Thursday, September 07, 2017

Miami Residents Scramble To Evacuate As Hurricane Irma Approaches

After flattening much of the Leeward Islands, blowing our power supplies in Puerto Rico and leaving a trail of destruction through the Caribbean, Hurricane Irma is continuing its terrible progress through the region and is is expected to make landfall in Miami sometime this weekend.

Irma's 185+ mph winds left 90% of the dwellings on the island of Barbuda completely leveled and the island barely inhabitable, according to Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Irma's power isn't expected to subside all that much as it moves through the Caribbean over the next couple of days, blasting several islands in its path before ending up in Southern Florida. Hurricane Harvey, which hammmered the coasts of Texas and Louisiana only a few days ago hit three times, unlike all previous hurricanes which have rapidly blown themselves out over land. If Irma does the same this will wreak havoc in Florida's heavily populated south.

Here is the latest from the National Hurricane Center:

Maximum sustained winds remain near 180 mph (285 km/h) with higher gusts. Irma is a category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Some fluctuations in intensity are likely during the next day or two, but Irma is forecast to remain a powerful category 4 or 5 hurricane during the next couple of days.


INIT 07/0900Z 20.0N 68.3W 155 KT 180 MPH

12H 07/1800Z 20.7N 70.5W 150 KT 175 MPH

24H 08/0600Z 21.7N 73.1W 145 KT 165 MPH

36H 08/1800Z 22.3N 75.5W 140 KT 160 MPH

48H 09/0600Z 22.8N 77.4W 135 KT 155 MPH

72H 10/0600Z 24.5N 80.0W 130 KT 150 MPH

96H 11/0600Z 28.5N 80.5W 105 KT 120 MPH

120H 12/0600Z 33.0N 81.0W 75 KT 85 MPH...INLAND

Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 50 miles (85 km) from the eye of the hurricane and storm-force winds extend outward up to 185 miles (295 km).

The combination of a life-threatening storm surge and large breaking waves will raise water levels ABOVE NORMAL TIDE LEVELS by the following amounts within the hurricane warning area near and to the north of the center of Irma. Near the coast, the surge will be accompanied by large and destructive waves.

According to hurricane watchers, Miami looks increasingly likely to take a direct hit from a massive hurricane packing sustained winds of 150-155 mph.

More than 100,000 Miami residents have been instructed to leave their homes on barrier islands, including Miami Beach, and in low-lying mainland areas starting Thursday morning which has created a logistics nightmare at Florida's airports and on highway evacuation routes.

According to the Washington Post, airlines added flights earlier this week to accommodate a surge in demand but many have been canceled and airports have warned that operations will be halted once winds exceed 55 mph.

Late Wednesday, American Airlines announced it would begin winding down its operations in Florida and had canceled flights at its Miami hub as well as to airports in Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Sarasota and West Palm Beach. In addition, it canceled a handful of international flights from Europe and South American that were scheduled to land in Miami on Friday.

Officials at Key West International Airport said they would suspend commercial operations at the end of the day Thursday, and Miami International Airport advised travelers it will halt operations at the airport when winds reach 55 mph. Generally, airlines do not operate in sustained crosswinds that exceed 35 mph, and the Federal Aviation Administration tower ceases operations after winds of 55 mph, the airport noted.

Of course, the added flights didn't stop Delta from taking advantage of the surge in demand from frightened travelers.

Meanwhile, as the Wall Street Journal points out, those looking to flee by car are facing similar hassles with long lines at gas least at the ones that have any gas left to sell.


Conspiracy Of Lies: Is Weather The New World Order's Weapon Of Choice

Not so long ago we reported that according to recent research conspiracy theorists are perfectly sane, rational, critical thonkers, old fashioned sceptics (rather than skeptics who only doubt anything that challenges official dogma. Now the BBC, one Britain's bastion of fair and balanced news reporting and analysis has published a rabid attack on "conspiracy theorists." Are they worried that their propaganda broadcasts aren't getting as many views as truth tellers on You Tube?

Documents Leaked By Ed Snowden reveal Truth About Chemtrails

Have you noticed how many things denied by the authorities and dismissed as conspiracy theories by those who love big government and yearn for a new world order of totalitarian global government led by scientists and technocrats are actually turning out to be true. Here's another, Chemtrails.

1000 Scientists Break Ranks On Global Warming - Laugh? I Nearly Shat

You've all heard from members of the Church Of Scienceology Cult about how there was total consensus (despite a lack of empirical evidence) that the planet is warming so rabidly there are now no ice caps at either the North or South Poles, that the last polar bear perished when someone ate its Fox's Glacier Mint and that there are now ...

Climate change: Experts lies revealed

Biofuels - the great green folly

Geoengineeering means shite weather can be guaranteed.

