Monday, July 17, 2017

What the media isn’t telling you about teens charged in LONDON ACID ATTACKS

All very busy today so we threw together some posts on the latest stories concerning how the immigration crisis throughout Europe and the USA is driving the breakdown of civilised values. - Arthur Foxake

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Two teens were charged with a number of crimes Saturday in connection with an acid attack in London this week. What’s really worth knowing, however, is what the media isn’t telling you about the teens charged.

The teens have not been identified, which is common, as they are underage. However, the authorities and the media are careful not to identify the teens past their gender. No mention of race or nationality has been made. However, unconfirmed reports on social media say the teens were Middle Eastern, according to eyewitnesses. This cannot be confirmed, and it would be pure speculation at this time. However, the lack of additional details on the teens from authorities is proof alone the acid attack suspects were Muslim, some say.

In addition, many are outraged over a detail the media is downplaying: one of the teens was actually released on bail. The teen accused of actually throwing the acid in a series of robberies and attacks on innocent people in eastern London this week remains in custody. His accomplice, however, is free until a hearing in the fall.

The victims were picked at random, although several were delivery drivers and one had his moped stolen. One, shown in the photo above, was a Muslim wearing a riding helmet at the time.

Over the past few years, acid attacks in London have seen a dramatic increase, particularly in east London, where the Muslim community is concentrated. In fact, a report earlier this month revealed that a “Muslim Patrol” was enforcing Sharia law in that part of the city. It is the same area where one of the teens was arrested.

Muslim Youth Rape 5-Year-Old Idaho Girl – Liberal Judge Gives SICK Sentence - Pamela Geller

The liberals can cry and scream all they like, but the fact of the matter is that most refugees come from Islamic countries, where women are treated like property, and in some cases have even less rights than animals.

So, when they come here, it’s no surprise that they treat our women with absolute contempt. Every single day, more evidence piles up proving that these refugees are not here to integrate and make peace. They’re here to get welfare, to rape our women, and to cause trouble.

Yet, the mainstream media ignores this completely. Just several days ago, three refugees committed an absolutely disgusting crime against a five year old girl, and there has not been a single word about it mentioned on CNN, MSNBC, or any other liberal news station.
In Twin Falls, Idaho, three Muslim refugees lured a 5-year-old girl into a laundry room, stripped her of her clothing, urinated on her, and raped her. What’s worse, too, is that they filmed the entire thing, gleefully mocking the crying girl as they raped her.

Judge Thomas Borreson, the judge presiding over Idaho’s 5th Judicial District, not only let the rapists off completely Scott free, but he also issued a gag order preventing anyone from saying bad things about the Muslim rapists.

The judge made this decision in spite of the fact that the Muslim “refugees,” pleaded guilty to urinating on, orally raping, and anally raping, this 5 year old girl. This is absolutely disgusting, and these men should be thrown in prison for life—apparently, however, that’s Islamophobic.

In addition to this, the victim’s lawyer is facing contempt charges due to a benign comment he made to the
Idaho Statesman about the little girl’s parents, and how they’re extremely distraught over the verdict.
Yes, this is in America—this isn’t in Saudi Arabia, it isn’t in Pakistan, and it isn’t in Indonesia. This happened in the middle of Idaho, and it’s high time America wakes the hell up. If people don’t start speaking out and stopping these scum from raping our children, we’ll be living under a caliphate soon enough.
Pamela Geller reports:

In fairness we have to report the Idaho prosecutor has said this story is untrue. However he has only pointed out certain details that are hearsay and claimed that the oldest of the three males involved did not touch the girls, while admitting there was an 'incident involving young males and a girl child.


Swedish Liberal Youth Party Wants to Legalize Necrophilia & Child Porn
"If you are against necrophilia, you are not liberal"