Monday, February 29, 2016

US-EU Privacy Shield Data-Sharing Agreement Blasted as Inadequate

Privacy campaigners have given an angry thumbs down anger to the newly published "Privacy Shield" agreement on data privacy betwen the USA and European Union. The Privacy Shield agreement which covers the privacy of data related to EU citizens held on US servers by multinational companies has been under negotiation for months ever since the because the European Court of Justice ruled in October 2015 that the previous EU-US data agreement — Safe Harbor — was invalid.

 The issue arises from the strict EU laws — enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union — to the privacy of citizens personal data. As we all know thanks to the material leaked by Ed Snowden and others the United States National Security Agency (NSA) does not regard anything as private, and in collaboration with internet and technology giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Verizon (just a small selection there) have been exploiting specially created software 'postern gates' to plunder data from users computers.

 Safe Harbor was a quasi-judicial understanding that the US government would ensure that EU citizens' data on US servers would be held and protected under the same restrictions as it would be under EU law and directives. The data covers a huge array of information — from Internet and communications usage, to sales transactions, import and exports.

When Maximillian Schrems, a Facebook user, filed a complaint with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, arguing that "in the light of the revelations by ex-CIA contractor Edward Snowden of mass surveillance by the US National Security Agency (NSA)" the transfer of data from Facebook's Irish subsidiary onto the company's servers in the US do not provide sufficient protection of his personal data.

The court ruled that "the Safe Harbor Decision denies the national supervisory authorities their powers where a person calls into question whether the decision is compatible with the protection of the privacy and of the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals."

In a swift reaction to the publication of the new data privacy protocol, Schrems said:

"The new deal does not even address the matter of private sector data misuse, despite the fact that there would have been much more leeway than in the government sector.  There are tiny improvements, but the core rules on private data usage are miles away for EU law. This is nowhere close to 'essential equivalence' that the Court required."

"Basically the US openly confirms that it violates EU fundamental rights in at least six cases. The Commission claims that there is no 'mass surveillance' anymore.  It used to be the other way around. This charade is not only bluntly in conflict with the law and the Court judgement but also with the documents the Commission presented".

Anna Fielder, chair of Privacy International said:
"It's still a half-baked agreement. The [proposed] ombudsman is based in the US equivalent of the Foreign Office. We don't know what kind of independence it will have. The [European Court of Justice in its October ruling] demanded an independent authority and this is scarcely independent. How do I know that my data has been abused?"

It is typical of the United states government of course to break deals,  violate legally binding agreements and stab its allies in the back. The current US President is a wannabe God - King who reularly wipes his arse on his counry's consitiution, so how can we expevt civil servants to act any differently.

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Shock, Horror! Millennials Safe Space Violated As Facebook Algo Accident Exposes Them To Diverse Ideas
Late last month (August 2016,) the Zuckerbugger's zoons put an algorithm in charge of the Facebook “trending” feature, to select the most popular topics, articles and keywords on the web in a narrow timeframe and with due respect for the 'safe space' of millenials who can be traumatised if they encounter microaggrrrrressions in the form of controversial ideas or unorthodox opinions ...

Google, Facebook, Amazon: algorithms will soon rule our lives so we'd better understand how they work

One of the most interesting announcements in last week's Budget – well, for me at least, as someone who has no savings and doesn’t play bingo or drink much – was the new Alan Turing Institute: £220 million of government support will be invested into "big data and algorithm" research.

White House Official Cozied Up to Google Before Antitrust Lawsuit Was Shelved

As The Federal Trade Commission considered whether to charge Google with violating antitrust laws in January 2013, the Obama White House, which as we have reported previously has a mutually beneficial relationship with the world domination freaks who run Google was watching closely, and apparently was eager to protect the interests of Obama's friends.

Cellular Technology: Can Governments Use It To Rearrange Your Brain
The controversies around cellular technology and the cellular masts or towers that make up the network grids just will not go away. It is not just the issue of do cellphone damage brain tissue that concerns us now, but certain rumours about what might be transmitted from the masts into the electro-magnetic mush that surrounds us all.

Silicon Valley Business Model Threatened As Wireless Carriers Start Blocking Online Ads
It looks like the founding hippy's insane business polan for the internet, get rich by giving stuff away, is finally about to foll apart. Typoically of the Californian dope head culture of Silicon Valley, the tech companies were stealing other peoples' resources to make their ad revenue.

The Spy In Your Smartphone
An article in OS news opens by saying those of us with experience in digital technology have known about the nasties hidden in your internet enabled computers and gadgets for years.This is absolutely true. Why did people like me not sound the alarm then, you might well ask?
Internet: no privacy online
Internet privacy theft
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Google creating a surveillance society
Facebook Privacy Piracy
Surveillance in a totalitarian state
Technology rules you
Technology and open windows

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German Politician Predicts White Germans Will Be A Minority. Faces Calls to Quit.

by Arthur Foxake

Erica Steinbach: Does her self hatred arise from the fact she's so sexually repellent the Muslim rape squad visited her street and did not kick her door down. (Image Source)

I can understand that the hand wringing, breast beating, emotionally needy, brain dead twunts who are constantly screaming and shouting about "Yooman rights" have the sale level of intelligence as a housebrick, but it's still hard to swallow the fact that these idiots believe human rights are something only non Europeans, gays, lesbians. retards and selected religious nuts (but not Christians), should have, and that when a person who self - identifies as a member of one of these moronities a demand something, then it must be treated as an 'inalieable' human right.