Earthquake Hits Stricken Fukushima Plant - Television News Ignores It

Mainstream media has again been caught ignoring news that might prove a tad inconvenient to The Scientific Dictatorship. An mag. 7 earthquake rocked the stricken fukushima nuclear plant which is still leaking radioactive waste two years after being struck by a larger quake and a tsunami. It was not mentioned on mainstream news until new media picked it up and the story went viral.

Chemtrails - At last elected representatives are asking questions

At risk of being dubbed a crazy conspiracy theorist, a US Congressman has called for an investigation of 'chemtrails', the trails of chemical dust allegedly sprayed from aircraft that do not quickly disperse in the way the familiar condensation trails do. So what's going on, a geo engineering peoject or something related to social engineering.

US Gov. Opens Official, On the Record Study Into Weather Modification and Geo-Engineering

Scientists Enthusiuasm For Warmageddon Global Warming Cooling?

The science is settled, we're all going to fry the Warmageddoninsts said. but now, as independent scientific research shows global warming stopped fifteen years ago, the science worshippers are not so sure.

Another score for the Conspiracy Theorists

Greenpeace stunt backfires. Exposes Green Energy Scam!It's always great to mock the Watermelon when they shoot themselves in the foot but this exapmple of the self interest that underpins their climate science and green energy scams is classic.

Klondike 2: The Great Arctic Oil RushAs the case for CO2 driven climate change continues to crumbe we start to look at how we can keep the wheels of our national economies going. Drilling for oil in the Arctic is a high risk activity but absolutely necessary

Will Warmageddonists Tell Us Where The Missing Heat Is Or Shut The Fuck Up After recent revelations from NASA and NOAA that the earth is not warming as quickly as climate scientists mathematical models predict, the Warmageddonist loobby came up with a ridiculous (even by their standards) respose that some of the heat has gone missing. Respected global warming sceptic ...

German Scientist Confims Climate Change Ia A Politically Motivated Scam

Even as the inbred idiot Prince Charles was babbling to a hand picked audience about the skid marks in his underpants being caused by Climate Change, a somewhat more scientifically literate person, Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert, a retired geologist and data computation expert, has confirmed what those of us dubbed 'climate deniers' have been telling you for years ...

Big Business Joins Climate Change Scaremongers

The Paris summit on climate change approasches, which means the tree hugging fascist tendency are turning up the volume to eleven again. Trouble is they cannot produce a shed of evidence to back up their wild claims of imminent catastrophe because global warming only exists in their mathematical models, in the real world it is not happening/

Confusion Reigns As Paris Climate Conference Draws Near

The carbon dioxide driven climate change scam is back on the agenda as yet another monstrously expensive and fossil fulel gobbling jolly for politicians, scientists, freeloaders and general wankers gather to eat, drink, talk a lot and do nothing about a problem that exists in mathematical models but not in the real world.

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal - Is It The Tip Of The Iceberg?

The real problem here is that, driven by the hysterical warnings of self interested pseudo-scientists, politicians have set unachievable targets for reducing emissions while demanding that national economies keep growing.

Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax VIDEO
Nobel laureate Ivar Giaever's speech at the Nobel Laureates meeting 1st July 2015. Ivar points out the mistakes which Obama makes in his speeches about global warming, and shares other not-well known facts about the state of the climate.

The Pain In Spain as Green Energy Policy Fails

You will not find anything in mainstream media, either print or broadcast, about the failure of the green energy initiatives that have left Spain in dire economic strais or Denmark in the dark. Bizarre, as other governments are pressing ahead with plans to make us reliant on these crackpot schemes and intellectual wanks of mad scientists ...

Climate Scientists versus Free Speech and Freedom Of Information

This week four groups, whose boards represent a distinctly liberal world view and who oppose scrutiny of taxpayer-funded science by academics, asked the University of Virginia to disregard its agreement before the court with American Tradition Institute to provide the records of former climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann, which belong to the public. The groups, led by the far-left Union of ....

Ever Changing Ocean

The scientists warn us climate change will cause massive extinctions, species will be destroyed, nations will die, the oceans will swamp huge areas of land as sea levels rise and lots of scaremongering stuff like that. But life in the seas has survived much worse catastrophes, much more violent changes than anything we puny humand can conjure up. It is a measure of the arrogance of humans in general and scientists in particular to imagine we puny humans could destroy the planet.also availabe HERE

Climate Change and the Population Explosion
In all the debates about climate change and the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on the environment there is one issue that has a huge bearing on humanity's relationship with our planet that neither politicians nor scientists will discuss. Population growth. So a philosopher has to step up to the mark and ask why people are encouraged to have children when we face so many population related problems?

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