Thursday, October 05, 2023

It is becoming more clear as the autumn days grow shorter and cooler that NATO / Washington's proxy war in Ukraine is lost. While some reports in war - worshipping, globalist supporting news organs like The Daily Telegraph and the New York Times are sticking to the 'Ukraine is winning, Zelensky has outplayed the Russians,' narrative even those organisations are tentatively starting to admit that Ukraine isn its knees, old men, past retirement age and young boys who should still be in school are being sent to fight on the front lines, the Ukrainian military are trashing western high tech weaponry faster than the US, UK and EU can ship it out to them and the far right government in Kiev are burning through money faster than the central banks can print it.

Yet even though mainstream news is staring to accept that Ukraine is a lost cause, (but still stopping short of admitting the war was deliberately provoked by the USA and NATO actions dating back to the CIA engineered coup of 2014 which put a neo Nazi administration in power in Kiev and then began moves to fast track NATO membership for Ukraine.

 Sane minds must now, belatedly, put a stop to this war, because Zelensky won’t. Trying to talk to Zelensky, is like trying to persuade a mad dog to stop its frenzy. Stop feeding him - and if that doesn't work shoot the fucker. The longer the war goes on the worse the outcome will be for the Ukraine, fighting to the last man is not a good plan. he longer the war goes on the worse it will be for the Ukraine, fighting to the last man is not a good plan. In spite of all this the armchair generals in the west are still calling for more modern and more lethal weapons to be given to Ukraine and the lunatics in Kiev so that, with their ground forces crushed and no longer capable of giving battle, they seek aircraft and long range missiles to enable them to strike deep inside Russian territory. 

The only effect of that would be to brink down a disproportionate blitzkrieg on the unfortunate people of Ukraine, something which so far Russia has declined to do.

It is fashionable among the armchair generals to compare Russia to WW2 Germany, which only shows they are ignorant of history. When asked if they believe the Germans unilaterally withdrew from France, Poland and Belgium, and allowed Sudetenland and Austria to peacefully separate they will ask what that has to do with anything.

TThe answer is that if they do not it shows their comparisons are invalid because that’s what Russia did in 1991. When the Soviet Union disintegrated Russia agreed with the USA and NATO that allow the former Soviet republics to go their own way on condition that those states were not recruited into NATO so that american troops and missiles could be placed on Russia's borders.

That concession and the vrbal undertaking given by President Clinton to abaide by Moscow's condition was followed by a continuous eastward creep by the US / NATO until eventually official moves were made to admit Ukraine to NATO which would have opened the possibility of US missiles and troops along Russia's borders from the Arctic to the Caucasus.

Ukraine is not fighting for its homelandas the armchair generals like to claim – it is fighting for the right to threaten Russia and subjugate the Russian speaking minorities of Donbass who clearly want nothing to do with anti - Russian extremists in Kiev.

Rather than parrotting the worn out British Bulldog circa 1940 tropes from the comfort their sofas and calling for escalation of the conflict so that thy can continue to pontificate about evil Russian and encouraging 'brave little Ukraine' to fight to the last man woman or child while they themselves sit in the confort of their homes fifteen hundred miles drom where the bullets are flying and the artillery shells and missiles are dropping. 

What is noticable about the armchair generals is that they will not or more likely cannot, counter or refute the points raised by those of us who argue for peace and call on our governments to stop arming and funding Zelensky, this forcing his neo - Nazi bosses to the negotiating table.

There is not, nor was there ever, any reasonable prospect for Ukraine, or indeed Europe/NATO, to prevail in a war of attrition with a country that is not only the most self sufficient on the planet, has the lowest external debt in the developed world, has the agricultural and mineral resources and the commercial and industrial base to supply itself and beyond the Europe / North America bloc does not lack friends and trading partners. Russia's economy, despite confident predictions of total collapse by the armchair generals when in their armchair economist role, has withstood the west's sanctions (which backfired on the nations that imposed they, because many were dependent oil and gas imported from Russia,) and now exceeds that of Germany in PPP. The Russian mindset has always been nationalistic to the point of paranoia and feeling itself vulnerable because of its thousand of miles of borders with potentially hostile neighbours, sees the issue of NATO recruiting Ukraine, followed by Georgia and then Kazakhstan as an existential threat and will therefore not – ever – capitulate.

 And yet whatever the politicians and media talking heads in Washington, London and the capital cities of Europe say it is a plain, documented fact that Russia tried to resolve/end the war in Istanbul on terms that, against what unfolded next, seem eminently reasonable and humane. But, no. The West took a bet that Russia and its economy would “fold” if Ukraine was enabled to prolong the war. Many people with a sense of history, warned that this was hubris. They have been proven right – in spades and at the costs of God knows how many Ukrainian and Russian lives. All so preventable.

 NATO General Secretary Stoltenberg recently admitted, after 2 years of denial and prevarication (and publicly to boot), that the trigger for Russia’s decision to start the “SMO” was in fact – and specifically – NATOs rejection of a draft agreement not to follow through with expansion into Ukraine?

