Monday, September 07, 2015

Hungary Seals Borders As Migrant Flow Increases

The illegal immigrant crisis seems to be coming to a head; in Germany there is civil urest in areas where Volksfuhrer Haulsfrau Merkel has shoehorned large numbers of hostile Muslims into areas with high unemployment. In Britain Prime Minister Cameron faces a rebellion from members of his own party. In France, Sweden and Italy anti - immigration parties are ahead in opinion polls, but it is Hungary and Slovakia that lead the resistance to the EUronazis genocide of white Europeans project.

Hungary Seals Borders As Migrant Flow Increases

20 Million Refugees waiting On Europe's Doorstep

With the Hungarian capital under seige as thousands of illigal migrants arrive at railways stations hoping to get on trains to Germany, having made their way through the Balkans, clashes broke out in Budapest as a crowd of football fans marched by a camp of refugees in the heart of the city. Meanwhile, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have unanimously rejected a quota system for sharing migrants.

In spite of the chaos these illegal and undocumented travellers are causing being obvious to even an idiot, European leaders like Lardarse Merkel, Spinless Cameron, Le Petit Crapaud Hollande and EU President Jean Claude Drunkard continue to insist the arrivals are refugees rather than economic migrants. We must hope Eastern European EU members can save our nations and cultures from being swamped at the whim of the Euronazis in Brussels.

Here's Russia Today's take on the crisis.


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