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New WHO Charter Could Create A Global Authoritarian Regime In The Name Of Health


When it was established in 1948, under the auspices of the newly minted United Nations, the purpose of The World Health Organization (WHO) was that it would act as an advisory body in international health matters. Since 2005 however, the WHO has, through the implementation of International Health Regulations (IHR) as the main compliance tool to ensure that public health emergencies would be handled swiftly, established itself as a supra - national political entity. The COVID pandemic perfectly illustrates how powerful the WHO already is in geopolitics. And it is set to become even more powerful.

A new set of amendments (pdf) to the WHO, proposed by the bureaucrats who represent national governments, was published at the end of 2022, with the aim of increasing the WHO’s power under the guise of the IHR. This, in addition to a newly proposed Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) (pdf) and the addition of a pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response treaty, raises several red flags on the changing role of the WHO , from international health advisory body to becoming a global regime using 'public health' as a cover for superseding the sovereignty of elected governments.

Related to these far reaching measures, the WHO has published a number of amendments to the IHR that will strengthen the it’s power considerably pertaining to global health emergencies. For example, the WHO will have the power to act upon potential rather than actual emergencies, and allow the director-general of the WHO control over the production of medication that may be allocated as he or she deems fit.

Corporate War On Individual Freedom

Throughout history, people have relied on connections within their community friends, family, and neighbors to maintain a healthy social life and the wise woman, shaman, priest or order of monks and nuns for medicinal support. Social connections are important not only for physical and mental  wellness but also for building the trust upon which the foundation of relationships lies. We trust our family, friends, neighbours and so will take their word that somebody offering health support is genuine. Just as trust is vital in relationships with family and friends, in regard to health, it is vital in patient-doctor relationships.

Doctors across many countries and diverse regions have a plethora of different methods to treat something as simple as a cold. Some may give you a flu shot, some may prescribe you some minor medication, and some might even tell you to drink hot soup and get lots of rest. There may also be an unfamiliar remedy from Latin America or Southeast Asia that works just as well as something you could pick up in a European or American. pharmacy. .

The one-on-one patient-doctor relationship has traditionally been the tried-and-true way to establish a health system in any society. Even the current over - used 'evidence-based medicine,' advice from the European Medicines Agency, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UK National Health Service and other health agencies serves as nonbinding recommendations to doctors that give them the right to make their own decisions based on their knowledge of the patient. The bond of  trust between doctors and patients has always been considered incorruptible and demands that doctors practice medicine grounded in ethics and based on genuine medical knowledge, skills, and experience—all things that most doctors still have.

Recently however that bond has been shattered by numerous scandals culminating in the ridiculously hyped COVID-19 pandemic and the mRNA non - vaccines that were allowed to sidestep all safety and ethical oversights in the rush to inject the world with a formula that was never going to make people immune to a relatively minor infection with an infection to fatality rate similar to that of any year's seasonal 'flu. 

Drug and vaccine makes, member of the Big Pharma cartel, powerful health agencies headed by nelected bureaucrats, and health insurance enterprises linked to the banking and finance community are all intertwined, forming a tremendous conglomerate of power. In the name of protecting the people, this manifestation of power has reached an unprecedented level, which was on full display during the pandemic in the form of lockdowns, mandates, the rush of drugs and vaccines, insurance policies determining diagnosis, etc. The doctor / patient personal relationship has been totally corrupted by corporate money and political power.

All of this is apparent in the latest latest proposed reforms to the role and powers of the WHO which should raise serious concerns over whether the WHO is turning into a global quasi-regime.

The newest changes to the WHO's constitution are amendments to the International Health Regulations agreement. The World Health Assembly first adopted the IHR in 1969 to cover six diseases and it has since been revised several times.The amendments to IHR will demand WHO member nations detect, assess, report, and respond appropriately in regard to public health emergencies that can spread on an international scale. During the COVID-19 pandemic, especially during its onset, China demonstrated an aptitude for disinformation and a lack of transparency toward the international community with regard to sharing data, allowing a probe into the origins of the virus, and issues involving the most recent unprecedented spike of infections and death after the country lifted its zero-COVID restrictions.

