Monday, June 01, 2015

US Foreign Policy has Boosted Expansion of Terrorism, Putin Says

from Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten,Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, tanslated and edited by Fatsally

(Don't bother telling us this is not a literal translation, our version also sets out some background for readers who do not view east - west relations from a businessman's perspective.

Readers of this blog will know we are fans of the German financial newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten because it seems to be alone among mainstream media in the developed world in printing unbiased and non partisan reports of events world politics. There is not of the usual USA / EU = white hats in their rports but balanced views that retain an awareness that in the geo political power games everybody wears grey hats.

Russia’s president Putin has become more harsh in his ctiticisms of US foreign policy over the past few years, from the moment France, the UK and USA used the excuse of staging a 'humanitarian mission to prevent genocide in Libya' to wage a bombing campain on that country with the aim of bringing down the Gaddafi regime, relations between the western powers and the Russia / China alliance have been going downhill fast. Now Putin is proposing an alliance with China and the BRICS countries in order to close the security gap left by the US foreign policy: The illegal interventions of the West in the Middle East have led to a strong Islamic State and he suggests BRICS should jointly defend themselves against such developments.

Putin bluntly accuses the west of being responsible for the emergence of the Islamic State. At a meeting with the BRICS security chiefs on May 25, he reportedly said: "We know what is going on in the Middle East and North Africa now. We see problems caused by a terrorist organization, which calls itself ‚The Islamic State’. However, there was no terrorism in those states before the unacceptable interference from the outside took place without an approval of the UN Security Council. It is obvious that the consequences are tough. Everything that has happened in the international arena over the last couple of years needs to be re-adjusted."

Putin sees other states threatened by the aggressive policy pursued by the West. He told the meeting: "It is obvious that our nations are threatened and this is due to the fact that the international law has been violated in combination with violation of sovereignty of different states and their spheres of influence".

Also discussed were the threats of ‚color revolutions. One took place in the Ukraine, and Moscow believes that the US was behind the ousting of president Yanukovich as a result of the Maidan unrests. It is also a known fact among western observers that the US was pulling the strings in the background.

Only recently a classified Pentagon report revealed that the US government had knowledge of the creation of IS but did nothing to prevent it, since a conflict among Muslims suits the geostrategic direction of the US government.

It seems that Moscow intends putting more pressure on the West. The US / EU coalition coalition is not making progress against fragmented fighting groups in Syria and recently, after a period of consolidation, IS took another major Iraqi city. Recently David Cameron recently asked the Russian leader to help find a joint solution for the Syria crisis. Putin, who supports Assad, understands he holds the stronger hand and is likely to demand a high price for his cooperation. The harsh words used against the West in connection with the rise of the Islamic State may indicate the direction in the Middle East game.


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