Saturday, July 02, 2016

Hacked E mails Prove US, EU and NATO Policy Of Provoking And Escalating Conflict With Russia

Here's one in the eye for those silly Remnants who voted Remain in the hope of keeping Britain in the EU because "We were safer as part of the herd. As those of us who keep ourselves well informed on world political events have known for years, as tensions have risen betwen east and west and the world slid back towards cold war conditions, it was the west, the USA, NATO and the EU that were pushing for war, destabilising strategically important nations by effecting regime change and supplying terrorist groups with finance and weapons ...

Two weeks ago, while we British Bloggers were obsessing over Brexit, and countering the lies and scaremongering designed to keep us in The European Union a huge scandal erupted within another 'union' as Germany accused NATO of "warmongering" thus destroying US / EU / Turkey narrative that 'innocent' NATO was merely reacting to evil Russian provocations when it installed new missile bases close to Russian borders in Poland and Romania or held military exercises in Latvia just a few kilometres from Russian territory. Furthermore, as The Guardian reported, NATO accelerated its encirclement of Russia, with British soldiers deployed in Estonia, US soldiers operating in Latvia and Canadians in Poland, while combat units are being increased in the Mediterranean.

InfoGraphic via Zero Hedge showing how NATO missile installations now encircle western Russia. I hope this helps Europhiles understand why Russia was a tad miffed about the CIA sponsored coup in Ukraine and plans to admit that nation, under its puppet government, to the EU and NATO.
According to Deutsche Wirtschafts NachrichtenNATO claim it has found an excuse for war, having concluded that it now has grounds to attack Russia after concluding that if a NATO member country becomes the victim of a cyber attack by persons in a non-NATO country such as Russia or China, then NATO’s Article V “collective defense” provision requires each NATO member country to join that NATO member country if it decides to strike back against the attacking country.
Specifically, NATO is alleging that because Russian hackers had copied the emails on Hillary Clinton’s home computer, this action of someone in Russia taking advantage of Mrs. Clinton's criminal negligence in having privatized her U.S. State Department communications to her unsecured home computer and of such a Russian’s then snooping into the U.S. State Department business that was stored on it, might constitute a Russian attack against the United States of America, and would, if the U.S. President declares it to be a Russian invasion of the U.S., trigger NATO’s mutual-defense clause and so require all NATO nations to join with the U.S. government in going to war against Russia, if the U.S. government
Now, as The Intercept's Zaid Jilani and Lee Fang expose, retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove (yes an ironic name for a warmonger), until recently the supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, plotted in private to overcome President Barack Obama’s reluctance to escalate military tensions with Russia over the war in Ukraine in 2014, according to apparently hacked emails from Breedlove’s Gmail account that were posted on a new website called DC Leaks .
As you might guess that one is going straight in my favourites list.

Having taken all that on board, we recall German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier's recent exclamation that "anyone who thinks you can increase security in the alliance with symbolic parades of tanks near the eastern borders, is mistaken," and given the 'proof' we link to above, that it is indeed NATO provoking conflict and warmongering, the unprecedented reality in which NATO's biggest and most important European member is suddenly and quite vocally against NATO and as a result may be pivoting toward Russian, while the second largest economy and most powerful nation in the European Union has just voted to leave, we can't wait to see just how this shocking geopolitical debacle for western neocons and war hawks concludes.

Oh BTW, on top of eight more EU nations demanding their own in / out referendums and US state Texas threatening to secede from the Union, the 'contaigion' from Brexit is moving further and faster than anyone could have expected.


Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?

The anti - establishment, anti - globalisation mood that manifested itself in the Brexit vote is sweeping across Europe, the cosy government - corporate cartel is desperately trying to control the narrative, but against the combined strength of millions of new media commentators all challenging the official; narrative, the dark forces of globalism are on the back foot.

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