How in hell's name any sane person could think tinkering with regulations will change the behaviour of nations like China, Russia, Iran, Turkey or North Korea (and that's just the usual suspects,) is a mystery. but then when dealing with bureaucrats, sanity to too much to hope for.

One of the major concerns raised by people who have seen early drafts of the amendments is that the WHO is giving itself the authority to override health measure decisions made by individual nations and grant the organization the capacity to censor what it considers misinformation and disinformation, should the amendments be adopted. This is a serious threat to the sovereignty of every WHO member and, given the lies we have been sold throughout the three years of the COVID fiasco, the safety of every individual living in WHO member states.

At the same time, the WHO’s new amendments change the advisory nature of the IHR to that of law, meaning that the organization will hold just as much power—if not more—as the state legeislature of any mmber state's elected government with legally binding jurisdiction and enforcement capabilities.

These fears are even more worrying because the amendments are vague in nature and leave much room for interpretation. For example, the amendments do not specify the amount of funding countries need to contribute, which could lead to an escalation of corruption in underdeveloped countries.

Another astounding change in the proposal is the removal of “respect for the dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of persons” in Article 3 of the IHR, being replaced with the meaningless terms “equity” and “inclusivity.” Echoes there of demented Joe Biden's idiotic exhortation to Americans to get the vaccine, "Nobody is safe until we re all safe," indicating that the vaccines would not protect against infection, (because of course, if the vaccines worked the vaccinated would have nothing to fear from contact with an unvaccinated person.)


UK Conservative MP Claims Cover Up Of Covid Vaccine Related Heart Problems By Big Pharma & Research Organisations
UK Conservative Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen, who has made highly public, 'off message' criticisms of the media silence about the harms causede by COVID 19 mRNA vaccines, has now urged the government and British National Health Service to discontinue use of the vaccines as they clearly do not either prevent infection or alleviate symptoms but have so far been linked to far more cases of serious adverse reactions that all other vaccines introduced over the past thirty years.

Forget The Hysteria, The Real COVID Infection Fatality Rate
For three years screaming headlines in mainstream media have whipped up fear of the mild effects of the SARS - COV2 virus which causes a didseas known as COVID19. Doctors employed by the government repeatedly warned that unless we accepted an untested, experimental medication marketed as a vaccine (though it was anything but,) this disease would surely either kill us or leave us severely delibitated.

1 in every 73 People Vaccinated Against COVID Was Dead by May 2022 in England according to UK Government
The latest week’s data for UK deaths, for the week to 12 August 2022, reports some 1,082 more people than would be expected for this period in a normal year died in the UK. These represent the so - called excess deaths so-called that during the fear and panic stages of the COVID saga were reported so gleefully. Yet now, with the scare narrative winding down, excess deaths in the UK have averaged 1,000 for 15 weeks of this year. Bizarrely this newsworthy story has gone completely unreported by mainstream media, leaving the alt_news community to get out news of what is really happening to the world.

Bill Gates Developing Virus and Vaccine For Next Pandemic, Wants Global Surveillance Pact with W.H.O. to Track Vaccine Refusniks
Even though the efforts of politicians, the health industries and media doom mongers to keep up the fear factor over COVID looking increasingly desperate in the face of public scepticism, billionaire psychopath and wannabe vaccine messiah Bill Gates, whose 'charitable' foundation owns several for-profit biotech companies and who made $£€billions out of COVID, is already planning his next pandemic scam ...

