Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Is The Russia Invasion of Ukraine a Trojan Horse for The Financial Reset?

from The Daily Expose, March 9 2022
by Patricia Harrity

Putin, it would seem, has decided to invade Ukraine as an attempt to prevent the expansion of NATO into the Russian borders. This has been an increasing threat to Russian security according to the Russian President since a Ukrainian government was formed in the aftermath of a 2014 Obama-backed coup.

When Russia invaded Ukraine’s Crimea region, Western nations responded with sanctions aimed at making it more difficult for Russia to transact in the U.S.-dominated global financial system, therefore Putin would have been aware that the response to the invasion of Ukraine, would be predictably the same economic sanctions.

Could this be a Strategic plan from Putin who would have known the exact outcome of his actions?

The Background

We are now coming to the close of a financial era that commenced in August 1971, which is that of the “Fiat money,” according to former Bertrand BadrĂ© chief financial officer (CFO) of the World Bank.

In 1971 President Richard Nixon suspended the convertibility of the US dollar into gold (source). This in effect ended the 25-year Bretton Woods era agreement and System which had created a collective international currency exchange regime that had been in place since the 1940s. The system required a currency peg to the U.S. dollar so fixed the dollar price to gold (source).


The dollar was now free from the gold standard and floated against other major currencies, relieving the pressure on the global major reserve currency and was to unleash a 40-year period of leveraged debt finance, bringing with it a perceived global prosperity and higher living standards for millions of people.

It was also accompanied by bouts of inflation and crashing asset bubbles and now that the discipline to use that responsibility carefully was gone countries began living beyond their means (UK) Unsustainable Debt) (Global debt soars to 356% of GDP). 

The debt-based monetary system has an interest rate attached to your money, meaning the debt continues to increase at massively higher rates than the real money increases and according to financial expert John Titus, this results in “periodic bloodlettings. 



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UK to end 'strategic dependence on authoritarian regimes' for energy and vital resources

 from GB News, 9 March 2022

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said the UK must accelerate NATO's modernisation and deepen cooperation on tech and cyber, with a view to ending the "strategic dependence on authoritarian regimes for our energy and for other vital resources."

She added that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been “surprised” by the “toughness” of sanctions levelled against his regime.

Speaking at a press conference with US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, in Washington, she said: “Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine is causing immense pain and suffering. Yet he is not making the progress he planned.

“Since the build-up on the border, the United Kingdom and the United States have led work in the G7 and through Nato to challenge Putin’s aggression.

“Before the invasion, the United States and the UK called out his playbook of false flags, attempts to install a puppet regime in Kyiv, of fake provocations. We worked with our G7 allies to warn that he would face severe costs and a determined Ukrainian people.

“We have surprised Putin with our unity and the toughness of our sanctions, hitting the banks, the ships, the planes, the oligarchs, and the oil and gas revenues. And the brave Ukrainian people have surprised him with their determination and their leadership.

“Now is not the time to let up. Putin must fail.”

Editor's note: Fine rhetoric from Ms Truss but it would have been more credible if she had mentioned where the thinks to oil needed to fuel the UK economy might be sources if not from tyrannical regimes like Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Syria and other oil producing nations with regimes that fall a long way short of being squeaky clean. 





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It may be driven by virtue signalling or self hatred but the urge to destroy civilisation in order to save the planet and the ideological agenda that drive the gree movement are too far removed from the realities of life to ever achieve their aims.

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Green Dreams Menu
It may be driven by virtue signalling or self hatred but the urge to destroy civilisation in order to save the planet and the ideological agenda that drive the gree movement are too far removed from the realities of life to ever achieve their aims.


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