Monday, March 09, 2015

Russia Responds To Threats From EU's Juncker With Typical Bluntness

Is this what Drunkard Juncker's European Union Army will look like? (image source)

Tensions between the USA / NATO axis and Russia have been rising for several years. While the Obama administration and EU leaders have blamed the Russians and in particular their leader, former KGB agent Vladimir Putin, in reality it is the west that has been pushing a return to cold war conditions as NATO and the EU have bribed former Soviet satellites like Hungary and Poland and former Soviet republics such as Latvia and Lithuania to join the EU and NATO in violation of a 1990 treaty in which the western powers undertook not to do exactly what they have done.

When the EU / NATO started to make moves to incorporate nations along Russia's southern border, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan into the European Union and North Atlantic military alliance it was understandably more than the Russians were prepared to tolerate.

Last week (in March 2015) the President of the European Commission, the former Luxembourg first minister Jean Claude
DrunkardJuncker recently called for a unified European Army to counter the Russian threat, his words were specifically aimed at "reacting credibly to show Russia that Europe is serious about defending its values" Not surprisingly Russia has responded Juncker's hot air in a manner which suggests they are amused by the fat little alcoholic's bluster but regard his threats with contempt.

As Russian news agency TASS reports, first deputy chairman of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Frants Klintsevich, told the media on Sunday that "in the nuclear age extra armies do not provide any additional security. But they surely can play a provocative role," adding it was regrettable that such ideas had already found support in European capitals and in Washington.

A report on Juncker's statement read:

The president of the European Commission has called for the creation of an EU army in order to show Russia “that we are serious about defending European values”.

In an interview with German newspaper Die Welt, Jean-Claude Juncker, who leads the EU’s executive arm, said an EU army would let the continent “react credibly to threats to peace in a member state or a neighbour of the EU”.
Mr Juncker said an EU army would “help us to develop a common foreign and security policy, and to fulfil Europe’s responsibilities in the world”. Nato was not a sufficient protection for the EU as not all EU members are part of the alliance, according to Mr Juncker.

The alleged support the idea found in European capitals was less than unequivocal however. Jan Philipp Albrecht, a German Green MEP tweeted:

“I support Juncker in building an EU army, if it means the termination of all EU member states’ armies and is controlled by the European Parliament,”

German Defense Minister von der Leyen went so far as to note,

"I think what is most important, it shows up in Europe, 70 years after the Second World War - and 70 years ago we were mortal enemies - that today the peace in Europe, in the European Union stands on firm footing, and we step by step, more and more firmly establish our alliances, especially in the security policy. This interweaving of armies with a view to provide also have a European army one day, in my opinion, is the future."

So clearly some politicians feel the idea is an important step towards 'ever closer union' even though it would only create several new layers of bureaucracy and lead to EU bureaucrats demanding hugely increased contributions from member states' taxpayers. And in spite of all that Russia could still blow away most of the EU's major cities should our idiotic politicians allow themselves to be duped by Washington into seriously pissing off The Kremlin.
First deputy chairman of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Frants Klintsevich, told the media on Sunday that "in the nuclear age extra armies do not provide any additional security. But they surely can play a provocative role,"
In other words, don't bring a knife to a nuclear gunfight.
Klintsevich added it was regrettable that such ideas had already met with some support.
He recalled that the idea of creating a European army had never occurred to anyone even in the years of the acute confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Treaty Organization.

"These days, when the Warsaw Treaty is long gone, for some reason there has developed a need for that," he wondered.

"One should presume that a European army is seen as an addendum to NATO. And in this kind of situation Western politicians are not shy to accuse Russia of some aggressiveness."
Recalling that David Cameron said Jean Claude Juncker was "too federalist" to be EU President we can only wonder how long until the man who has brandy for breakfast calls for the creation of a European-Union-managed nuclear deterrent.

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An Ofcom spokesman said: “Ofcom has launched an investigation into whether this programme about the situation in Ukraine, which included anti-western comments, was duly impartial.”

Russia Today is to be investigated by media regulator Ofcom over anti-western comments in a late-night discussion on Ukraine – its sixth ongoing inquiry into the Kremlin-backed news channel following complaints by viewers.

The regulator, which threatened Russia Today, or RT, with statutory sanctions after repeated breaches of broadcasting regulations on impartiality last year, faces a new investigation over its Crosstalk programme broadcast on 23 December last year.

The programme is understood to have featured a number of anti-western views in the discussion between the presenter and three studio guests, prompting one viewer to complain.

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