Thursday, September 10, 2015

Le Pen's Front National On Course For President As Migrant Opposition Grows In France

by Ed Butt

Undocumented migrants living in tent villages near Calais.

Front National candidate Marine Le Pen, labelled a right wing extremist by many on the neo - Fascist left of french politics, would, according to recent polls including one published today, win the first round of the next French presidential election if it were held now, a poll has found.

The Ifop poll for Le Figaro comes as about 1,000 illegal migrants who were trafficked across the Mediterranean by African and middle eastern criminal gangs began arriving in France.

France's insanely racist President François Hollande pledged to take 24,000 over the next two years. We describe Hollande as insane because though he is a white European himself and most of his supporters are white Europeans he has repeatedly stated his intention to follow Germany and Sweden down the road to self destruction by allowing illegal migrants (Hollande and his fellow black supremacists my describe them as asylum seekers but many are thieves, murderers, rapists, fraudsters and seditionists seeking asylum from justice) to flood the country until Europeans are outnumbered.

The Times reports that the first 200 were welcomed by officials in Champagne-sur-Seine and Pontoise on the outskirts of Paris.

Around 55 per cent of the French people oppose taking any new migrants, however, and dozens of mayors throughout France have refused to house any migrants in their towns. The mayors of the towns of Roanne and Belfort have said they will only take Christian migrants, incurring the wrath of Prime Minister Manuel Valls: "You do not make a selection on the basis of religion. The right to asylum is a universal right." This statement alone demonstrates the idiocy of the social Marxists. WTF is a universal right. How many rights does this window licker think would be extended to undocumented French nationals trying to enter Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan or Indonesia illegally?

The majority of French people are sensible pragmatists however and do not agree with Valls. The Ifop opinion poll on voting intentions for the next Presidental election puts anti-mass immigration politician Le Pen in first place with 27 per cent, with former president Nicolas Sarkozy two points behind on 25. Incumbent François Hollande would be eliminated in the first round, coming a poor third on just 19 per cent.

Le Pen is also currently running for president of the Nord-Pas de Calais region in December, with the current migrant crisis adding to her momentum. Running against her Xavier Bertrand, a politician from Nicolas Sarkozy’s party who also takes a strong stance against settling new migrants. Mlle Le Pen said on Tuesday that most of the migrants entering France illegally are not refugees but male economic migrants. She also accused Germany of accepting them so they could be “slaves” in industry.

The region has seen the establishment of a large camp nicknamed “The Jungle” as thousands of migrants try to cross the Channel into the UK.


If You Want To Help Refugees Stop Helping To Kill Them

As The Daily Stirrer predicted, the tide of illegal entrants streaming through Europe's porous southern and eastern borders is increasing. Italy, Greece and Hungary now have major problems and even non EU states in the Balkans are affected. This crisis will not be resolved until the EU leaders politically correct OCD is replaced and we resolve the Merkels, Camerons and Hollandes with people of resolve who will stand up to American bullying.

Refugee Crisis Or Existential Battle With USA for Europe

It has been clear for some years now that the USA, backed by its main NATO and EU military allies the UK and France (the FUKUS axis has been trying to provoke Russian into firing the shot that will be heard around the world and recognised as the startiung signal for World War Three.
Nothing is ever as it seems to be however, and views from middle east and far eastern journals suggest the USA is also working at destabilizing EU nations in order to force their support in its wars.

Germany Opens Gates, Welcomes ALL Syrian Asylum Seekers: Urges UK To Do The Same

Germany has thrown open her doors to Syria, declaring it will welcome all that country’s asylum seekers. In doing so, it has overturned a EU convention which insists that asylum seekers must register in the first country they reach. Germany will now cease handing out forms which ask new arrivals to declare where they landed in the EU.

German Government Admits it Got Refugee Figures Wrong… Revises Upwards to 750,000 Migrants Expected This Year

The number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and making their way (illegally) through the Balkans to Germany has passed the government’s worst casse estimates. The unprecedented influx has now forced Berlin to hastily revise the figure upwards. Although the German government had already acknowledged the need to revise estimates, the latest number is beyond all expectations ...