Covid Vaccine Refusers 'Thrive On Attention' Says Prime Attention Seeker And Chief Clown Boris JohnsonIronic isn't it that the one person guilty of telling more lies and spreading more misinformation about COVID throughout the pandemic, our so - called Prime Minister and according to observable evidence, the chief idiot Boris Johnson launched another attack on 'anti - vaxxers' today, saying they “thrive on the attention”? This outrageous farrago of lies and calumnies spewed at people who have simply chosen not to be injected with a shot of toxic shite that does not immunise anybody against anything
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Cancer expert says U.K. seeing spike in “non-covid deaths,” nobody willing to call out vaccine elephant in the room
Excess mortality in the United Kingdom is off the charts, and yet nobody is willing to call out Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” as the culprit. Cancer expert and Prof. Carl Heneghan describes the current situation in Great Britain as a “national scandal.” A shocking 9,300 more people than usual have died in the U.K. over the past several months, and officials are blaming everything else except the injections. Continue reading >>>

After a weekend of increasingly violent protests around Europe, similar to the one pictured above in London, against elitist plans to introduce new limitations on freedom, lockdowns and further steps towards compulsory vaccination (with a vaccine that does not immunise against a virus that makes very few people ill,) it is disappointing to see that in the US and UK, mainstream media is still doing its best to ratchet up the fear and panic ... Continue reading >>>

The Betrayal Of Humanity By The Corrupt Medical Professions
From day one, back in March 2020 when the pandemic was declared, this blog has been questioning the fake statistics, highlighting the distortion of statistics to serve the scaremongering narratives of the elites and exposing the lies and dishonesty of politicians, sciencetitis (sic) and, surprisingly perhaps if you are of a credulous nature, doctors and the medical professions. ... Continue reading >>>

In A Fit Of Honesty Italian Institute Of Health Reduces Official COVID Death Toll By 97%
Italian newspaper Il Tempo has published a shock report, claiming that the country's Institute has reduced the official figure for the number of people who have died from COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000. This may surprise many people who bought into the "killer virus" narrative and unleashed torrents of pure hatred on those of us who declined vaccination, having studied the figure for reported "COVID related deaths," and the methodology used to arrive at that figure ... Continue reading >>>

Julian Assange Loses Appeal: British High Court Accepts U.S. Request to Extradite Him for Trial

Press freedom groups have warned Assange’s prosecution is a grave threat. The Biden DOJ ignored them, and today won a major victory toward permanently silencing the pioneering transparency activist. In a London courtroom on Friday morning, Julian Assange suffered a devastating blow to his quest for freedom. A two-judge appellate panel of the United Kingdom’s High Court ruled that the U.S.’s request to extradite Assange to the U.S. to stand trial on espionage charges is legally valid.

The Absurdity Of Vaccine Passports, Lockdowns and Segregating The UnvaxxedAfter reintroducing lockdowns from the beginning of this week in its two regions with the highest rates of COVID cases, Austria today became the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full, national lockdown which will start on Monday, November 22. The Austrial government is likely to be quickly joined by neighboring Germany, a statement from Berlin warned [...] Some commentators in Austrian capital Vienna were cynical enough to ask if the whole point of this latest escalation is justify more restrictions
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Vaccine Safety: Germany Unleashes Spike Protein Bombshell
A new report from Germany has launched this bombshell at the parties stil promoting the vaccine in spite of the fact that almost every day new evidence emerges that this untested and experimental medication, (which is not truly a vaccine as it does not make recipents immune to the virus,) should never have been approved for use on humans or animals. [...]  A review of autopsy reports revealed "The existence of highly unusual tissue inflammation in individuals who died soon after receiving the vaccine" ...

Will Swiss court action over vaccine injuries turn the worldwide tide?
CRIMINAL charges have been filed against the Swiss drugs authority on behalf of six people allegedly injured by the Covid vaccination. A team of lawyers and scientists have compiled a comprehensive evidence report and have made publicly available around 1,200 items of evidence, arguing that Swissmedic has created a risk to public health which significantly exceeds that of SARS-CoV-2.
They assert that the authority approved the new gene therapeutics, although the minimum standards required by law were never met ... Continue reading >>>

Rishi Sunak Reveals How Boris Sold Us Out To Big Pharma and Globalism
it seems most people in Boris Johnson's cabinet during the run up to lockdowns were kept in the dark about many things, including the fact that 'The Science' on which lockdown policy was based was not science at all. Government was effectively reduced to a “quad” of ministers and their 'scientific advisers' deciding on Britain’s future. Rishi Sunak, at that time Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance secretary) was one of them. There were rumours at the time that Sunak repeatedly warned that lockdowns would inflict economic damage that was likely to endure for decades.

