Saturday, May 14, 2016

Can this woman possibly be a fit and proper person to serve as President Of The USA

 While US mainstream media have been obsessing over transgender rights and whether chicks-with-dicks should be allowed to use the same toilet facilities as women and little girls, the American democratic process has been dragged further into the mud (if that was possible) and the candidacy of Hillary Clinton look to be in greater jeopardy than ever despite her having almost certainly won the primaries campaign by a big enough majority of delegate to secure the nomination. As new scandals relating to the horribly corrupt, money grubbing, elitist  Mrs. Clinton, the latest being the inquiry into her charitable foundation which seems to have been spending more money on hospitality (bungs) for Clinton cronies than on good works, the biggest embarrassment, the one that could ultimately land her in jail, the FBI investigation concerning her use, while serving as Secretary of State, the USA's top ranked foreign relations officer, of a private email server set up in her home on which top secret information was allegedly handled and from which such information has been deleted in an attempt to obstruct the course of justice..

 Despite Bernie Sanders’ apparent annoyance with the “damn emails,” the scandal getting in the way of serious political debate (when it comes to the real campaign Donald Trump will have no suh scruples, he'll go for the throat) their dominance of the Democratic campaign just entered a new dimension.

Judge Andrew Napolitano revealed on during the week that Russia has possession of around 20,000 of Clinton’s emails, leaving open the possibility her deletions might not have been permanent after all (oh come on, with software available free of charge on the web, I can recover data that has been overwritten three times - the coders claim five but I've never tried that.

“There’s a debate going on in the Kremlin between the [Russian] Foreign Ministry and the [US] Intelligence Services about whether they should release the 20,000 of Mrs. Clinton’s emails that they have hacked into,” Napolitano told Fox News’commentator Megyn Kelly in an interview .

Clinton’s claims she employed the personal email server only for mundane communications and non-sensitive State matters having been proved to be blatant lies, the deletions of 31,830 emails, have suddenly become remarkably relevant.

As the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s questionable email practices deepens, the question of who had access to what information previously located on the former secretary of state’s server is now more critical than ever. But if the Russian government did, it is not looking good for the woman who only a few weeks ago had double digit leads in most polls and was being hailed by her supporters as America's first woman President.

One person who definitely had access to top secret documents on Clinton's private server was Romanian hacker Guccifer, who on being extradited to the United States, revealed he had easily and repeatedly accessed Clinton’s personal server, and he wasn’t the only one.

“For me, it was easy,” the hacker, whose given name is Marcel Lehel Lazar, exclusively told Fox News; “easy for me, for everybody.”

If Guccifer and Napolitano are right, Russia may, indeed, have possession of highly-sensitive information courtesy of Clinton’s arrogant failure to adhere to the obligation to use a government email account during her tenure as secretary — a situation worsened by the now-mendacious claim no sensitive information had been sent through the personal account.

In fact the Kremlin having obtained potentially top-secret material may be the tip of a gargantuan iceberg. Using a readily available program, the Romanian hacker also claimed he observed “up to 10, like, IPs from other parts of the world” during sessions on Clinton’s personal server. If just one of those unknown parties was connected to Russia, who the other nine might be could be central to the FBI’s decision whether or not to charge Clinton for mishandling classified information.

Adding yet another nail in the coffin case against Hillary on Thursday, the Hill reported conservative watchdog Judicial Watch revealed, pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, frustration with technical difficulties in obtaining a secure phone line led the secretary to direct a top aide to abandon the effort and call her without the necessary security in place. While specific allegations have not yet been proved they form evidence of a flagrant disregard for national security apparently peppering Clinton’s practices during her time at the State Department. The woman thinks she is above the law. Of such stuff are tyrants made.

A new aspect of the scandal emerged hot on the heels of these developments. It was revealed during the week that employees at the Department of Justice, the main agencie tasked with investigating Clinton’s allegedly improper use of private email servers, gave $75,000 in donations to the presidential front-runner.  

“Hillary’s donations from the Department of Justice completely swamp those of the other candidates, in fact, as Sanders’ total from 51 donors was just $8,900 and Trump garnered an inconsequential $381,”, David Bossie, president of watchdog group, Citizens United, reported

“Attorney General Lynch must appoint a special counsel to determine if Hillary Clinton or her agents broke the law and compromised our national security. This investigation needs to be conducted free of political influence once and for all.” Bossie demanded.

People within the Democratic Party opposed to Clinton's candidacy  have previously pointed to Lynch personally donating over $10,000 to Democratic candidates as evidence of a conflict of interest and sufficient reason the Justice Secretary should be excluded from overseeing the investigation of Clinton’s emails.” Ultimately, this disregard for professional ethics, typical of the Obama Administration, represents a deeply-rooted, systemic problem in American government, where accountability is often flouted and transparency laws are obfuscated to protect the oligarchy.

The Difference In Voting For Hillbillary or Trump Is Only One Promises War With Russia

Essential reading for our American readers who must soon decide who they want as their next president. Important too for non Americans who cannot influence the outcome of the election but are entitled to know why their arses might be blown from here to eternity sometime in the next few years.

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