It is entirely consistent with this view then that I am fully behind the sensible Germans calling for the resignation of the
stupid, ugly, addle brain cowBundestag member who is gleefully predicting white Germans will be a minority in twenty years.  That the genocide of ethnic Germans is high on this blonde German woman's wish list only demonstrates how profoundly stupid left wing ideology makes people. Worse, she is so ignorant as to believe that people from various parts of Africa, Asia, India and Pakistan, the middle east and the orient are of one race. Actucally the stupid bitch probably thinks 'black' is a race. I know quite a lot of British lefties that do.
Erika Steinbach, human rights spokesperson for Angela Merkel's CDU party, has been criticized after she posted a picture that appears to predict that in 14 years' time, white people will be in a minority in Germany.

German politician Steinbach, who is human rights spokesperson for the Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, faces criticism after she tweeted a picture with the caption 'Germany 2030' that depicts a crowd of dark-skinned people curiously asking a single white child where she is from.

One of the most gobsmackingly idiotic tendencies of the politically correct left is their facility for deceiving themselves that various African tribal minorities, Arab and Indian subcontenent migrants on arriving in Germany will suddenly find that after dedication themselves to killing and enslaving each other ever since men first stood erect, they can live together in peace and harmony.

Well I did tell you these FAOs (female anterior orifice - people tell me the colloquial term is offensive) are stupid. I mean, how fucking abjectly brainless do you have to be to campaign for the extinction of your own race?

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Human Rights bombshell dropped by Theresa May’s government while the media whined on about Traingate

Thus screeched a headline at The Canary, a hard left news website. The writer, Kerry Anne Mendoza, who has never knowingly written an unbiased word and trades in distortions, half - truths and misdirection, went on to gove the impression that the "evil Conservative gobvernment" is about to strip British citizens of all human and civil rights while 'evil right wing media' obesess over Jeremy Corbyn's newly revealed hypocrisy.

Starting Pistol Fired In Race To Succeed Merkel

While the odds of Merkel being deposed by a putsch in her own party may seem slim, they have been improved vastly by her party’s monumental failure in German state elections on Sunday, with her migration policy as the rationale for huge numbers of voters abandoning the CDU for the anti - integration, anti - immigration AfD party.

Merkel Should Braced For Disaster As Polls Conflict On Election Prospects
Regional elections in Germany are more unpredictable than ever before, and they could have a big impact on the fate of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her party, the Christian Democratic Union, Deutsche Welle reported, according to opinion polls ahead of Sunday's regional elections in the country.

Forced To Defend Her Insane Immigration Policy, Merkel Blames Anti Immigrant Party For Crisis
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blamed opponents of her open doors immigration policy for the rise in crime, particularly rape and sex crimes committed by Muslim immigrants . Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel said in an interview on the immigration crisis that the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, stirs up prejudice and polarises society.
Will Merkel’s Migrant Disaster Drive Germany’s AfD Into Power?
£1 Billion Migrant Bill:Remain Campaign Rattled As Welfare Spending Soars

German Police Admit They Have Lost Control Of Immigrant ‘Problem Neighbourhoods’
Germany's Immigration Crisis
Germans Cheer As Refugee Center Burns
German Government To ‘Create’ 100,000 Subsidised Migrant Jobs That ‘Pay’ Just €1 An Hour
Christians, Gays, Women Fleeing European Asylum Centres After Persecution By Muslim Men
"Our Europe Is Dying": Young Germans Video Blasts Merkel's "Multicultural Utopia": Censored By Facebook.
German Feminist Says Authorities Covered Up Muslim Sex Crime For Twenty Years
New Year's Eve, Germany: 1,000+ Migrants Brawl, Rape, Sexually Assault, And Steal At Cologne Railway Station
Migrants Mass At Greek Border Waiting To Cross Into Europe
Merkel Isolated As Europe Splits Over Refugee Crisis
Women Fear To Go Out Alone In Danish Town Due to Migrant Assaults
German Anger Boils Over: Shots Fired At German Refugee Home; One Asylum Seeker Hit
Germany Opens Gates, Welcomes ALL Syrian Asylum Seekers: Urges UK To Do The Same
A Swedish Voter Loses It With The Politically Correct Idiots Running His Country
Immigration - Europe's burden

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EU Immigration crisis

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Migrants Riot And Use BATTERING RAM To Smash Through E U Border Checkpoint

 Migrants try to smash through border post between Greece and Macedonia (YouTube)

Migrants, mostly Muslims from the Middle East, who, as we reported yesterday, have massed at the border between Greece, their point of arrival on European soil, and Macedonia, a small E U  country through which they must pass to continue their journey to the welfare handout promised lands of northern Europe, have earlier today used a home-made battering ram in an attempt to force their way through a border control point between greece and Macedonia. They also threw rocks at police, who retaliated with tear gas.