Britain is Breaking Down; The Economy Is Struggling, Living Standards Are Falling, Institutions Are Failing
Successive governments have brought Britain to its knees.This article will focus on Britain as representative of the general malaise that is afflicting almost all the developed world. Our current crop of politicians have discarded the resources that brought the country out of the post war decline ... In spite of being rich in energy resources Britain is now in an energy crisis, our leaders have sacrificed prosperity on the altar of Net Zero, committing the nation to our reducing our 1% contribution to harmful emissions still further ...

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right Again: UK Gov. report admits 19.2 million people in England have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine,
For two years this blog has insisted that the published data on COVID cases and deaths were fabricated, an essential part of a massive campaign of scaremongering propaganda. There were numerous attempts to make those of us wise enough to refuse the killer vaccines feel as if we are oddballs or freaks. In November 2021 the government's Chief Scientific Advser, back by the chief medical adviser announced that just 5 million people in the United Kingdom were unvaccinated for COVID, having declined the offer of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Bill Gates Developing Virus and Vaccine For Next Pandemic, Wants Global Surveillance Pact with W.H.O. to Track Vaccine Refusniks
Even though the efforts of politicians, the health industries and media doom mongers to keep up the fear factor over COVID looking increasingly desperate in the face of public scepticism, billionaire psychopath and wannabe vaccine messiah Bill Gates, whose 'charitable' foundation owns several for-profit biotech companies and who made $£€billions out of COVID, is already planning his next pandemic scam ...

Leaked Documents suggest Moderna created its Coronavirus Vaccine BEFORE Covid-19 was known to exist
A confidentiality agreement shows potential coronavirus vaccine candidates were transferred from Moderna to the University of North Carolina in 2019, nineteen days prior to the emergence of the alleged Covid-19 causing virus in Wuhan, China.And now further evidence suggests the American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that has made billions through the sale of said experimental injection, is actually responsible for creating the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

How COVID Corrupted Science
Politicians who criticised AstraZeneca vaccine 'probably killed hundreds of thousands', says Oxford scientist in an outburst that reveals how the science acedemy have been totally owned by corporate money and thus have been guilty of lying, scaremongering, fabricating evidence, publishing fake statisics and spreadsing misinformation. And the politicians who told us to 'trust The Science' are just as guilty. ... Continue reading >>>

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Top News Stories - 11 March 2023

The History of the Internet: Surveillance and censorship were the aims from the outset

by Rhoda Wilson, The Expose

The primary goals of the internet have always been surveillance and control. Today, it is merely following its original design. Internet (originally ARPANET) was born out of a Pentagon surveillance and counterinsurgency project. It was implemented by ARPA, a US Department of Defence research agency that we know as DARPA. The effort to change the public perception of the internet from a military surveillance project to a promised utopian land of opportunity took about twenty years and a lot of work – and it worked like a charm – but surveillance has always remained at the centre of what the internet is about. Personally, I am a big fan of Yasha Levine’s book, “Surveillance Valley,” even though later on, our views on covid did not coincide. Yasha’s book describes the counterinsurgency and surveillance underbelly of the internet really well. The Internet came out of a 1960s Pentagon project called ARPANET. ARPANET was a counterinsurgency, communications, and surveillance project developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (“ARPA”) and based on the idea of “Great Intergalactic Network,” a futuristic-sounding term coined by J. C. R. Licklider, nicknamed “Lick.” Lick was an American psychologist and computer scientist and one of the “founding fathers” of interactive computing. ... Continue reading >>> MENU of posts on The Surveillance Society

ONS Admits Vaccine Effectiveness Data Are Flawed

by The Naked Emperor, Daily Sceptic

A health worker prepares a dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine at the shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand, Monday, June 7, 2021. Health authorities in Thailand on Monday began their much-anticipated mass rollout of locally produced AstraZeneca vaccine, but it appeared that supplies were falling short of demand from patients who had scheduled vaccinations for this week. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Like buses, you wait over six months for Office for National Statistics (ONS) data and then two publications come along within weeks. On February 21st 2023 it released its deaths by vaccination status data set and on Wednesday it looked at ‘COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness estimated using Census 2021 variables, England: March 31st 2021 to March 20th 2022’.

