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EU Immigration: The People's Pushback - Immigants are now being asked to sign pledges to uphold host nation's values.

Oh dear, the politically correct left wing idiots will be furious. The latest trend to emerge in Europe as the people's pushback against immigrants who demand their host nation gives up any customs and traditions the new arrivals dislike or do not approve of (such as Muslims demanding Europeans give up eating pork or bacon because pigs are an insult to Islam), is the demand being made on new arrivals from outside the EU that they sign a pledge binding them to uphold the values and traditions of the nation where they want to live.

Immigrants outraged by the quaint European tradition of expecting people to pay a fare if they want to ride on trains (Image source)

Now nobody is suggesting that Muslims will be forced to eat pork, nobody in Europe is forced to eat pork, or anything else, if they do not want to. We are free to choose what we eat without religious interference. OK, so catholics are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays, and Jews don't eat either pork or shellfish. But they're not going to be stoned to death if they do those things. We are liberal, tolerant societies, Islam does not tolerate tolerance.

The pushback against migrant intolerance of European ways began in Eastern Europe, where countries have taken an increasingly tough approach to migration amid the spiralling numbers of those from the Middle East and North Africa coming into Europe.

However, a severe backlash in the nations of north west Europe has led Denmark imposing legal requirements on immigrants to accept Danish customs and to Holland telling newcomers to be "good neighbours" and speak the national language if they want to stay.

Migrants could be fined or lose residency for failing to uphold European values. In future, under new regulations, non-EU newcomers to the Netherlands will be forced to sign a declaration saying they will uphold Dutch values, or pay a fine of up to €1250 and have their residency revoked.

The scheme will be rolled out after successful trials across 13 local councils in the past year.

Migrants will be monitored to ensure they uphold other people's freedoms as well as participate and integrate in society, for example by learning to speak Dutch.

Hungary has already erected a barbed wire fence along its borders and both Sweden and Germany - two of the most migrant-friendly countries in the EU, both of which are experiencing epidemics of rape and sex crimes committed by immigrants against European women - have since had to back down from their 'open doors' policies which have led to a breakdown in law and order in some cities.

The Dutch social affairs minister, Lodewijk Asscher, wrote to MPs that the government was “committed to reducing the number of refugees”.

The measures come days after Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, warned the “massive influx” of refugees threatened the fall of Europe.

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Black Belgians Refute ‘Poverty, Discrimination’ As Causes Of Arab Terror - It's A Cultural Thing

“You know, we hear a lot about how the Arabs are a fragile community that suffers, but we, ‘les blackies,’ are discriminated against, too, and we hurt nobody”, Nico Atoba, an African Christian living in Brussels told the National Post for a feature the Canadian newspaper was assembling.

French, Belgians, Dutch, Italians Follow Britain in Euroskepticism
Europeans want us British to lead them out of Europe. Don't be fooled by project fear, the European Union (aka the Euronazi Federal Superstate) is falling apart. There will not be chaos if we leave, there will be chaos if we stay.

Mainstram Media Finally wake Up To Migrant Crisis
In a move that will leave many of its shocked and disoriented, The Sun, the tabloid of tits and trivia today woke up to the immigration crisis that is threatening the social stability of European nations and reported some real news.
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E U offers Turkey Cash And Membership In Return For Cooperation On Migrant Crisis

by Ian R Thorpe (blog editor)

Another boatload of illegal immigrants leave Libya for Europe. Oppressed? Victimised? Fleeing in fear of their lives? They look as if they are setting out for a picnic. (Image source)

One has to wonder whether the political leaders of western nations are all stupid, are suffering from some kind of collective insanity or really hate their own countries and cultures so much they will go to great lengths to destroy both.

In their latest exhibition of collective idiocy, European Union leaders are proposing to offer Turkey huge cash payments and special treatment to push through its application for E U membership. They hope these pledges will obtain Turkey's cooperation in slowing the surge of migrants entering Europe illegally. The offer will be made at yet another crisis summit Today (29 November 2015), although key issues remain to be hammered out.

What will not be on the agenda, we confidently predict, will be the twin issues of Turkey's involvement in smuggling oil from wells in ISIS held territory into western markets, in violation of numerous treaties, international law and United Nations resolution on terrorism, and Turkey's role as middle man in supplying US arms and ammunition to ISIS

EU Officials said the European Commission is expected to agree a three-billion-euro ($3.2 billion) cash sweetener to encourage Turkey to fund efforts to stop the flow of refugees to Europe from the conflict in Syria, 2.2 million of whom are currently in Turkey. Now it is cogent here to point out the majority of illegal migrants arriving in Turkey are not refugees from Syria, but economic migrants from elsewhere in the middle east and from north Africa. This has been documented by humanitarian aid agencies working to help the migrants.

