Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Hedge Fund CIO: "Ethereum Now Races Toward Becoming The Foundation Of A New Global Financial System"


From Eric Peter, CIO Of One River Asset Management, who in November executed a $600 million purchase of bitcoin, then the largest public transaction to date, with the blessing of Brevan Howard's Alan Howard. He has called bitcoin the most interesting macro trade he’s seen in thirty years in the business.

“Okay, so now please explain how these things are going to change the world,” asked the CIO.

He was not referring to the global transition to monetary/fiscal policy coordination which will interact with political, social and geopolitical forces to create a future quite unlike our recent past. We had already discussed that. He was asking about digital assets, blockchain, tokenization.

Virtualization. It is no longer possible to understand what is happening in markets, let alone what is to come, without developing a deep understanding of these things.

“It is not that they are going to change the world,” I said. “It is that they are already quietly changing the world, markets, and beneath the surface the process is accelerating faster than you can imagine.”

* * *

“I feel super lucky,” said an artist who calls himself Beeple, in an online forum, upon learning that bidders lifted his digital collage to $20mm in Christie’s virtual auction. “Everydays – The First 5000 Days” ultimately sold for $69.3mm to an investor who calls himself Metakovan, the founder of Metapurse, a fund that collects non-fungible tokens (NFTs). ... Continue reading >>>



Identity politics has morphed into identity investing: the newest breed of traders buy stocks simply because they are fans. This is one explanation offered for the continuing rise of Tesla despite the incresingly apparent evidence that its founder and big boss is certifiably insane and the fact that the electric car maker runs is car making operation at a loss and only stays in business by selling carbonm credits handed out by the US Government and various state legislatures, including the global capital of crazy, California, New York state, Illinois and every other corupt, Democrat controlled shit hole.

That Elon Musk has recently anointed himself the Technoking of Tesla while rebranding his chief financial officer as “Master of Coin,”  the title held by Littlefinger, Tyrion Lannister and other characters in Game Of Thrones is not a joke. It’s not even (or not just) an attention-seeking stunt. There’s much more to it than that. However Musk's move has triggered the latest wave of enthosiasm among electric car nerds and tech cult members for buying shares in Musk's great bubble.  

Some have suggested Musk’s idiotic antics over job titles are a ploy to divert attention from the many downsides of Tesla’s performance, the upsides of which exist only in the minds of Musk and the millions of tech fanboys (and a few fangirls,) who believe every bit of hyperbole that spills from his mouth, viz Musk's splashy announcement last month about a $1.5bn bet on Bitcoin which came around the same time as regulators in China, its fastest growth market, were flagging safety and quality issues but triggered another uptick in the price of Tesla stock on financial markets when the news from China should have caused a sharp drop as China is the car company's biggest market.

The latest whacky disclosure coincides with a report from Barclays Investment Bank that shows Tesla’s share of the electric car market in Europe dropped from roughly a third at the end of 2019 to 10pc at the beginning of this year. Tesla is also having problems both technical and legal, with its “self-driving” feature, which, pardon me if I’m being a bit too technical here, when I say that it is effing uselesss. The legal issues mainly concern the families of tesla owners killed when the self-driving technology failed with fatal consequences.

Maybe there’s a diversionary element to it but this kind of tactic on planet Musk is a strategy. You could call it corporate populism. He's telling the faithful what they want to hear.

His Techno Highness regularly demonstrates that he has less than zero interest in governance norms, customer satisfaction or in the traditional conduits of financial information - like bank analysts or the media - instead playing to the crowd through social media (and subversive SEC filings).

Elon Musk updated his Twitter profile to describe himself as the 'Technoking of Tesla'
Elon Musk has changed his job title from chief executive to 'Technoking' of Tesla

It works because the crowd is big enough to make a difference and gullible enough to fall for it again and again. The number of retail investors, the majority of whom are under the age of 34, doubled in 2020, the generation that does not understand there's a big difference between researching something and Googling it. The significance of this trend towards young, independent invetors buying and selling small quantities of stock has only recently become apparent. Encouraged by social media campaigns particularly on the Reddit site, retail investors have accounted for a third of all US stock market trading, meaning they collectively yield greater sway than every single hedge fund and mutual fund in the country combined.

Many of these investors aren’t doing rigorous financial analysis. If they were, they’d be worried that Tesla has a p/e ratio ( a company’s share price expressed as a multiple of how much money it actually makes) of 180x. This compares to an average among US equities of 19x, UK, Germany and France about the same, according to analysis by Schroders. 

