Friday, June 03, 2022

No Government Should Sign a WHO Pandemic Treaty


Fortunately recent efforts by the world's wealthiest, most developed nations including The United States UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia and Japan at the World Health Assembly last month to coerce lesser nations into accepting amendments the International Health Regulations which would have given the corrupt and discredited WHO power to overrule democratically elected governments in health emergencies foundered for lack of support from African nations. 

African national leaders and heads of government in numerous other third world nations, who in recent years have become deeply suspicious of the motives behind western efforts to 'help' them (but which always carry a heavy price for that help,) regard interventions from the western powers as imperialistic, simply because the western nations seek to impose on them certain values the people of the third world find abhorrent whereas China and Russia have extended their influence by attaching no political strings to their economic investments. 

This is good news for citizens of the western democracies, no good can come of giving a larger role (and budget) to the WHO, which disgraced itself repeatedly during the Covid pandemic, most crucially by throwing away the existing pandemic preparedness guidance and the science it was based on and allowing itself to become a cheerleader and channel for the for the authoritarian and fascistic policies of lockdowns, as invented by the Chinese Communist Party on January 23rd 2020, mask and social distancing mandates and compulsory vaccination.

The authoritarian power grab that failed last week was bad, but the amendments were not a new treaty and would not, as some suggested, have given the WHO power to impose lockdowns on countries (the WHO’s power to declare a health emergency in a country without its consent is already part of the IHR). However, the new pandemic treaty, discussed at last week's assembly and also at the annual World Economic Forum bash in Davos, Switzerland and scheduled to be negotiated over the next few years would be binding on all signatories and whould give the WHO, once it had declared a global health emergency, the power to act as a global government. 

Quite why a new treaty is needed is not really clear, as there is already a treaty that covers pandemics, namely the International Health Regulations. It also isn’t clear that a new treaty is politically possible; if countries can’t even agree on amendments to the existing international pandemic rules they seem unlikely to be able to agree and pass a whole new treaty on the subject. Plus, a new treaty, if passed, would be most unlikely to involve countries agreeing to cede sovereignty to the WHO to impose lockdowns and other emergency measures within their territories without their consent.

That doesn’t mean we should be complacent, particularly as the U.K. neo - fascist Government under Conservative-In-Name-Only Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded to the recent petition calling for a referendum of the British electorate before signing any pandemic treaty (signed by over 150,000 people so far) by doubling down and committing itself to agreeing to a “legally binding” treaty that is not yet even drafted. 

OK, it’s international law so there is no court to enforce it, and as noted above countries are unlikely to agree to cede real control over their pandemic responses, but recent evidence suggests Johnson would and so would opposition leader Kier Starmer should his equally fascistic but slightly more 'woke' Labour Party win the next election.

 Nonetheless, there are still plenty of reasons to be concerned about the Government committing to sign an undrafted “legally binding” WHO pandemic treaty, not least if which is that the WHO is nothing but a non profit making agency of the Big Pharma cartel, the global mega - corporations which control the drugs and healthcare industry. Creating a whole international pandemic bureaucracy that depends for its purpose, existence and funding on the occurrence of pandemics is undoubtedly to open the door to overreaction and overreach, even more than we have already. The last thing we need is the WHO putting the world on permanent pandemic alert and pushing for ‘precautionary’ lockdowns every time a bat sneezes or a lab leaks.

Source: Daily Sceptic

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