The Kremlin wants above all, a neutral, NATO free Ukraine, the Russians do not want to colonise Ukraine, they have more than enough territory already. The security of its southern border is and was the main reason for Russia's direct engagement in a civil war that started in 2014 because America would not listen, rather than acknowledge that Ukraine in NATO was the final straw for RUSSIA, after having pushed NATO into countries along its borders since 1991, they carried on as usual ignoring reality and being arrogant and aggressive.

You only have to look at a map of Europe to see where all those NATO bases are situated: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania. America has NATO bases in 850 locations in the world against something like 80 for Russia. Tell me then who is the aggressor, which country is always seeking conflict somewhere? Where are all the companies that make vast amounts of dollars out of more and more military hardware. You know the answer. It is not Russia.


If You're Afraid Of Nuclear War You're Not Supporting Ukraine Enough Is Zelensky's Latest Message
The follow up to Elon Musk's refusal to open his Starlink satellite network for the benefit of Ukrainian military leaders as they fantasise about attacking Crimea and driving out the Russian occupying force this past week showcases how completely unhinged and dangerous the Ukrainian government's desire to escalate the war has become.

Brace Yourselves: The Impact Of The Ukraine War Is About To Start Hitting Us HarderWhile mainstream media in western Europe and North America continues to sing the paraises of Ukraine's armeed forces more perceptive people recognise that although the Ukrainians, supported by American and European weapons and cash, have fought bravely in resisting the onslaught faced over the past eighteen months, there is no doubt that in reality Ukraine is not winning, the country is being reduced to rubble.

There Is Only One Way Ukraine Can End The War
As Ukraine's much hyped counterattack has failed to achieved the and momentum that hoped for by American and NATO leaders including President Volodymyr Zelensky who admitted it was "slower than desired", and a range of soldiers interviewed by BBC and Sky News television reporters t on different parts of the long (probably too long given the depletion of Ukrainian military manpower,) frontline have blamed minefields laid by Russian troops for that delay. Well as is often said, in any war truth is the first casualty.

Putin About To Be Overthrown - Sorry False Alarms, The Second Russian Revolution Has Been Cancelled
The story was all over mainstream media here in UK this morning; the Wagner group mercenaries, the private army that defeated the forces of His Excellency, Genealissimo Vobblyvoddymyr Bellendskyyy, President for life of The Whole World at the siege of Bakhmut had rebelled against the Putin regime in Russia and was leading his troops at they marched towards Moscow. Fully paid up members of the Bellendskyyyyy fan club were creaming themselves in comment threads under the articles ...

Germany haemorrhaging cash to keep country running on as ‘net zero’ becomes zeroeconomic activity
Germany was so desperate to achieve 'net zero' CO2 emissions that for years the country's government closed its fossil fuel-fired and nuclear power plants,replacing those plants with wind and solar power — as well as impoorting huge volumes of natural gas and oil from Russia. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, when NATO (aka the U.S.A.) mandated that the West impose retaliatory sanctions on Russia, including a ban on importation of Russian gas and oil, Germany found itself in a hole:

Just When We Need It Most, Renewable Energy Disappears
In an encouraging sign of a great awakening, million of people in the UK are now, after a week of brutally cold, absolutely windless weather asking "Why have we wasted so much money on wind turbines and harvesting solar energy."
  Yet when politicians are asked directly: "How do we keep the lights on and our homes warm when the wind does not blow and the sun is too low in the sky to make much impression on photovoltaic cells that do the business in solar panels?

Status Report On That War Thing In Ukraine: Nordstream to Bakhmut, electricity and water - December 2022

In the wake of attacks on the on the Stream pipelines, that effectively halted the flow of natural gas which German industry, commerce, agriculture and society relies on, and the terrorist attack on the Kerch Bridge, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken gloated that the attacks were a “tremendous opportunity” to weaken Moscow [...] And shortly after news of the Nord Stream sabotage broke on mainstream media, gas supply companies in the USA were offering to supply Europe with shipments of Liquid Natural Gas carried by supertanker to be sold to European nations at vastly inflated prices. Official Advice - Prepare For Blackouts This Winter
The UK government is putting plans together for days of organised blackouts this winter, in what they call a "reasonable worst-case scenario" for energy shortages, according to reports in manstream media. Naturally they are blaming this on the embargo on importing gas from Russia but in reality Britain has never imported any more than a small amout of its gas from Russia. The real reason politicians and energy company CEOs are panicking is entirely due to their obession with obtaining all our energy from intermittent sources like wind and sunshine ...

Common Sense Prevails: Germany Is Dismantling Wind Turbines To Make Room For Coal Mining
We have learned vial a piece in that turbines at a wind farm in western Germany are being dismantled to allow for the expansion of open cast coal mining operations at an adjacent site. The propsal to increase output at the Garzweiler open-pit lignite coal mine has been described as a “paradoxical” situation given that in recent years the German government has been pushing ahead with the closure of coal and nuclear generating plant to appease its nutty but powerful Green party ... Continue reading >>>

German NatGas Consumption Too High To Avoid Energy "Emergency", Regulator Warns As Norway Increases Gas Production
Germany tok great pride in leading the race among developed nations to achieve a net xero economy but now the folly of that policy is being exposed as gas supplies from Russia dry up and the inadequacies of wind and solar are exposed

EU Vows To Retaliate if Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Blasts Were Sabotage - But against whom, the USA?
Yesterday's shocking news that the Nord Stream 1 & 2 gas poipelines between Russia and Germany immediately triggered speculation about who is responsible, but as the facts emerge the knee jerk blaming of Russia has failed to convince because the attack bears all the halllmarks of a false flag event engineered by the usual suspects ...

