Sunday, March 05, 2023

The Lockdown Scams Exposed


Excuses are flying thick and fast and panic is the order of the day among elected representatives and salaried pubic servants in the UK government as, day after day for the past week, UK print and online news organisation the Telegraph has published more leaked documents revealing the lies, quid pro quo arrangements, fabricated data, bad science, personal vendettas and dodgy deals that shaped the nation's response to the COVID hoax pandemic. 

In the Lockdown Files series, the people who stalk the  corridors of power are depicted as shifty, self serving, back stabbing poltroons who would stop at nothing in trying to justify the unwarranted and draconian attack on the rights and liberties British people. Now they are trying to justify themselves by claiming that they didn’t know what they were dealing with when the Covid virus struck. 

Do they seriously expect us to believe that? Lets take a look at Who Exactly Didn’t Know What?

Are we to believe that the British Government had no knowledge of what was going on in biosafety level 4 labs around the world? That they didn’t know about the US moving its ‘gain of function’ research to Wuhan, China in 2014, at almost exactly the same time as the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) / Tulane University gain-of-function bioresearch team was ordered out of Sierra Leone as its links to a new, more deadly strain of Ebola was infecting thousands of people in West Africa? 

Or that they did not know Dr Fauci on behalf of  DARPA was funnelling US dollars into Wuhan via Dr Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance? And that this research had been going on for at least 20 years beforehand in the US and other national jurisdictions (Ukraine is one of them) known for lax regulatory laws ?

If it was possible for those members of the public occasionally known as the alt_news community or 'conspiracy theorists' to find out that the virus was man-made as early as January 2020, then how could it not be known behind closed doors. 

There was an Indian research paper (later retracted) published then, in January 2020, which exposed the man-made nature of the virus. Several leading scientists around the world continued over time to confirm its findings, including Nobel prize winner Professor Luc Montagnier. For all the attempts to cover up and claim ‘zoonotic’, the virus’s unnatural ‘furin cleavage’ could never be explained away. 

Professor Sachs has admitted that he disbanded his Lancet commission because its members were lying. Now even the FBI is admitting the virus came from a lab. If we could find out what little we did three years ago, then surely Government, with all its intelligence sources, knew much more? 

And what about the unholy alliance between Big Pharma, government health officials and intelligence services? And their transatlantic connections? Should we not be a little suspicious of a former director general of MI5 here in the UK becoming chair of the Wellcome Trust (the UK’s equivalent of the USA’s ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’)? Meanwhile Sir Jeremy Farrar, also of the Wellcome Trust, has been one of Dr Anthony Fauci’s close collaborators. He was in on the Fauci conference call on February 1 2020: in fact, he organised it. All these connections are referenced in Robert F Kennedy Jr’s book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci‘. It is no coincidence that Farrar was one of the lead voices in trying to crush the lab leak story from the beginning.

Given this background, when politicians and senior civil servants claim ‘we didn’t know what we were dealing with’ it is no better an excuse than ‘I vass only following orders,’ used ad nauseam  by former Nazi at the Nuremberg trials of war criminals . Someone in a position of authority must have been aware what had happened in January 2020 and what led up to it. 

Either the information wasn’t passed on and the Government was genuinely kept in the dark in which case the entire upper echelons of the civil service and state security services should be sacked, or along with the majority of the public (excepting members of the aforementioned alt_news community,) were really in the dark about US and NATO bioweapons research. In which case the whole lot of them should resign and we the public should be asking what exactly is the role the British intelligence services? Aren’t they supposed to keep the Government informed of what is going on in secret labs around the world? Or they are all just lying, because they don’t want to have to admit the awful truth: that it is governments who fund harmful research and it was governments in the west that unleashed this pandemic of fear and panic? 

In any case, we shouldn’t forget that the Covid crisis was just too useful as the means for creating the opportunity for the neo - Nazi World Economic Forum's Great Reset. So we are right to be very suspicious of what did happen and why. We should expect answers rather than lies, evasions from the people in Government at the time and we should demand that our elected representatives in Parliament to ask why ‘none’ of them knew and to accept no excuses, no blame shifing, no back stabbing, just straight answers.


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UK Conservative Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen, who has made highly public, 'off message' criticisms of the media silence about the harms causede by COVID 19 mRNA vaccines, has now urged the government and British National Health Service to discontinue use of the vaccines as they clearly do not either prevent infection or alleviate symptoms but have so far been linked to far more cases of serious adverse reactions that all other vaccines introduced over the past thirty years.

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