Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's Not Euthanasia, Its Terminal Sedation OK!

I love the cirumlocution. Terminal Sedation "My client did not murder Mr. Victim, M'lud, he merely terminally sedatet the man by hitting him in the face with a shovel."

France's Parliament yesterday held the first stage of a debate on a bill aimed at allowing doctors to keep sedate terminally ill patients with increasing does of drugs until death comes, amid national debate about whether to legalize euthanasia.
The proposed bill — backed by the Socialist government — stops short of recommending lethal injections and avoids the terms euthanasia or assisted suicide. Well terminal sedation is so much more user friendly.

Prime minister Manuel Valls praised "a reform that proclaims the right to die peacefully, in dignity and without suffering," in a speech at France's lower house of Parliament.

The measure would give people "the right to deep, continuous sedation until death" but only when their condition is life-threatening in the short term. Give a patient enough sedative of course and their condition will in the short term become life threatening.

It would also force doctors to follow end-of-life instructions whether they are expressed by the patients themselves or written in advance, if they are no longer able to express their will.

 Doctors may withhold treatment from patients with "green lifestyle issues."

by Xavier Connolly

 A few weeks ago an item on the BMA's website linked to the "Doctors against climate change" group of the doctors' trade union. This body of medico-environmental socialist - utopians stated:

"The Earth's climate is rapidly approaching a threshold beyond which there are likely to be major and irreversible changes. As a member of the Climate and Health Council we support the call for healthcare professionals across the world to take action to limit climate change."

At first this seemed like the kind of left wing bullshit pseudo - liberal, crypto - fascist political activists fart out all the time. These people get so much taxpayers' money thrown at them, it appears it can afford to waste big chunks of it on propaganda campaigns in support of the left's rapidly growing herd of sacred cows.

It turns out however, that some Stalinist bullies General Practicioners actually try to implement such dictatorial nonsense. Now stepping daintily round the global warming argument (because if you don't know by now it was a scam you are FUBAR and I haven't time to waste on dogmatists) we must ask WTF are these doctors up to? Like most of you , I suspect, Boggart Blog has always thought a GPs job is to treat people's ailments, not impose oligarchic collectivist political agendas on them. Climate change campaigning should be left to tree hugging weirdie beardies.

A body whose members are paid by us taxpayers for supposedly making us better, have no business spending our money on saving polar bears or worrying about rainforests. And they should certainly not be harrassing little old ladies. Remember the furore when Gideon (George) Osborne was accused of harassing little old ladies hmm? Evil Nazi posh - boy, the left called him. So why no outcry when a bunch of Khmer

Rouge sympathisers who work as GPs start picking on that same protected species?

Mrs Avril Mulcahy (83), it is reported in today's Daily Telegraph, Mail, Express, Liverpool Echo and Currant Bun (Ask Jeeeves search results) has been struck off her Family Doctor's list, "in order to mitigate her green travelling issues". The practice, where Mrs Mulcahy has been a patient for 30 years, sent her a letter:

"Our greatest concern is for your health and convenience but also taking into consideration green travelling issues. Re: Carbon footprints and winter weather conditions, we feel it would be advisable for patients to register at surgeries nearer to where they live. We would be very grateful if you could make the necessary arrangements to re-register at another practice".

Note that "but" in the first sentence, which reverses intent of first clause. The practice's "greatest concern" is for Mrs Mulcahy's welfare, "but" it isn't, actually, because we are lefties and our primary concern as always is advancing our control freak agenda." These self righteous twunts are more concerned about her "carbon footprint" and her selfish, politically incorrect desire to carry on doing what she has done for three decades through her few remaining years than about her health.

Why not tell her to move out of her comfortable home and check into a concentration camp for geriatrics sheltered community when the envionmentally friendly accommodation features no heating or hot water and no facilities for preparing hot food or brewing up. This could be justified by saying "Our greatest concern is for your comfort and well being BUT our egotheistic self righteousness demands that we stomp on your environmentally irresponsible lifestyle. Don't you care about the planet you child murdering old cow?"
Wouldn't it be nice to hear that doctors concerned about the effects of CO2 on the planet, instead of bullying old ladies were working on an anti flatulence pill because fart gas is mostly CO2. Or they could just shut the fuck up because all their whining and carping is just useless hot air.

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