Friday, April 01, 2022

Green Activists Blockade 10 Key Oil Depots and Terminals In UK as Energy Prices Soar


Blue metal oil barrels with Russia flag and oil written on it
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Just when you thought the skink had gone away another bunch of Exstinktion Rebellion crusties pop up with a new plan to annoy everybody while achieving the exact opposit of what they intended. Loony left green activists today blockaded seven key oil terminals and depots in Britain on the very  day that energy costs are  being hiked by 54 per cent.

Just Stop Oil, one of a number of extremist anti-civilisation groups linked to Marxist political parties in the United Kingdom  blocked Inter Terminals UK, Navigator Terminals Thames, Esso Birmingham, Purfleet Fuels Terminal, Kingsbury Oil Terminal, the BP Depot in Tamworth, and the Buncefield Oil Depot in Hemel Hempstead, according to BBC news reports.

Other news reports revealed that the better-known Exstinktion Rebellion (XR) group of upper middle class crusties, who shut down swathes of the British capital of London several times last year claims it has blockaded a further three sites “of strategic importance to the UK’s energy network”, namely Esso West, near Heathrow Airport, and Esso Hythe and BP Hamble, both near Southampton.

Among the Just Stop Oil group's loonytoons demands is an immediated end to the government’s genocidal policy of expanding UK oil and gas production. The group is calling on all those outraged at the prospect of climate collapse and apparently immune to the cost-of-living crisis and hypothermia to stand with us.” Just Stop Oil declared in a statement that it will continue to disrupt life until its demands are met,  although Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has not actually ordered the opening new oil and gas fields or given clearance for fracking for shale gas and is not likely to do so, given its leftist climate policies.

“Ordinary people can no longer afford oil and gas, it’s time to just stop oil,” the attention seeking wankers added — failing to explain how abruptly removing oil from the energy mix could do anything other than increase prices massively and cause untold misery to millions of families..


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