There has been lots of analysis of the February publication so today I will look at the latest ‘vaccine effectiveness’ data.

But to give you a heads-up, it’s good news – take as many jabs as you can and your life will be extended! We are witnessing the results of a miracle cure. Squirt some in the eyes of a blind man and I wouldn’t be surprised if he could see again.

According to the latest data, vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation for Covid was 52.2% for one dose, 55.7% for a second dose and 77.6% after your booster.

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US Invested in mRNA Vaccines for Decades Pre-Pandemic: Study

by Jesse ZhangEpoch Health

Mar 8 2023

In the first study to systematically examine the public investments in mRNA vaccines, researchers have found that the U.S. government was substantially invested in mRNA vaccine technology before the COVID pandemic.

Published in the British Medical Journal on March 1, the study found that the government invested $31.9 billion in mRNA vaccines and technologies between 1985 and 2022, of which at least $337 million was invested pre-pandemic.

The government also paid $31.6 billion during the pandemic for vaccine research, production, and vaccines for all Americans, as well as for global donations.

The vast pool of funding has netted Moderna and Pfizer over $100 billion in revenue from sales of COVID-19 vaccines since their launch, an amount 20 times greater than the total budget of the World Health Organization (WHO) for 2020-21.

Altogether, the researchers identified 34 National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants that were directly related to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

They also identified contracts issued by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and the Department of Defense.

“[This is] the largest public investment for a disease ever,” Hussain Lalani, a fellow at Harvard Medical School and lead author of the study said.

Since support from other countries, foundations, or companies was not included, the study likely underestimated the total pre-pandemic investment. Nevertheless, the researchers believe it provides a robust yet conservative estimate. ... Continue reading >>>


COVID ‘Not Deadly Enough’ To Justify Risk Of Fast-track Vaccines, Chris Whitty Told Government

from Great Game India

The Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, told the government that COVID is not deadly enough to justify the risk of fast-track vaccines. COVID-19 was not dangerous enough to justify cutting short vaccine trials as the vaccine had to be “very safe”, Chris Whitty advised the Government in the early weeks of the outbreak, it has emerged. Writing on WhatsApp on February 29th 2020, the Chief Medical Officer told Government figures: “For a disease with a low (for the sake of argument 1%) mortality a vaccine has to be very safe so the safety studies can’t be shortcut. So important for the long run.” The estimate of 1% turned out to be an overestimate, as the infection fatality rate in Europe and the Americas was found to be 0.3-0.4%. Chief Scientist Patrick Vallance agreed with this advice and wrote that existing drugs should be relied on instead: “Agree, existing drugs best things to try for this outbreak. Accelerate vaccine testing where we have good candidates for future, and prepare for manufacturing capacity for longer term.” MORE posts on dodgy vaccine salesmen

Transgender Activists Are A Lot Like Pennywise The Clown


Ten years ago would you have ever thought we would be having this debate?

Transsexual cosplay has somehow become the reigning social issue of our era, with trans activism taking precedence within government, public schools and even the corporate world. For reasons that defy logic the question of “trans rights” has superseded all other conflicts regarding civil liberties. A group that comprises less than 0.5% of the US population has been dictating the national discussion.

Not only that, but there is reasonable suspicion that a majority of these people are not actually “trans” but are simply joining what they see as an opportunistic trend. Perhaps it’s to get attention they feel they are entitled to. Perhaps it is a way to feel as if they are a part of something historically meaningful as they do little else with their lives. Perhaps it is a play to get special treatment and special protection under victim group status.

Becoming trans is, after all, the easiest way for an otherwise straight white person to climb to the top of the oppression totem pole.  And in a world where being a victim is a currency, that’s a highly valuable option.

But then again, the biggest reason trans ideology has become such a point of contention in our country is because it seems to have an unhealthy obsession with the grooming of children. ... Continue reading >>>
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