Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sweden Likely To Remain Neutral On Nord Stream-2' Pipeline Despite US Pressure

by Egbert Nobakon

Whatever else we have said about the Swedish government of white guilt addicts and their loonytoons immigration policy, reluctance to prosecute immigrants for the most brutal kind of crimes for fear of being called racist, and their moral posturing as they turn their beautiful country into a third world shithole whose main industries are drug dealing and pimping, we have to admit the Swedes are at least consistent in one thing. They still cherish their neutrality.

Sweden absolutely refuses to be involved in geopolitical games, which is why it would be difficult for the war loving, neo - con US administration of the Nigger-In-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama to pressure Sweden to oppose Russia's proposed Nord Stream-2 project, National Energy Security Foundation Russia expert Igor Yushkov told the newspaper Svobodnaya Pressa. According to Yushkov the Americans have few opportunities to exert pressure on Sweden. "It is not in need of financial assistance, such as, for example, Bulgaria, which was forced to abandon the implementation of the ‘South Stream'," he explained.

A similar point of view has been expressed by a senior analyst at the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Volkov.

"Sweden will continue to have a moderate stance on the Nord Stream-2," Volkov said. "Sweden tries to keep a low profile on this topic. It looks at the general trend and tries to follow it."

Earlier, it was reported that Sweden can be forced to act against the construction of the pipeline by the USA because Washington and some EU states' are concerned that it will increase Europe's dependence on gas supplies from Russia. This report however came from sources close to The White House propaganda machine and can be dismissed as part of Obama's attempt to bully Sweden. The rent boy president, a former arse prostitute whose early days in politics are shrouded in mystery, seems to think blackmail and veiled threats are legitimate political techniques.

Sweden's Prime Minister Stephen Lovfen met with US Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday, with the energy security being a part of the talks' agenda among other issues, according to the Svenska Dagbladed newspaper.

"No wonder Biden tries to convince Sweden to oppose the Nord Stream-2," Yushkov said. "Sweden is important, primarily as "environmental voice" in the general chorus of the opponents of the project. Other countries are assigned to political and economic aspects, but Sweden should play the role of the proponent of ecology," he added. Construction of Nord Stream pipeline. Vice President Biden, you may remember, is the idiot who plagiarised a speech from former UK Labour leader Neil Kinnock, and read it word for word, as a campaign speech he claimed for his own.

How did we ever end up with these effing eejits running the world.

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