Apart from the issues of Turkey (and significantly family members of the crooked President Edrogan) being involved in the illegal trade in ISIS oil and the supply of arms to Europe's enemies, we must also ask why our leaders are not raising questions about Turkey's genocidal war against the Kurds in the east of their country and also Turkey's track record of helping and supporting anti - western organizations throughout the middle east. And of course the sure and certain knowledge that while most Turkish people are friendly and generous, their country is run by lying, extremist shits who sympathise with the Islamic State and its aims.

but this latest betrayal of Europe's people and heritage by European Union leaders committed to the creation of a global totalitarian government does not end there.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, deputising for President Erdogan, is also set to secure a deal for the opening in December of a new chapter in Turkey’s stalled accession talks for the 28-nation bloc. This move is being pushed by Germany, whose leaders see admission of the 90 million population Islamic nations as securing a supply of cheap labour for its factories. If Turkey is admitted however it might be suicide for the Union, as several east European members are still hostile about the brutal oppression of Orthodox Christianity under the Sultan's of The Ottoman Empire before 1918.

Turkey’s act of aggression in shooting down of a Russian jet on the Syrian border on Tuesday and Erdogan’s decision to skip the summit will not do anything to ease tensions between Brussels and Ankara and have hardened anti - Turkish opinion in Greece, The Balkan States, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria .

EU president Donald Tusk said in his invitation letter to leaders however, that the summit “will mark an important step in developing our relations and contribute to managing the migration crisis”.

Pushed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to hold the summit as she seeks to ease the refugee burden on her country, Tusk decided to go ahead with the meeting despite a major terror alert in Brussels.


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Don’t Trust The Turks

As EU leaders meet the Turkish Sultan President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,prepared to offer him whatever he asks for, on top of the five billion Euros he has already trousered in return for Turkey’s empty promises of help in controlling the flow of criminals, rapists, people traffickers and jihadists refugees from all over the middle east, Asia,and Africa Syria ...

ISIS: Know Your Enemy - Who Of Those We Think Are On Our Side Is Helping ISIS
Who is funding ISIS, how has the terror group managed to assemble such a large, well equipped and (apparently) well fed fighting force and been able to wage a two year war against the Assad regime in Syria, the forces of the autonomous Kurds and the army of the Iraqi government, such as it is? Who is facilitating their illegal oil trade that is keeping Islamic State afloat.

Putin Lines Up The Big Guns As Obama 'Shoots Golf' And Kerry VacillatesThings are getting serious (and very dangerous) in Syria. ISIS do not have warplanea and SAMs are not effective against ground troops so this latest Russian move can only be interpreted as a warning to the USA

Russia's Upper Hand In Syria Forces USA To Negotiate On Assad's Future
Why is John Kerry suddenly so eager to talk to anyone and everyone about Syria now when the war between Assad and the US sponsored Sunni Jihad has been dragging on for four and a half years? Are members of the Obama administration worried that the joint Russian / Iranian campaign in the air and on land has been too successful against ISIS and exposed as a sham the efforts of the USA and it's allies to 'defeat ...

Russia Takes Over The Mid-East: Moscow Gets Green Light For Strikes In Iraq, Sets Up Alliance With Jordan
Not long ago we were reporting on the way moves in the war against ISIS had shifted the global power balance from west to east, with Putin's decisive and efficiently executed moves to drive the Islamic State forces out of Syria and Obama's failure to repond in any intelligent way demonstrating to the world that the USA had surrendered its role as the dominant military power.

Regime Change As American As Thanksgiving
US President Barack Obama is someone to almost pity. For he has the unenviable task of standing before the nations of the world and blether the self — righteous lies of western propagandists, as he did again, during recent his address to the UN General Assembly.

NATO violates treaty to support the Evil EmpireSince the Russians got fed up of Obama using his ISIS puppets to attack Russia's long time ally Syria, exposed American claims they were fighting the ragbag army of fanatics, criminals, mercenaries and ragheads The Ministry Of Truth (i.e. government public relations departments and all of western print and broadcast media) has turned the outrage generator up to eleven in their efforts to demonize Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

Russian Warships Launch Missile Attack On Syrian Targets, Clearing Way For Iran Ground Invasion
In was always going to happen once the Russian air force had softened up ISIS and Al Qaeda positions in Syria. With the opposition on the run (and unconfirmable reports suggesting thousands of ISIS irregulars are desterting) thanks to five days of air bombardment from some of the most advanced strike aircraft in the world, we predicted Iran would ...

Only 5 Percent Of Russian Air Strikes Hitting Islamic, British Defence Secretary Lies
After an amazing outburst from the delusional Brack Obama left the United Nations General Assembly in stunned silence because Obama has accused Russia and China of all the recent breaches of international law of which the USA is demonstably guilty, the propaganda departments of western governments seem to have totally lost their grip on reality.

We must vote for Brexit before Turkish accession.
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