Friday, January 28, 2022

ONS debunks ‘spurious’ Covid deaths claim shared by David Davis By Telling Blatant Lies


<span>Photograph: Eddie Keogh/Reuters</span>
David Davis MP - Photograph: Eddie Keogh/Reuters

There's a right old kerfuffle going on about how many people habe actually died of COVID in the UK. The tpoic has always been controversial of course, with reports of government officials and staff at the Office of National Statistics colluding to inflate figures in order that COVID related fear and panic would serve to advance the government's globalist agenda by softening people up and providing an excuse for stripping citizens of a democratic nation of their rights and liberties ahead of the imposition of an authoritarian regime.

There were the weasel words of course, the ruse of counting among COVID death statistics people who died 'with rather than of COVID, including notorious cases such as those of the young motor bike rider who lost control on a country road, wrapped his bike and himself round a tree suffering multiple broken bones and massive internal injuries and whom the hospital pronounced dead on arrival - cause ogf death: COVID, or the man who having set off for work in perfectly good health one morning, fell off a ladder in the course of his work and between his leaving the ladder and striking the concrete below contracted and died from COVID according to medics: or the case of the teenage boy stabbed multiple times in a street fight between rival gangs - cause of death: COVID. These are just a few of thousands of similar cases where truth was twisted to serve the agenda.

You may remember a few weeks ago we reported that the Italian Institute of Health had reduced that nation's advertised COVID death toll from over 130000 to under 4000.

This week a video made by the YouTube blogger Dr John Campbell challenged the ONS / Ministry of Propaganda figures, claiming that the true number of deaths in England and Wales caused by Covid could be as low as 17,000. Government and ONS sources dismissed the figure as “spurious” and factually incorrect. The  video was posted, refrenced and tweeted by thousands of alt_news sites and social media users including former government minister David Davis MP who tweeted: “Up to the end of September 2021, the official count of the deaths of people with Covid was 137,133.” He added a freedom of information (FoI) request indicated only 17,371 of those deaths occurred in people with no underlying causes.

The ONS responded that the figure 17,371 represented the death toll in people with no other underlying causes.  The FoI request to the ONS had asked for all deaths in which Covid had been given as the sole cause on the death certificate, which is about a tenth of the generally stated toll.

James Tucker, an analyst at the ONS, said that to suggest the lower figure “represents the real extent of deaths from the virus is both factually incorrect and highly misleading”. It was common for Covid victims to have had a pre-existing health condition, but that did not mean they were at “imminent risk of dying from that condition, or even considered to have reduced life expectancy”, he wrote in a blog.

Tucker's reference ti reduced life expectancy is rather strange as a large, some might say overwhelming majority of the claimed 140000 COVID deaths were in the age group 75 and over, with the total deaths for year 2020 (the only full year figures are available for) among people over 80 being double that of all other age groups (source: UK Government ONS). That being the case there is not much scope for reduced life expectancy. So once again, as we have seen throughout this pandemic, the official statistician would not recognise an honest statistic if it ran up to him and pulled his pisser. 

Diabetes was the most common pre-existing condition for those dying from Covid, but, he wrote, “this does not mean they were at risk of dying from it”. Well no, and full maks for stating the gobsmackingly obvious, people do not usually die of diabetes but of problems caused by diabetes (and COVID isn't one of them.) Most common among these complications are damage to blood vessels, damage to vital organs and blood clots.

In the case of COVID there is a huge range of pre-existing conditions that could be listed on the death certificate, from heart disease and cancers to obesity and heart arrhythmias and when we remind ourselves that cause death is recorded as COVID if the deceased died from any cause at all (even wrapping their motor - bike round a tree,) within 28 days of testing positive in a test that gives 80% false positives in its results.

The ONS distinguished “between deaths that are ‘due to Covid-19’ and those ‘involving Covid-19’ to provide the most comprehensive information on the impact of the disease on mortality”.

“More than 140,000 deaths have been due to Covid-19, meaning that it has been determined as the underlying cause. To exclude individuals with any pre-existing conditions from this figure greatly understates the number of people who died from Covid-19 and who might well still be alive had the pandemic not occurred,” Tucker wrote. This is complete bollocks, as much so as dismissing all of the approximately 2000 deatgs which have occurred shortly after the deceased was vaccinated against COVID as unfortunate coincidences. Perhaps we need a vaccine to immunise people to unfortunate coincidences.