Monday, June 15, 2020

Bottles and smoke bombs thrown as anti-racism rally in Newcastle (UK) met by huge counter-protest

Bottles and smoke bombs thrown as anti-racism rally in Newcastle met by huge counter-protest (VIDEOS)
Demonstrators hold placards during a Black Lives Matter protest in Newcastle on Tyne, June 13, 2020. © Reuters / Lee Smith
Black Lives Matter thugs protesting in Newcastle were met by a large crowd of counter protesters, that gathered to “protect” local historical monuments. The tensions escalated into scuffles between rival groups.

Large groups of counter protesters emerged in central Newcastle on Saturday, gathering around Grey's statue and a nearby war memorial at the Old Eldon Square. Veterans and bikers protecting the war memorial in Newcastle, claimed they were also protecting a St George and the Dragon statue just down the street. Strangely the leftie mobs, mostly students and posh kids from the affluent suburbs gave those locations a wide berth and focused their hate on softer targets. Again typical of the left.

In Britain as well as the U.S.A. and other Western nations protests purportedly organised by anti racist groups to highlight police brutst blacks have become orgies of violence and hate as all the tpical tactics of the far left have shown who is really behind this outbreak of civil disorder. The violence started after the killing of George Floyd, a career criminal, drug dealer and general arsehole in Minneapolis in late May. Floyd was no angel to be sure, but the manner of his death and the fact that he was apparently committing no offence at the time certainly gave grounds for outrage. However, there is no justification for 'protests; involving looting and destruction of property to spread throughout the USA or for far left neo - fascists throughout Europe and ion Asia and South America to join in, other than that stupid, ignorant, sociopathic leftie thugs can never resist an opportunity to cause trouble.


BLM invade posh Beverley Hills as baby killed in another Chicago drive-by shooting
Black Liives Matter mobsters invaded weathy Californian city Beverley Hills yesterday, chanting “Eat The Rich!” “Abolish capitalism now,”: and other threatening slogans. The crowd, mostly white kids from affluent backgrounds according to witnesses, dispersed quickly when riot police arrived. Residents of the city which is home to many of the Hollywood celebrities who have been vociferous in their support of the neo – fascist movement

Intelligent Virus? Anti-racism protests SAFE from Covid-19, but anti-lockdown protests are NOT, health ‘experts’ claim

Intelligent virus? Anti - racism protests are safe byt anti lockdown protests spread virus, experts claimJune 3, 2020
Anti – racism protestors enjoy their immunity? It must be well known to our readers that the collective opinion of contributors to this blog on “scientists” and “experts” is that they are all wankers. This does not include practicioners of the sciences who have the self awareness to describe themselves as chemists, biologists, physicists, medical … Continue reading

B***h, please! Banning ‘sexist’ language won’t make sexism disappear, any more than banning racial slurs killed racism
October 24, 2019
Far left activists, motivate by hatred of anyone who disagrees with them, campaign against ‘hate speech’ (that’s free speech to you and me.) A Massachusetts USA congressman wants to end sexism by punishing sexist language – specifically the word “b***h” – with fines and even jail. But policing speech doesn’t kill the underlying sentiment – … Continue reading

Frustrated Civil Rights Leaders Say Facebook’s Zuckerberg ‘Lacks The Ability To Understand’ Race Issues
June 2, 2020
We must confess to not understanding this headline, how can any American lack the ability to understand the USA’s deep and destructive race problems when the key to understanding is so simple. If you are white you have no rights and it is your duty to kiss the arse of every black person you meet. … Continue reading Frustrated Civil Rights Leaders Say Facebook’s Zuckerberg ‘Lacks The Ability To Understand’ Race Issues

Pandering To Black Lives Matter Agitators Will Further Alienate White Working Class.

With every Tom Dick and Harry, particularlt the dicks, "taking the knee," ignorantly believing that such a medieval symbol of submission and servitude will somehow earn them politically correct brownie points with the wannabe conquerors of western civilisation something has to give. There are signs that the patience of the white working class is wearing thin. If the government do got act quickly to put the racist mobs of BLM supporters back in their cages it's all going to get bloody, very bloody.

Union of UK academics says you can identify as any race & sex
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‘White Racism’
January 27, 2017 For too long the neo – Fascist left have been allowed to get away with dividing all of humanity into two racial groups, black and white. This has allowed those extremists who support the idea of an authoritarian, global government to dub white people generally as racist, because we have (again generally)been more successful throughout … Continue reading