Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another Blow To The US Dollar Reserve Currency Status As Russia Signs Up Turkey, India

by Phil T Looker

We've chronicled the demise of the global economic system based on the $US reserve currency from the start. It was back in 2004, just after the fall of Saddam Hussein that my colleague and our site owner Ian posted an article titled How Saddam May Yet Win The War which explained how a decision by the old Iraqi tyrant to accept payments for the oil - rich nation's exports of crude in other currencies besides the $ would pave the way for other oil exporting nations facing American bullying would realise that rather than getting involved in armed conflict with the USA, hitting them economically would result in a much more equal contest.
Recently, as the Obama administration in Washington, supported by the equally bankrupt E U has seemed hellbent on provoking a war with Russia, China and their allies, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chinese politbureau under Xi Jinping, and middle east regional power Iran have been busily wrapping up bilateral trade deals with numerous Asian, African and South American nations, Australia and the EU to settle cross border transactions in the currency of the vendor nation.

Where this would have created chaos until the 1980s, modern electronic trading systems and an interconnected world now make it the most logical way of doing business. And with the need to buy petrodollars to settle trades alleviated, the USA can no longer hold a gun to its trading partners' heads. All of that provides some background to an important story from The Event Chronicle:

More Nails In U.S. Dollar’s Coffin: Russian Ruble Exchanges With Turkey & India


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