At the end of January Tesla was worth $752bn, placing it in the top 10 most valuable companies in the world. In fact it now represents over a third of the market value of the entire global car industry. This is a vast overvaluation for a company run by a nutter that is in reality a niche car maker.

“Such an immense market capitalisation makes sense only if the expectation is that Tesla will come to dominate the entire auto industry, not just the [electric vehicle] market,” says Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates. “Such an achievement requires that both Tesla’s brand and technology become so dominant that the company can earn profit margins that exceed those of Ferrari on a level of production exceeding that of Toyota.”

That ought to sound a bit far fetched even to Musk's biggest fan, it certainly does to one of his biggest rivals Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota, which is memory serves me well vies with Ford and Volkswagen for the unofficial title of world'd biggest car maker. It would clearly be impossible for Tesla to dominate the car industry in such a way while its rivals also continue to see their share prices rise whenever a new EV is announced. And yet that is what the soaring share prices of other EV specialists over the past year and the relatively stable share prices of traditional car markers currently implies. In other words, investors appear to believe there will be no losers from this ultra-competitive race to go electric. In the future there will be no losrs only runners up! How very woke!

This irrational obsession with electric cars is a classic example of what the financial trading community call the “big market delusion”, which usually happens when a new market is created or an old market disrupted through innovation. All the different players get valued as if everyone will win because nobody knows how things will play out. The cannabis market where shares in firms that sell cannabis based products in US states where the drug has been legalised is another example.

Of course, Musk would argue that Tesla is not just another carmaker but a software-enabled business that will overturn the old economics of the industry before turning its sights on robotaxis, self-driving trucks, battery technology and more. Indeed, his new job title kind of makes exactly this point. 

But the short-sellers in the established sector of the market who are betting on Tesla stock prices falling dramatically aren’t convinced. It’s not that they think Tesla is a bad investment at the right price. Clearly the future is electric with western governments calling time on the internal combustion engine. But the sceptics believe that the company’s share price has gone way beyond a basic appreciation of those facts. And their logic is sound. There’s only one problem. 

 Tesla doesn’t have ordinary consumers and shareholders but fans. And, as any follower of English football will tell you, the well from which a true fan draws their misplaced optimism is almost fathomless. But the Tesla bubble is something different again. Apart from being fans of Tesla, fans of Technology and fans of fantasy fiction, many of the new breed of investor understand that they are behaving irrationally while co-ordinating campaigns on social media and entreating each other to hold onto stocks with “diamond hands” even in the face of overwhelming evidence they should sell. 

The traditional investor was looking for a reasonable risk-adjusted return in order to fund their retirement. The new breed rallies to a banner emblazoned with the acronym “YOLO” – you only live once. They are not investing in Tesla because of its p/e ratio or in the hope that sky high share valuations go interstellar; they are investing because of who they are and how it makes them feel. They are investing because Greta Thunberg. They are not investing in business but in causes, to sen a politicical message to ......... we're not sure who. 

Identity politics has morphed into identity investing. And there are signs this new brand of shareholder won’t be put off by the next big market correction as their predecessors were when the dotcom bubble burst. 

A recent survey of US retail investors conducted by Deutsche Bank found that respondents are planning to invest over a third of any stimulus cheque they receive from the Government in equities (is that a money-laden helicopter I hear?) and will treat any sell-off as a buying opportunity.

The very fact that Deutsche Bank conducted such a survey clearly demonstrates that traditional market participants are starting to realise they need to figure out a way of analysing the phenomenon and incorporating it into their own models.

The default assumption must remain that economic gravity will reassert itself in the end. But it may take a lot longer than we mere technosubjects had supposed.

But a cautionary note for potential investors on Musk's "achievement" in getting Tesla into profit. All Tesla's profits to date have come from selling government issued carbon credits to conventional auto makers that have not achieved the unrealistic targets set by 'woke' politicians for reducing emissions. So hailing Tesla's incursion into profitability is a fraud, they are still losing vast amounts on auto making operations.

The carbon credits system is itself a fraud, as independent analysis has shown the shift to electric propulsion does not reduce emissions, it merely shifts them away from the back end of the vehicle to pre - build processes such as mining and processing cobalt and lithium and other rare earth metals and the equally polluting battery manufacturing process.
This article on investors website The Motley Fool explains how Tesla's business model is dependent for its profitability on government handouts.





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Farage Reckless Facing Rabid Left Wing Fanatics
Following the defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, who yesterday shocked the media and political establishment (everyone else knew it was on the cards.) by announcing his switch from con to Kipper from the podium at the closing session of UKIP's conference, the Kippers latest recruit and his new leader yesterday faced angry but ineffectual protests

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