opposition to lockdowns, social distancing and manadtory mask wearing, not to mention growing scepticism over the very dodgy vaccines and the reported deaths and adverse reactions to them was growing (latest figures: over 15000 dead following vaccine in Europe, USA and UK and over one million serious adverse reations.

But the authorities still insist the vaccines are 100% safe and everybody in the world must be vaccinated.

A furious Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of The House of Commons claimed he had been "misled" about the Prime Minister's announcement over the delay to the roadmap, saying he had been told no decision had been finalised and that as Mr Johnson is in Brussels for Nato, the earliest a statement could be made was 8:30pm. This statement is being given by Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary.  

The Speaker has said he wants to have a meeting with Boris Johnson over the "totally unacceptable" behaviour of Downing Street and ministers, adding: "I have repeatedly made it clear that announcements should be made to this House first... the Government determines when ministers make statements, but in doing so they must show respect to the seat.

 Another reason suggested for the extension to lockdown and the latest round of scaremongering propaganda is that vaccine take up raes, which in any case are way short of the 99.5% claimed by government, are falling as younger age groups become elegible for vaccination. The younger generations are more likely to look to internet sources than mainstream media for information and are therefore more likely to be aware of the huge kill rate of COVID vaccines and reports that the vaccines cause blood clots, inflammation of the heart muscle and other serious problems, Are the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) analysing their own Yellow Card reporting scheme? If so, given that deaths and adverse reactions from COVID vaccines are now higher than the total of similar events over the past 20 years for ALL vaccines. How the chuffing hell can they possibly say these vaccines are safe for anybody. Something just isn’t stacking up?

The latest serious side effects are only now coming to light as hundreds of heart inflammation cases in young men & teenagers in the USA and Israel are reported. Many of these cases are so serious it would seem that there is going to be an emergency meeting of the CDC next week. Some of the young vaccine victims are still in Intensive Care weeks after falling ill.

Yet government and corporate "experts" continue to insist the vaccines are safe for teenagers and children even though there are no medium or long term studies on the effects of these experimental gene therapies and the only trials accried out so far involves a small sample of 2600 young people? It’s ludicrous. Have any of the parents been told about any of the Yellow Card or other countries own adverse reactions recording databases?

Only today a friend of mine overhead two ladies saying how wonderful it will be when ALL of our children are doubly vaccinated. Alarm bells are being silenced all over the world.

I believe the vaccine agenda is purely political, we have already heard from government and Big Pharma sources that the vaccine does not provide long term immunity and does not stop the virus being passed on by the vaccinated. We also know now that the well established anti parasitic drug Ivermectin has shown to be highly effective against COVID as well as being cheap and having no serious side effects.

So if propaganda continues to insist it is essential to vaccinate everybody, the objectve can only be to learn how much fearmongering is needed to make the general population willing to accept any command, no matter how repugnant, from the authorities.

I'm reminded of both the Donald Sutherland film Invasion of The Body Snatchers and the real life behavioural science program known as The Milgram Experiment


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