Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sweden to end months without a government

Stefan Lofven
Swedish Prime Minister stefan Lofven (Photo: T Camus, AP)

Since the inconclusive election in September 2018, in an example of the pro EU, globalist political establishment showing contempt for the democratically expressed wishes of the people, Sweden has been without an effective government as establishment parties, supported by mainstream media and the EU conspired to deny the Eurosceptic Sweden Democrats the share of power they had earned at the election. With all parties refusing to work with the Sweden Democrats (often called a far right party although the only policy they are to the right of the socialists on is mass immigration,) Social Democrat PM Stefan Lofven is set to retain his post by promising to move his party, the Social Democrats, to the right.

Socialist extremists The Left Party on Wednesday and allow Prime Minister Stefan Lofven to take a second term in office. The Left party said it would abstain in a crucial vote on Friday, clearing the way for Lofven and his patchwork coalition.

Lofven, leader of the Social Democrats, has been leading a caretaker government since elections on September 9 left neither the 'centre right' not the 'centre left' bloc able to form a government. Although the Social Democrats won the most votes, their 31.1% support left them too far off the numbers they needed to form a coalition with The Greens and other left groups in a country with eight mainstream parties and proportional representation. The right bloc could have formed a coalition but the smug, self - righteous Christian Democrats would not accept the participation of the Sweden Democrats. The obvious answer was a rerun of the general election but with all the signs showing the Sweden Democrats and their only allies The Moderates looking set to make more gains, the establishment parties wrre willing to do anything except that.

These problems were compounded by the fact that the thing Swedes fear more than a face to face confrontation with an Enochian demon or one of Daenerys Targaryen's Dragons from Game of Thrones is being accused of racism. most other parties wanted to govern without the support of the Left and the far-right Sweden Democrats. With the Left party, (never referred to as far - left though they are militant Maoists, far more extreme than the Sweden Democrats,) also being unacceptable coalition partners to the left bloc this left both sides unable to command a majority.

After four months of negotiations the Social Democrats have finally managed to cobble together an bodged up coalition of the left and right wing (similar to Merkel's dysfunctional coalition in Germany,) by gaining the support of the Greens, Liberals, and the Center party. In doing so, however, Lofven has had to promise to take his traditional center-left party to the right. A shift to the right in Swedish politics has been inevitable for years as loonytoons, politically correct government has reduced the country to near - failed - state chaos.

"Sweden needs a government," said Lofven, adding that he was "humbled to have been nominated" for Friday's vote.

With the Left party abstaining from the vote, Lofven is pretty much guaranteed success. However, the leftists have warned that they would vote down the new government if the prime minister went forward with reforms on the labor law and rent hikes for newly-built homes so the future for Lofven's desperate big to cling to power looks bleak as the far left can bring down his government any time he does something that offends their extremist sensibilities.


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