Who Blew Up The Nordstream Pipeline
So whodunnit? Sabotage of undersea gas pipe will escalate tension and move the world closer to nuclear war, but who is behind it, Russia in a bid to put more presure on Europe, Ukraine in an attempt to drag NATO into direct action, or the USA using a CIA false flag event to advance its own agenda.

An Energy Crisis In Tandem With A Food Crisis On Top Of An Economic Crisis And A War. This Cannot End Well
As politicians in North America and Europe try to deflect from their own failure that have contributed to the current plethora of crises by blaming Russia and Vladmir Putin for all the current problems, while the war in Ukraine is a contributory factor in each, the real blame lies closer to home.

Russia Ukraine Dirty Bomb Claim - Some Reality
As the situation in Ukraine gets more desperate with casualty numberrs mounting, half the national infrastructure in ruins and Russia upping its game in response to US / NATO military assistance privided to the neo nazi nutters in Kiev, a false flag event seems the only way to provide an excuse for direct US intervention. And the USA has a track record for fgalse flag events ...

After a personal admission that he 'went soft' on the elitist malfeasance, misinformation and power grabbing which poses a much greater threat to civilisation than any pandemic, climate event or political coup ever can, the auhor takes aim at the loonytoons plan to control climate change by blocking the sun's rays with chemical dust ... Continue reading >>>

EU Vows To Retaliate if Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Blasts Were Sabotage - But against whom, the USA?
Yesterday's shocking news that the Nord Stream 1 & 2 gas poipelines between Russia and Germany immediately triggered speculation about who is responsible, but as the facts emerge the knee jerk blaming of Russia has failed to convince because the attack bears all the halllmarks of a false flag event engineered by the usual suspects ...

Who Blew Up The Nordstream Pipeline
So whodunnit? Sabotage of undersea gas pipe will escalate tension and move the world closer to nuclear war, but who is behind it, Russia in a bid to put more presure on Europe, Ukraine in an attempt to drag NATO into direct action, or the USA using a CIA false flag event to advance its own agenda.

Has Putin Has Pushed Europe Into Economic Depression, Hyperrinflation and Currency Collapse?
Though it was entirely predictable and indeed had been expected for some time, the news over the weekend that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline which feeds gas from Russia to northern Europe via The Baltic route had been shut down completely by The Kremlin in retaliation for the continued financial and military support given by NATO and EU member states to Ukraine in the conflict with Russia. The European Commission, governing body of the EU, immediately put the community on something close to a war footing, ...
Continue reading >>>

Is Russia Selling Its Oil To The World Through An Obscure Egyptian Port?
As this blog predicted when NATO and EU member states shot themselves in the foot by reacting to Russia's invasion of Ukraine with sanctions that prevented Russia from selling oil, gas and vital raw materials to the countries that needed them most, the NATO and EU member states, the Russians have had no problems finding alternative customers for their gas and oil and no problem getting oil into the world's commodity markets through the back door.

Jingoistic Western Triumphalism Will Not End The War In Ukraine Or Cripple Putin, But It Is Crippling Western Nations

As the war in Ukraine grinds on and Russia steps up its economic war against the west and in particular The European Union, claims made recently by the idiotically 'woke' leaders of Europe's main economic and military powers that the West has a once-in-a–generation chance to severely weaken Russia’s capabilities, both militarily and geopolitically, look increasingly hollow. Putin's critics have cited 'Western unity' as one of the main reasons why Russia will be economically destroyed and politically humiliated when the Ukraine's military finally claim victory.

Are US Supplied Long Range Missiles Really Winning The War For Ukraine?
Since very soon after the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine western powers, USA, UK, EU and NATO have been doing everything possible to prolong and escalate the war. The latest move is to provide the Ukrainian military with long range HIMARS missile. Mainstream media are claiming this has tilted the balance in Ukraine's favour. But for what? To prolong the slaughter? ...

Russia and China announce a new global reserve currencyIt was always on the cards that Russia, China and rest of the BRICS countries would use the CIA / NATO engineered war in Ukraine to launch the main thrust of their economic war on the west, in fact after having written so much in our Currency Wars page about the inevitability of Russia and China challenging the US dollar’s global reserve status, now, it’s happening we can only say: "We Told You So".

Europe's biggest economy would suffer a 6.5pc contraction if Russian energy is suspended, experts warn 
Even though the sanctions already imposed on Russia in respondse to the invasion of Ukraine are hitting the nations that imposed then harder that their intended target, the EU is preparing to committ economic suicide in an orgy of virtue signalling ...

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