Saturday, March 04, 2017

Are Spineless, Snivelling Liberal Scum Suckers Bringing Back Blasphemy Crimes To The West For The Sake Of Sucking Up To Islamic Extremists?

All the signs suggest the Western democracies are submitting to pressure from Islamic extremists and reviving blasphemy laws, but applying them only to those who insult Islam. We are still free to be obscenely disrespectful to Christianity, Judaeism, Hinduism and buddhism. Canada and Denmark are leading the way back to medieval religious oppression. In Denmark for example, a blasphemy provision. Denmark still has a an archaic blasphemy provision still in the the penal code but not used for almost a century. So tolerant were the danes that a few years ago a man objecting to Christian dogma burned a Bible on television but faced no action in spite of complaints from Christians. Denmark's Attorney General has nevertheless just charged a man for burning a Quran.

In Canada meanwhile, anti-Islamophobia laws, aiming gradually to prohibit all criticism of Islam, and based on Muslim Sharia Law provisions on blasphemy, are being passed by national and state governments. The Ontario Provincial Parliament unanimously passed an anti-Islamophobia motion in February. The motion called on the legislature to "stand against all forms of hatred, hostility, prejudice, racism and intolerance; rebuke the... growing tide of anti-Muslim rhetoric and sentiments" and "condemn all forms of Islamophobia." Needless to say, no such motions were introduced to protect Judaism or Christianity. OMFG, don't you just hate those self - righteous blirts, The Canadians.

In October 2016, Canada's national Parliament passed an annti-Islamophobia motion, which was the result of a petition initiated by Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum. At the time, no one knew what they were condemning: Criticism of Islam? Criticism of Muslims? Discussing whether ISIS is a true manifestation of Islam? No one knew, as no one had bothered to define it, but the magic word Islamophobia was invoked and the sheeple saw a chance to suck up to a minority which frequently demands the death of all 'infidels.' (That's not a hate crime apparently.)

In the West, blasphemy has for centuries not been considered a crime. In largely secular societies few people take offense to blasphemous comments or acts. Christians do pursue alleged blasphemers with guns and knives, just as they do not behead unfaithful wives. Publishers do not worry about "offending" Christians but are likely to see their business shut down if some crazy Muslim takes offence.

but let's put things in perspective because nobody has ever defined 'Islamophobia'. Phobia is an irrational fear.
Rejection is a rational decision based upon Islam's violation of Western values of respecting fellow citizens. I reject Islam as I reject Christianity and Judaeism, all the abrahamic religions are authoritarian, oppressive and patriarchal. But with Islam there are further issues; the aforementioned beheadin, stoning of disobedient wives, public flogging of 'immodest' women and so one.

In an ostensibly free and openly questioning society such as Denmark and Canada claim to be, there is absolutely nothing wrong with presenting sensible, carefully-formulated arguments against Islam or any other religion or other manifestation of organized dogmatism, in ANY sphere (political, moral, scientific, etc.). Morever, radical and political elements of Islam seem particularly worthy of criticism and contempt in light of recent events. What is happening now is that even the mildest and most rational criticisms of certain branches of Islam are attracting outraged responses from extremists and the 'liberal' apologists for Islam among the Christian and non religious communities

Still more alarming and needful of careful scrutiny and steps toward pre-emption are the attempts by elites and elite-sponsored proxies to weaponize different groups, such as Islam, which is malleable due to its unique blend of political and religious attributes, and turn them against one another. In other words, never mind "irrational" fear; there are sinister forces at work which seem entirely deserving of "rational" fear.

A corollary to this is the complete absence of mainstream news coverage of recent genocide campaigns against Christian and Jewish groups (and occasionally people who are simply the wrong sort of Muslim,) in the Middle East, not to mention current events in Sweden, the Netherlands, France and elsewhere, which need to be placed under a magnifying glass for intelligent and informed and actionable, even forceful and unpleasant, public discourse. If these events were reported openly and fairly in our media (which they certainly are not), I believe the response across the entire western world would be dramatically different from stupid, misguided and potentially dangerous pseudo - liberal initiatives like Canada's M-103.

That said, Justin Trudeau may be a narcissist, and a fool, but I don't believe he or his Liberal government would be so foolish as to endorse M-103. He has Muslims in his cabinet and ought to have some inkling of the fact that elements of Islam like Sharia have no place and deserve no special protection in Canadian society. Rather, provisions should be made in anticipation of violent local attacks against Christians and other groups.


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