Christianophobic’ Hate Crimes Treble in Five Years in Multicultural Paradise Sweden

Religious, racist, and xenophobic “hate crimes” are at their highest ever level in Sweden, with “Christianophobic” crimes seeing the fastest growth.A new report from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention reveals 2014 was a record year for so-called hate crime in Sweden. The Scandinavian 'multicultural paradise' experienced the highest level of hate crimes in recorded history.

MEP In Merkel Mask Mocks Juncker

An Italian MEP in a ~Merkel mask mocked the pusillanimous poltroon posing as President of the EU commission in Stasbourg yesterday as the Luxembourgischer nonentity Jean Claude Juncker (aka J-C Drunkard) lectured representatives of the sovereign nations that make up the European Union on what their elected government's policies should be.

Immigration Problem Moves Swedish Politics To The Right

Warring Migrant Tribes, Street Shootouts, Grenade Attacks, Government Says Its Multiculturalism?

"Sweden, that's where they commit suicide and the king rides a bicycle," a character in an Alan Bennett play famously said back in the 1980s, a reference to Sweden's reputation as the most boring country in the world. That reputation has long gone, thanks to 'enlightened and progressive' immigration politicies, the elegantstreets of Sweden's gothic styled cities are now more like Chicago in the Al Capone era.

Sweden: The Destruction Of A Great Nation

The headline may seem dramatic but when you read of what is happening to Swedish society due to the authoritarian leadership of a politically correct metropolitan elite, and the social engineering projects of left wing intellectuals, the attacks on free speech by corporate media and the effects of unmanaged imigration, you will understand we are being quite restriained in our description of the situation.

Europe In Crisis About The Mediterranean Boat People

The intervention in Libya by western powers France, UK and USA (the FUKUS axis) was morrally and politically wrong as well as being perhaps the most stupid example of balls out politics by an American president ever. To overthrow the leader of any nation, no matter how unpopular he is with other world leaders, is a dangerous game.

Racist Student Union Officer says 'I Can't be Racist'

We have often made points about the hypocroisy of the left, but a Student Union diversity officer from London beats all comers. Having tweeted 'kill all white men' she justifies herself by saying that as an ethnic minority woman she cannot be racist or bigoted.

The West Is Always To Blame For Africa's Troubles

It seems to us that according to the the political left of European and north American nation, we in the west are responsible for all of Africa's racial, economic and it was even the 'evil white man' who instigated tribal wars and genocides that took place before and parts of the continent was colonised. But excusing Africa's endemic problems is a parh to self destruction.

EU Refugee Quota Scheme Unravels

The European Union (EU) faces many battles, from the one to stop the sigle currency system falling apart as nations like Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal find the costs ofr membership outweigh the benefits, to it's latest, the Mediterranean boat people crisis as more and more people try to cross from North African to Europe illegally, with the help of human tafficking racketeers.

Mediterranean Immigrant Crisis - EU plays politics with lives

The story of the migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean from the coast of north Africa to Italy is a humanitarian crisis. But when the British government offered Royal Navy ships to help with rescue operations and in bringing to justice the ruthless criminals who take exhorbitant feees then put hundreds of lives at risk by herding their clients onto unseaworthy, overloaded boats, European Union officials started to attach political conditions to UK help

The Mediterranean Boat People Crisis - How Does Europe Deal With The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

The numbers of migrants trying to cross from the Libya on the coast of north Africa to one of the EU's southern nations is increasing. Europe's impoverished southern nations can't cope. And in the better off nations of northern Europe immigration is a toxic issue which is fuelling the rise of anti EU parties from France to Finnland in the north and Hungary in the east. What can be done?

Germany Needs A Revolution, Anti-Islam Campaigner Tells PEGIDA Supporters in Dresden

Dresden, Germany heard controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders address them last night, as the group rebuilds momentum ground after weathering vicious and untrue attacks from German mainstream media, and physical violence from the usual left wing rent-a-mob thugs who always turn out to deny the right of free speech to those who opposed their views.

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