The migrants destroyed a gate on the border but Macedonian military personnel were on hand and it is not clear if any rioters actually managed to get through the broken gate. Today’s events signal an escalation of the violence that has become the trade mark of these people, who are not needy refugees or political asylum seekers fleeing persecution but economic migrants . The disturbances, which began yesterday, when migrants held a demonstration, blocking railway lines whilst shouting “open the border”, which demonstrates the sense of entitlement instilled into these people by left wing propaganda that tells them they are needed and will be welcomed in Europe..

Macedonia began to close off its border with Greece in January of this year, as the number of migrants entering from Turkey continued to grow, far outstripping the million plus seen last year. According to Reuters, another 110,000 have arrived this year, mostly from Turkey via Greece.

Around 6,500 have built up on the Greek side since the Macedonian authorities said they would only allow Syrians and Iraqis through last week, blocking the passage of those from Afghanistan, North Africa and elsewhere.

Immigrants mass at the border between Greece and Macedonia (Image source)

Macedonia is just one of several Balkan countries to have erected fences in an attempt to reduce the influx of migrants. There has been a so-called domino effect, as countries including Germany, Sweden, Austria and Hungary have all partially or completely closed off their borders.

Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister, has threatened to block EU legislation, including David Cameron’s “reform deal”, unless other member states accept more migrants.

“We will not accept turning the country into a permanent warehouse of souls with Europe continuing to function as if nothing is happening”, he said last week, adding: “Greece will not agree to deals (in the EU) if a mandatory allocation of burdens and responsibilities among member countries is not secured.”
Tsipras also withdrew the Greek ambassador from Vienna in protest at the lack of support being offered by other nations during the migrant crisis. Austria is now accepting only 80 migrants a day.

If EU leaders cannot agree that travellers arriving at the EU's external borders without passports or any travel documents must eith be turned away or housed in special camps, if EU 'human rights' rules prevent member states from rounding up illegal immigrants and deprting them, if Hausfrau - Voksfuhrer wo instigated the migrant crisis as part of a stratedy for German domination of Europe cannot be persuaded she is wrong and is destroying the EU, then the community of nations will disintegrate.

Britain should leave before that happens. Multiculturalism has failed. Globalism is just another term for Corporate Naziism.

Britain Unable to Deport Undocumented Migrants

If their asylum applications have failed it is because there is no reason to suspect they face death or imprisonment if they are sent back to their country of origin. So we give them a choice, we'll give you a free passage home or you can work dor your living shovelling shit on a pig farm. These people come to us as supplicants and beggars can't be choosers.
Migrants Mass At Greek Border Waiting To Cross Into Europe
An estimated 6,500 undocumented travellers (i.e. no passports, no ID, no visas etc.) were assembled at the Idomeni camp on Greece’s northern border with Macedonia on Saturday according to news feeds, after four Balkan countries announced a daily cap on migrant arrivals. The log jam began after Macedonia began refusing entry to Afghans and imposed stricter document controls on Syrians and Iraqis, slowing the passage of migrants and refugees to a trickle.

Merkel Isolated As Europe Splits Over Refugee Crisis
With the UK Prime Minister David Cameron still desperately trying to convince his 'revised terms' of British membership of the EU are a really good deal, when in fact they will change nothing, our attention should shift to developments elsewhere in Europe.

Women Fear To Go Out Alone In Danish Town Due to Migrant Assaults
Numerous instances of young girls being sexually harassed or intimidated by Muslim migrants have provoked the citizens of Thisted a town into realized the Islamophiliac elite will do nothing to help and the people must take the law into their own hands or accept Sharia Law.

German Anger Boils Over: Shots Fired At German Refugee Home; One Asylum Seeker Hit
Many may have forgotten because of all this - if only temporarily - about Europe's biggest crisis at the moment: the onslaught by over one million refugees, who are desperate to escape from the political disaster that are the result of western interference in the domestic politics of middle eastern countries like broken states of Syria and Iraq.

Germany Opens Gates, Welcomes ALL Syrian Asylum Seekers: Urges UK To Do The Same

Germany has thrown open her doors to Syria, declaring it will welcome all that country’s asylum seekers. In doing so, it has overturned a EU convention which insists that asylum seekers must register in the first country they reach. Germany will now cease handing out forms which ask new arrivals to declare where they landed in the EU.

A Swedish Voter Loses It With The Politically Correct Idiots Running His Country

The problems caused by government created immigrant ghettoes in Swedish cities have turned the once safe streets into war zones as rival gangs from various immigrant communities vie for control of the drugs, prostitution and illegal gambling trades.

Immigration - Europe's burden
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Is Sweden's immigration policy national suicide
Immigration: there is no promised land
Immigration marginalising the white working classes

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EU Immigration crisis

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