Saturday, October 24, 2015

World Health Chiefs Say ‘Red Meat As Likely to Cause Cancer as Smoking’

by Arthur Foxake.

So that lazy bugger Ian finally got bored with sunning himself in Majorca and unlocked all the Boggart Blog and Greenteeth he managed to get us locked out of the day after he landed in Palma. Sorry for the absence, and a bit of a departure from world politics to get us restarted.

Boggart Blog, Greenteeth, The Daily Stirrer and Little Nicky Machiavelli have always been very sceptical of the health scares regularly published by the kind of 'scientists' (or science tits as we like to call them, who eat off our taxmoney and are quite happy to say whatever the relevant government wants them to say to justify raising a new tax or increasing a few old ones. Here's our take on another one ...

"Bacon, sausages and burgers are as likely to cause cancer as smoking, the World Health Organisation is set to announce. Also due to join its ‘encyclopaedia of carcinogens’ is fresh red meat, which has been deemed only slightly less risky. The warnings could lead to new warning labels on packs of meat.

With the war on tobacco all but won, and the war on sugar well underway, health bosses are moving on to their next targets and appear to have settled on red meats. Earlier this year Labour’s farming spokesman, vegan Kerry McCarthy called for meat to be treated like tobacco, with a public health campaign to stop it being eaten."

So we are all going to die of eating sausages? Are the WHO going to launch an anti - red - meat campaign with the slogan "Red meat is the new Swine Flu?"

Anyone remember Swine Flu?

Another way of looking at this article of course is to say that it is an admission by the WHO that cigarette smoking does not cause cancer, which while true is a dangerous thing to say because after non stop anti - tobacco propaganda for the past fifty years, such a statement would be open to being interpreted as meaning cigarette smoking does no harm.

For a statement such as "Cigarette smoking causes cancer" to be true it would be necessary tp demonstrate that everybody who smokes cigarettes regularly for any length of time, (say ten a day for a year) will no on to develop lung cancer. Official figures show that around 15% of male smokers and less than 10% of female smokers will get lung cancer. AND THAT IS NOT TRUE.

The 'scientists' who plug this tax raising tobacco causes cancer scam should hand their heads in shame. Not being a scientist myself, and therefore not a lying, cheating, money grubbing charlaten who will say anything for a big enough bung, it would be irresponsible of me not to0 mention that smoking is linked to many other deadly diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, heart disease, blocked arteries and dementia. It is very bad for you.

Andrew Allison, head of campaigns for the Freedom Association said: “I am sceptical of any report that says 20,000 early deaths in the UK can be prevented if we cut down meat consumption by the equivalent of one rasher of bacon a day. They are just plucking figures out of thin air.

“However, this will no doubt be used by the health lobby to campaign for more taxes on the food we enjoy, and also as an excuse for schools to clamp down further on what parents can feed their children in packed lunches.

“Like most reports of a similar nature, I take it with a pinch of salt, and I hope the Government does too.”


Red Meat Causes Cancer Says World Health Org. Scientists. They Are Lying Of Course

Science was ever fascism's whore; it has become a catchphrase of The Daily Stirrer over the years as week after week we report instances of scientists whoring themselves for research grants, produce results that serve the vested interests of the organisations which provide their funding.

Scientists Caught Out In Another Fraud, Red Meat Does Not Cause Cancer
It should not come as a surprise to regular readers but I think most scientists are idiots, they fill their heads with book learning and theory and lose tough with reality. And as for cosmologists and theoretical physicists, well their Reality Quotient only registers in the negative zone of the index. But it's the food fascism scientists that really make me angry

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