Saturday, April 11, 2015

World War Three? Kiev Reinvades Donbass, Deliberate Provocation Trashed Minsk Agreement

On 9 April, 2015 the Maundi Thursday in the Russian Orthodox religious calendar, the day before Good Friday, the extremist, U.S-coup-installed Ukrainian Government launched attacks on all fronts against the separatist Donbass region, with the intention of restarting their genocide campaign against the ethnic Russian residents of the area that refuses to accept the coup-government that was installed by the US - NATO - EU alliance. We warned you this move was imminent three weks ago.

When the Ukrainian President whom 90% of those residents had voted for was overthrown by the neo Nazis hired to stage the CIA engineered coup, the people of East Ukraine who if not ethnic Russian were pro Moscow, the alternative being EU membership and the same fate as Greece, Spain and Italy. This blatant violation by the Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk regime of the Merkel-Hollande brokered Minsk agreement could not have taken place without approval at the highest level from the Obama administration in Washington.

In choosing such an outrageously provocative action on the weekend of a Russian holy festival can only be seen as a challenge to Russia, which having a more politically sophidsticated leader than the former rent boy Barack Hussein Obama has been confining its hostilities to financial warfare. Russia and China have been leading a bid to undermine the status of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Lacking the intelligence to counter the Russian - Chinse moves which have enjoyed widespread support from third world countries bullied by the US hegemon and also from traditional US allies such as Britain, Australia and Japan, Obama's only remaining option if US superpower status is to be maintained is to now to provoke Russia to sending in of Russian combat troops and air power, which would give Washington hawks who pull Obama's strings a pretext to go to war “in order to defend an ally” (which has been trying to wipe out residents in the area that won’t accept being governed by Obama’s fascist puppets).

All out war has been Obama's goal throughout all his interventions from Libya (where Obama's 'humanitarian' bombing campaign supported by Britain and France has in three years turned Africa's most prosperous nation into a civil conflict torn failed state in which criminal gangs, religious fantatics and tribal war lords fight each other for control of towns and villages.

Same story in Syria, where obdurate diplomatic resistance from Russia, China and Iran prevented western intervention, saving Syria from being taken over by barbaric, US armed and trained Islamic extremists but instead pluncged that country into a civil war.

Add to the warmonger Obama's score sheet, civil war in Yemen, tripartate war in Iraq between ISIS extremists, the Iraqui government and Shiite militias backed by Iran and we see a pattern of US warmongering.

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